d it was painful.
After only a short while of being outside, Ye Mi’s ears were red from the cold, and was so numb they lost sensation.


He hastily attempted to move closer to her., and suddenly remembered this could be considered taking advantage of a young, unmarried female , and his movement froze.

    “Go back.”

    Ye Mi turned around and followed subconsciously , back to the gate of the female educated youth courtyard.

    She thought that things would be the same as in the previous life, as they went their separate ways, but she didn’t expect that Jing Ziheng was unexpectedly persistent, he had not gotten a clear reply from Ye Mi, so he brought up the old matter again.

    “I’m serious about dating.
Comrade Ye Mi, please think about it carefully.”

    The canned yellow peaches that had been lying safely in the pocket of his coat were suddenly taken out.
It was quickly stuffed into a pair of soft and small hands.

    Afraid of being rejected again, the man walked away with big and steady steps, the hem of his clothes fluttered quickly, and he disappeared in an instant.

    “Hey..” Ye Mi’s shout disappeared into the howling cold wind.
    The sound of talking and laughing from far and near accompanied by chaotic footsteps inside the men and women two adjacent educated youth compound became lively.

    Everyone is back from work.

    Thinking of Ye Mi who was sick, Gao Yuan walked faster, and was the first to rush back to the courtyard.
As soon as she opened the door, she smelled the scent of rice mixed with sweet potatoes, and her stomach that hadn’t eaten after working all day let out a hungry cry.

    “Hey, whose turn is it to cook today? So fragrant?”

    Zhang Xiaohong rushed in from behind Gao Yuan, took a deep breath exaggeratedly, and looked very hungry: “Can I have dinner? I have been working all day, and I’m starving to death.”

    “The porridge is ready, I’ll cut some pickles, and everyone will serve the porridge in their own bowls.” Ye Mi came out of the kitchen, still holding a kitchen knife.

    “You haven’t recovered from your illness.
Rest well in the house these few days.
We will do the cooking.” Gao Yuan snatched the kitchen knife from Yemi’s hand in disapproval, and drove her back to rest.

    “I’m fine.” Ye Mi tried to explain, but unfortunately, except for herself, none of the eleven female educated youths in the Girls Educated Youth Academy believed her.

    At that time, Ye Mi was carried back with the appearance of barely breathing.
Everyone witnessed it with their own eyes.
Many people were so scared that they still have lingering fears.
How dare they let her have any more accidents.

    “Go and rest, I’ll share your porridge for you.”


    “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you the thickest bowl.”

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