Chapter 7: A white lotus came to the house


When Jiang Mu and Sun Quan went back, the old couple of the Sun family had knitted more than a dozen pairs of gloves already, their speed was really extraordinary!


  ”You can't come back so late in the future; MuMu, your mother has come to ask after you several times now.” Seeing that the two of them are safe, Sun HongFen finally felt relieved.


  Jiang Mu took out three yuan and handed it over with a smile, “Grandma Sun, these are your wages.”


  Sun HongFen was stunned, “All of them sold?”


  ”Yes, all of the gloves have been sold and we didn’t even have enough to continue selling.
Grandma Sun, you deserve this money.” Jiang Mu smiled brightly, “That was our deal, so I'll go home first.”


  Sun HongFen looked at the three yuan in her old hands and couldn't believe it.
“Old man, is this what I can earn in a day? It’s more than what you earn in a week.”


  “That’s right, that’s right.” Grandpa Sun also laughed happily, excited now that the money for his grandson’s schooling has been settled.


  ”MuMu is such a good girl.
She has helped our family a lot! Sun Quan, you have to take care of her more in the future.” Sun HongFen instructed.


  ”I will.” Sun Quan took off his gloves and carefully tidied them up.
They were the first gift and care he had received from another person other than his grandparents.




  Jiang Mu trotted home feeling very excited, “Mom, I'm back, today I…” Before she finished speaking, she saw another person in the house.


  A thin boy sitting at the dining table caught her eyes.
He had pale skin, and deep three-dimensional facial features due to being too thin.
His dark eyes sparkled with a smile, which eased the cold aggressiveness around him, and made his whole persona soften.


“MuMu, this is the son of my mother's friend—Wen LiYan, who is a month older than you and will live with us for a while.
Xiao Yan, she is Auntie's daughter, Jiang Mu.
You two should get along well.” Zhao Yue introduced while clearing the table.


  ”Don't worry, Aunt Zhao, I will take good care of my sister.” Wen LiYan showed a gentle and well-behaved smile.


  ”Xiao Yan is really sensible,” Zhao Yue smiled with gratification.


  Jiang Mu could only look confused, who am I, where am I, and what am I doing? Those who didn't know them would think that they were mother and son.

At the dinner table, the two shared food with each other, smiling happily.
Jiang Mu was dumbfounded.
After Zhao Yue divorced, she had never smiled so happily.


  Wen LiYan kept paying attention to the girl sitting directly opposite him.
When dinner began, she didn't move her chopsticks.
He moved his hands and picked up a chicken leg for her, putting it in her bowl with a smile in his eyes.
“Don't be restrained, eat more.”


  Jiang Mu's pupils widened slightly while she looked at Wen LiYan who was always smiling.
Who the hell is this? What's up with your tone of host entertaining guests?


  Sensing her gaze, Wen LiYan smiled even more warmly, “Aunt Zhao's cooking skills are really good, MuMu, try it.”


  Jiang Mu is sure that this kid is doing and saying these things on purpose! Can she not know whether her mother's cooking skills are good or not?


  She picked up her chopsticks and tasted the chicken legs, but her eyes stayed on Wen LiYan's face.
With a smile in her eyes, she showed off her small canine tooth and grinned, “You know, you will be beaten for talking like that.”


  Wen LiYan was stunned for a moment, but his slip was fleeting, and his only response to her was to send an aggrieved look at Zhao Yue.


  Jiang Mu cursed in her heart, where did her mother get such a white lotus flower! How old is he, and he still complains like a child!


  ”MuMu, how can you talk to your brother Xiao Yan like that? Don't be so rough, you are a girl so be gentle.” Zhao Yue reprimanded.


  ”Okay, my mother is so gentle, I'm sure I can't do much worse.” That's what she said, but she glanced at Wen LiYan out of the corner of her eyes, full of murderous intent.


  Wen LiYan took another piece of chicken, placed it into Zhao Yue’s bowl and smiled brighter, “Thank you, Aunt Zhao, you should eat more too, you have been busy all night.”


  Jiang Mu gnawed the chicken leg in her mouth until it crackled.
Damn it, this man even provoked her! If she doesn't teach this white lotus a lesson today, she won't be called Jiang Mu!


  After the meal, as soon as she put down her chopsticks, Wen LiYan stood up and cleaned the table swiftly.
Zhao Yue immediately stopped him, “Xiao Yan, you don't need to do it.
Auntie can clean it up.
Go back to your room and rest.”


  ”I can, I also clean up these things when I'm at home.” Wen LiYan went directly to the kitchen.


  ”Your mother is so blessed to have such a sensible son as you.” Zhao Yue said with emotion.


  Jiang Mu looked at Wen LiYan quietly, feeling thoughtful.


  In the twelfth lunar month of winter, the tap water was so cold, but Wen LiYan didn't seem to feel the coolness.
His white fingers nimbly brushed the bowl, and his knuckles turned red from the cold.
Jiang Mu felt cold just by looking at him, but he seemed to be fine.


  ”Xiao Yan, you should boil some hot water before washing the dishes.
Hurry up and warm your hands, isn't it freezing?” Zhao Yue hurriedly brought him to the iron stove.


  ”It's okay, Aunt Zhao.” Wen LiYan still had a smile in his eyes.


  Jiang Mu frowned lightly, she turned and walked towards her room, but was stopped by Zhao Yue, “MuMu, I will share a room with you, and Xiao Yan will live in my room.” As she spoke, a flash of apology flashed in Zhao Yue's eyes, as she worried that Jiang Mu wouldn’t be used to it.


  Jiang Mu showed a bright smile, “That's great, I haven't slept with my mother since I went to school.”

She doesn't have any requirements for where or whom she lives with.
If she was really fifteen years old, she might still care a little bit, however she isn’t.


  After Jiang Mu returned to the room, she took out all the change in her schoolbag.


  The one with the largest face value the largest value is at the bottom.
After counting it all, she had 43 yuan in total.
Today's investment capital was only about 3 yuan.
This remaining 43 yuan amount is enough to feed and clothe a family of three for two months.


  Judging from today's situation, if she will continue to make more than eight to pairs of gloves, they should all sell out.


  She carefully put away the money with a smile on her lips; this is really a good time to make money easily!

  If she continues working during such a cold winter, earning a few hundred yuan won’t be a problem.


  ”MuMu, what are you doing? Take out your textbooks quickly.
Your brother Xiao Yan has very good grades.
Let him teach you and improve your grades.
When you transfer, you can transfer to a better junior high school.”


  Zhao Yue pushed opened the door and came in.


  Jiang Mu quickly put the arranged money into her schoolbag while looking at the white lotus following her mother in, the expression on her face cracked for a moment.


  How could she have forgotten that her grades at the age of fifteen were so bad that even in her previous life, she had only started to work hard after her parents divorced and after she became an invisible person in the Jiang family?


  ”You don't have to feel embarrassed.
Aunt Zhao told me about your grades, and I'm mentally prepared.” Wen LiYan held the textbooks from the first to third grades in his hand, and his words were gentle like those of a caring big brother.


  Jiang Mu gritted her teeth and revealed a murderous smile, “Then I’ll have to trouble you, brother!”

  Zhao Yue was very satisfied with her daughter's performance and left the room to the two of them.


  As soon as Zhao Yue left, Jiang Mu broke her act and looked at Wen LiYan vigilantly, “What is your purpose? “

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