It was said that the beginning of everything was difficult, so except for the first kissing scene with a bit more NGs, the next few scenes were relatively smooth.
Starlet Wei's average number of NGs per scene was controlled at 5 or less, and when the last (fake) kissing scene was shot, it was done in just one take.

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The filming of the drama actually went without a hitch, but things behind the drama were a little annoying.


Of course, this did not mean that anyone dared to bother him on the set.
The Legend of Concubine Ling was a drama invested by Stars Entertainment.
The company’s first brother was naturally the primary target of their care, but it was certainly different when he was out of the crew and on the Internet—regarding the male lead Lin Zixi and the female lead Wei Chenchen, who was the top billing in this drama after all? Was Sun Yuwen the second male or the other half of the double male leads along with Lin Zixi? This TV series had not finished filming, and the fanwar between the three fanclubs had become a world war.


When Lin Zixi, who had finished a day of filming, heard Chen Yunyun mention this matter after dinner, he was playing a mobile game, and he got distracted.
With a slip of the hand, he disintegrated the purple card drawn in the presence of Gu Zecheng a few days ago.     


There were only a few purple cards originally, and now one of them was accidentally lost.
He raised his head and asked bitterly and hatefully, “Isn't the position of the male lead, supporting male, etc.
written in the contract?”


Chen Yunyun, seeing his startled expression, thought that he was worried about his status as the male lead, so she immediately comforted him, “In recent years, people's hearts have become fickle and impatient.
Don’t mention teams who’ve exploited fans to boost interest, there’re even actors who’ve used their illnesses as an excuse to stop acting to elevate their position.
But you don't need to worry.
You’re pushed to pick up Director Wu's The Legend of Concubine Ling in order to support those incompetent actors.
If the company dares to be unclear and compromise on this matter, I'll take you to cancel your contract and change the company to Wanhua.”


Young actor Lin was actually not too obsessed with the order of billing and so on.
You fought about top billing or second billing, male lead or double male leads resoundingly, but in the eyes of the majority of the audience who were not in the circle, weren’t the actors still divided into the male lead, female lead, first male, and second male—people nowadays skipped the opening titles and end credits when watching TV series; who the heck still paid attention to which name appeared first on the cast list?!


But now that his own agent seemed so determined, he naturally couldn't pour cold water on her and say that he did not mind at all.
So he had to change the subject, “You’re coming here today not just for the order of billing, aren’t you?”

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“Of course not.” Chen Yunyun suddenly curbed her smile, sat upright, and, staring at him, said, “I'm here for Gu Zecheng.”


“I thought you’d kill to come over and ask me the next day.” Lin Zixi replied.
He was caught by Cheng Fei and Assistant Zhang on the day he started his job.
He had expected that Chen Yunyun would pay attention to this matter, but he did not expect that the other party could actually stay calm and wait for five or six days before coming over.


“I actually wanted to.” Chen Yunyun put on a fake smile, “But Big Boss Gu asked his legal team to send a lawyer's letter to the company, and I was forced by President Xu and the others to send an apology letter in the past few days.
These people’s courage and vision are just that small.
A mere bullshit, and they’d be scared to death.”


Agent Chen had been in the business for ten years, and it was only after Stars Entertainment had spent a lot of money and even paid some shares did they manage to poach her.
In the past year or two, the financing of the company had added in new shareholders, and the business concept became more and more inconsistent.
Occasionally, she would also complain a few words in front of Lin Zixi.


Young actor Lin, who became his own dad's younger brother because of the ‘look alike’ hot search ‘bullshit’, gave her a look, “So you came to ask me today…?”


“Did you hook up with Gu Zecheng?” Chen Yunyun got straight to the point.


Lin Zixi almost choked on his own saliva, “I thought you’d guess that I'm his relative.”

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Chen Yunyun chuckled “hehe” and said, “I knew your family very well back then.
Even if you’re a distant cousin, it’s not to the Gu family.
Besides, if the two of you’re really blood related, could Gu Zecheng be so ashamed that he’d send a lawyer's letter just because of a hot search?!”


Young actor Lin, who had a direct blood relationship with Dad Gu, bottled up his conscience and gave her a thumbs up.
“The name of Detective Chen Yunyun isn’t in vain.”


“Save it!” Chen Yunyun looked at Lin Zixi angrily, “I’ve told you from the moment I signed you that you can become popular sooner or later with your aptitude.
Hyping CPs for marketing as usual is already enough.
It’s absolutely unnecessary for you to use any more crooked methods.
Do you dislike that your current pay for TV series is too low, your fame isn’t big enough, your popularity isn’t good enough for your acting skills, or what? Why do you have to learn from Qiu Lianyi who relies on a gold master to reach the top?!”


After hearing this, young actor Lin was shocked, “Fuck! Qiu Lianyi actually has a gold master?!”


“You don't know that Feng Yuan’s Fengcheng Movies and Television was opened to support him?!” Chen Yunyun was astonished by the degree of Lin Zixi’s ignorance.


Lin Zixi thought about the sturdiness of his business CP partner and felt that the credibility of this rumor was basically zero.
“But as soon as Fengcheng Movies and Television was established, many star studios joined.
Are you sure?”


“Believe it or not….
Don't change the subject!” Chen Yunyun aimed the subject at young actor Lin again, “What the hell is going on with you and Gu Zecheng? What conditions did he offer that could make you take the plunge?”


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“I did hook up with Gu Zecheng, but it’s not really like what you think.” Lin Zixi pointed his finger to the sky and made a solemn vow, “I swear to God, even if the two of us become father and son, it’s impossible for us to become lovers!”


As soon as his voice fell, lightning flashed extremely close to the French window of the hotel suite.
Then with the rolls of thunder, rain poured down from the sky.    


Chen Yunyun, seeing the downpour outside the window, gave Lin Zixi, who was quivering in horror, another look and sneered, “It's not a lover.
So President Gu came to the hotel very late at night to find you because he wanted you to be his brother?”


The contract between him and Dad Gu had a non-disclosure agreement, which meant that no leak was allowed.
He rarely made an oath, yet God still didn’t give him some face.
Young actor Lin was also very powerless, ah.     


He glanced at his agent who had inadvertently found out the truth and said helplessly, “If I really had an affair with Gu Zecheng, then my resources would stop soaring….
You'll know after a long time.”


Chen Yunyun dropped her previous sharp expression, sighed, and said in a low mood, “There’re many big names in this circle who rely on selling their bodies, and there’s no lack of male and male or female and female.
I can't control your private life, but I don't want you to be one of them.”


Lin Zixi also knew that she cared about himself, so he wanted to explain a few more words to make her feel relieved.
His agent, however, had switched to a professional mode in a second and began to explain his work for the next month.


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Young actor Lin looked at his daily schedule.
In addition to continuing to shoot The Legend of Concubine Ling, there were also magazine interviews and cover shoots, participation in entertainment program recordings, and two activities for endorsement of sponsor platforms.
He only had the day after tomorrow to rest this month.


Being an actor looked bright and beautiful on the surface, but it was common to be very busy and work around the clock.
He could still rest for a day anyway, so he had nothing to complain about.


As a result, after seeing Chen Yunyun off and receiving a message from Gu Zecheng, young actor Lin immediately regretted it.


“My mother misses you.
Tomorrow I'll ask the driver to pick you up after work.
You’re going to spend the night this time, so remember to bring a change of clothes.”






Playing the role of the little uncle was too tiring, could he apply for more than one rest day?!


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