I also have older brothers and sisters.
But now there is no difference between having a family and not having a family.
Other educated youths get subsidies from their families every month, but I don’t.
Maybe my family won’t even ask about my marriage, and I don’t have any dowry, I’m not in good health, I can’t do much work, and the centimeters I earn are only enough to support myself, and I’m prone to getting sick…”

Ye Mi carried on and said a lot about her situation, but it sounded like she was counting her shortcomings.

    In the end, she stared into Jing Ziheng’s eyes, and asked earnestly, “Would you still marry me like this?”

    If he regretted it, she would just pretend it was nothing.

    “Yeah.” Jing Ziheng replied flatly, he reached out his hand from the pocket of the windbreaker, took out a steaming meat bun and handed it to Ye Mi: “Here for you to eat.”

The meat bun has been squeezed for a long time, and was slightly squashed with the stuffing exposed.
The oily meat stuffing exuded a strong aroma, which made Ye Mi’s mouth water.

    She swallowed subconsciously.
Even though she was still talking, her eyes were involuntarily drawn to the meat buns, and she couldn’t look away from the meat buns.
She could only grunt in response.

    “I…I don’t eat.”

    God knows how hard it is for her to say it.

    How long has Ye Mi not eaten meat?

    Four years? five years? It seems that since she attended a pig-killing feast with the villagers in the first year she came to the countryside, she never tasted meat again.

    Get a grip!

    She forced herself to look away from the meat bun, Ye Mi asked again: “You haven’t answered my question, considering my family and my situation, do you still want to be my object? Don’t worry, even if you refuse , it’s not a big deal to me, just tell the truth.”

    She tried her best to restrain herself, but there was still a bit of aggrieved crying in her voice.

    The cries of gluttony.

    A soft, hot thing was suddenly stuffed into her mouth, and Ye Mi subconsciously took a bite, and the bun skin made of white flour mixed with meat filling and salty soup exploded in her mouth, it was so delicious that her scalp tingled.

    “I have already answered: Well, I will marry you.”

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