Friend, do you believe in a four-dimensional space parallel world?


Lin Zixi previously didn’t believe it, but he had been doubting himself more and more during these past few days.
In fact, he was already cold before the rescue came, and he was now reborn in a parallel world, right?


Otherwise, how to explain the fact that his gold master daddy had changed his temper since he woke up.
The style of frequently disliking…
ah, no, educating him changed into treating him like the warmth of spring, which could be said to be a gentle wind and a fine rain, extremely concerned and caring.


Moreover, he actually came to the hospital to visit him every day for more than half a month.


Big Boss Gu would show up at six or seven o'clock in the evening most of the time, bringing a blood-enriching and qi-nourishing meal.
After having dinner with young actor Lin, he would talk a few sentences to him awkwardly and leave at around nine o'clock.
Once, he had a dinner party on Saturday night, so he arranged for someone to deliver the meal to the hospital in advance.
After the dinner party ended, he declined various subsequent rounds, rushed over before Lin Zixi went to sleep, and carefully inquired about his physical condition that day.


That night, Lin Zixi suddenly felt peaceful and contented while listening to the low-pitched and pleasant voice of his life-giver and smelling the faint smell of wine left on his body after washing up.
It was like a boat that drifted with the waves and went with the flow finally met a natural harbor offering a berth after wandering all over the world.


When Dad Gu stopped talking, he found that Lin Zixi had fallen asleep leaning against a pillow.


Gu Zecheng slowly laid the hospital bed flat, gently covered Lin Zixi with the quilt, and stood beside the bed for a while watching his sleeping face before turning off the light and leaving.


Because young actor Lin accidentally went to bed early the previous day, he felt that he was in a very good condition when he woke up the next day.
He felt like he could log in to the game any minute and draw out the orange cards a hundred times in a row….
Oh, wrong, he had already uninstalled that unlucky mobile game.


When Lin-hereditary African youth-Zixi was still considering whether he should reinstall the game to pass the time in the hospital, his gold master daddy came with a healthy breakfast.
And after having breakfast with him, the other party unexpectedly didn't leave.
He just sat on the sofa and started to read some documents, looking like he was going to spend a whole day here.


Gu Zecheng stayed in the ward and did not leave.
Lin Zixi commented, “If you have something to do, just go and do it.
There’s my assistant, so I’m fine.” But he actually felt very happy—could this be the feeling of ‘a child with a mother is like a piece of jewel’?


However, the mobile phone could not be played—who made his dad completely heed the doctor's advice and believe that playing the mobile phone was very harmful to the spirit and not conducive to his recuperation.


Assistant Xiao Zhang had actually helped him bring his laptop from home, so young actor Lin reclined on the hospital bed doing nothing but catching up with the recent very hot TV series.
And it happened that the one who played the role of the leading male's early departed father was still his acquaintance, Movie Emperor Zhou, aka Zhou Fan, whom had given him private acting lessons several times.


This was a period drama, inferred from the life of a certain legendary big shot in that special era when the whole country was smashed to pieces.
The script was a rarely seen masterpiece; the cast converged three generations of old, middle, and young real ‘actors’; the stage props were exquisite, and the post production was reliable.
It was no wonder that the ratings and public discussion of this drama had grown explosively since it was on the air.


Lin Zixi watched four episodes in one sitting on the video website.
If it were not for Dad Gu controlling him, he could not wait to keep watching without eating lunch, let alone taking a nap to preserve and nurture his spirit.


As a result, after young actor Lin forfeited his mobile phone, his laptop was also cruelly confiscated by the gold master daddy, making him finally enjoy a special treatment that he had never enjoyed in his school years—fortunately, ‘Head Teacher Gu’ only confiscated the illegal device but did not call the parents afterwards.


In the end, Lin Zixi was an injured person who had just escaped death.
Although he posed as a lively dragon and animated tiger, as soon as he touched a pillow, he showed his true shape, a little piglet who fell asleep not long after lying down.


He slept for quite a long time.
When he woke up, it was already dusk, and Gu Zecheng, who was sitting on the sofa by the window, was closing a folder.


Big Boss Gu got up and moved his tired body a little.
The temperature of the air conditioner in the ward was relatively high, and at this time, he was wearing only a white shirt on his upper body, showing a figure that was normally hidden under a suit.


Seeing Gu Zecheng's body bathed in the warmth of winter sunset and his broad shoulders, strong arms, and flat abdomen almost painted golden, Lin Zixi suddenly remembered a sentence from his own fans who often blowed rainbow farts with eyes closed—”My brother is a walking hormone!”


Well, considering that the gold master daddy was still taking the initiative to downgrade himself to be his big brother, using this sentence to describe Dad Gu’s figure was indeed logical and spot-on, and there was no problem at all.


“What are you laughing at?” Gu Zecheng, who was being stared at, asked after finding that the man on the hospital bed was awake and sporting a weird smile on his face.


Lin Zixi, who was letting his imagination run wild, was asked so suddenly he was caught off guard and actually said that rainbow fart directly.
What's worse, he also added the common phrase in the fan circle after this sentence: “My brother is a walking hormone! Please come straight to me, thank you!”






If this was a parallel world, could he travel back to the original world?!


He chose to die! ! !


The next second after Young Actor-fandom culture harmed me-Lin realized what he had said, he finally experienced the embarrassment and panic of his fans when they found out that he would occasionally go to a certain bullet screen video website—he was special, though, because he said it face-to-face!


He wanted to be an innocent and good person, but he did not even have the chance to learn from fans and delete the barrage overnight….


At this moment, Lin Zixi had lost all his verbal ability and did not even dare to glance at Gu Zecheng.
He opened his mouth three times but could not come up with a reasonable explanation.


So, after what felt like a century of silence, he heard his dad's seemingly calm voice, “What kind of mess have you learned from your fans?”


The molested gold master daddy unexpectedly wasn’t going to clean  the door and even sent him a ladder to step down.
Young actor Lin did not give thought to why the other party knew that he learned from fans and hurriedly followed with a justification, “Really, kids nowadays, when they meet someone they like, one is crazier than others.
I just woke up and was still a little muddle-headed, so I spoke without thinking.
I don't know how they can keep saying these words without shame all day long.”


After Lin Zixi finished speaking, he felt that his explanation seemed to be a bit wrong.
He thought about it for a while but could not figure it out.
However, after hearing his dad cough and ask him what (blood-enriching) food he wanted to eat at night, he wondered if his humble life had been saved by a fluke.


Only then did he dare to raise his head to look at the person beside him, but for some reason, he thought that Big Boss Gu's ears seemed to be a little red.


It was… probably because the air conditioner’s temperature in the ward was turned up too high….


After all, even he himself felt a little hot on his face.


Well, it must have been so.





TL’s notes:

清理门户 (qīng lǐ mén hù) = to clean the door, originally refers to throwing away the dirty and bad things in the house; later, the door was borrowed to refer to the “sect”, and it was extended to remove or rectify the members of the sect that humiliated the reputation of the sect


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