After hehe-ing at his father, Lin Zixi walked toward the elevator in the underground parking lot but then turned back.

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“I almost forgot, the elevator in this hotel has access control.
If you don't have the key card, you can't go to my floor, ah.” He thought for a moment and then said a little embarrassedly, “Why don't I ask my assistant to come over and give his card to you?”


Gu Zecheng glanced at him like he was seeing an idiot, “Of course I’ll go to the front desk to open another room on the 18th floor.
Do you think we’ll really sleep together at night?”


Lin Zixi turned around and left without saying anything further.


It was unknown whether his dad’s character was indeed like this or his dad just found him not pleasing to the eye because of the previous ‘look like’ matter that compared them to each other….
With such a method of disliking people, Gu Zecheng could become a business magnate instead of being betrayed and deserted; was it really not because all his subordinates were a group of masochists?!


Lin Zixi, having complained all the way back to the suite provided by the crew, took out a bottle of sparkling water from the refrigerator and drank a small half of the bottle in one breath to calm down.
When he put the water back in the refrigerator, he heard someone ringing the doorbell.


It took only ten minutes for him to return to his room, and Gu Zecheng already came.
Lin Zixi could not help but lament that the working efficiency of the service staff of this hotel was very high even in the middle of the night.
Then he went straight to open the door.


As a result, standing outside the door was not the tall and straight figure of a man he had expected, but a beautiful sexy woman with a curvy body.


“Cheng Fei?” Young actor Lin frowned unobtrusively and asked politely, “Do you have anything to do with me?”

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Both Cheng Fei and Lin Zixi belonged to Stars Entertainment, although she signed a contract two years earlier than him.
However, unlike him who had always been smooth sailing for several years and became a currently popular young actor, she could barely be considered as a second-tier star so far.
This time, she was arranged by the company to play the second female in The Legend of Concubine Ling.
Buying a lot of press releases, hot searches, and so on was considered to be the company's intention to push her up again.


Lin Zixi and her had some friendship since they were with the same company, but they were far from being close enough to be able to have a chat in the middle of the night.


Therefore, Lin Zixi smiled courteously but did not mean to invite the other party into the room at all.


Cheng Fei raised the script in her hand, “We’ll have our first rivalry scene tomorrow.
I’ve never played with you before, and I'm a little worried, so I want to read through the script with you in advance.”


Hearing her say this, Lin Zixi inwardly wanted to “hehe” again.


Reading through the script, my ass!


In the entertainment circle, ‘reading through the script very late at night’ = ‘two people having an affair’.
Even elementary school fans all knew this equation.
Both of them had been in the circle for several years, yet she still used this ruse on him.


Lin Zixi was generally not interested in gossip or anything in the entertainment circle.
He had heard some rumors about Cheng Fei, but he did not take note of them.
One, he was not a director or producer, and two, he was not a big name who was able to pull strings to give people resources.
He also didn’t know why the other party suddenly paid attention to himself.

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Lin Zixi was a little annoyed in his heart, but he became all the more polite and good-natured on the surface.
“It's almost 11 o'clock now, so it's a little too late to read through the script.
Otherwise, let's go to the set earlier tomorrow morning to prepare.
We can also be in a better state for the play with makeup on.
Do you think it’s okay, Sister Cheng?”


Six years had passed since Cheng Fei debuted at twenty.
The officially 22-year-old's face stiffened, but she quickly regained her composure and said with a mocking smile, “Why’re you so nervous? A rabbit doesn't eat the grass by its own burrow.
Even if I want to hype CP with you, I’ve learnt a lesson from the mistakes of Liu Xia, not to mention that a young man like you clearly won’t consider an older sister like me.
I really want to play the scene with you in advance.
In this TV series, the female lead and the second male are both outsiders.
You’re not afraid of being ridiculed as an artist of Stars Entertainment who can’t act at all, but I’m still afraid.
I’m certainly not as big-hearted as you!”


Lin Zixi was a little embarrassed being exposed and even stabbed at his weak spot (acting skills) by Cheng Fei.
Seeing that the other party’s attitude seemed to be open and generous, he was suddenly unsure whether she really just wanted to read through the script with him.


If he refused her again at this time, it would mean that he did not give some face to her, offending an artist of the same company.
But if he agreed, his dad, Gu Zecheng, would come over later, and his grandma, Song Wen, would also check up on them.


Lin Zixi was in a bit of a dilemma all of a sudden.
After thinking about it, he still moved sideways and invited Cheng Fei, who had been standing at the door, to enter the room.
He followed her back to the living room of the suite but did not close the door, leaving it ajar.


He quickly sent a message to Gu Zecheng, asking him to tell him his room number after checking in, and then Lin Zixi would find an excuse to get away.


After that, he called his assistant, Xiao Zhang, in front of Cheng Fei, saying that the two of them were going to read through the script and asking Xiao Zhang to buy some midnight snack and deliver it.


After doing all this, Lin Zixi poured a glass of water for Cheng Fei, who was already sitting on the sofa, and asked, “Then we’ll start now?”


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Cheng Fei nodded and looked at the script a few times.
When she looked up again, her eyes were already full of tears, and her voice had a hidden bitterness, “Your Majesty believes her but doesn’t believe me?”


In order to let the actors and actresses be familiar and cooperate with each other quickly, many crews would shoot the kissing scenes and bed scenes first, and The Legend of Concubine Ling was no exception.


As a major female lead drama, in order to meet the audience's preferences, it had many kissing scenes between the female lead and the emperor played by Lin Zixi and between the female lead and the general of the enemy country played by Sun Yuwen, but it only one comforting-style light kissing scene between the empress played by Cheng Fei and the emperor.


Of course the two of them would not even do the kissing part of the scene today, but the lines and body movements in said scene still had to be performed.


Lin Zixi walked up to Cheng Fei, raised her chin with one hand, and pretended to wipe her tears with the other hand while reciting his lines, “Why would Zitong think like this? You’re my…”


Young actor Lin had not finished saying his lines and abruptly stopped.


This was actually not because he forgot his words, but because the door he had left ajar on purpose in order to avoid arousing suspicion was pushed open, and Gu Zecheng walked in while talking on the phone.


Q: When you and an actress were performing an intimate scene, your undisclosed father came upon you.
What do you feel?


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A: Lin Zixi, his whole person wants to WTF!


When Gu Zecheng, who had been making business calls without giving thought to read the text message, walked to the living room, he realized that there was not only Lin Zixi alone in room 1808.
He terminated the call and looked blankly at Lin Zixi, waiting for his explanation.


Cheng Fei, on the other hand, let go of Lin Zixi's hand and pushed it away.
She stood up and walked towards Gu Zecheng, and said in a pleasantly surprised but not shocked voice, “President Gu, why’re you here?!”


Thus, young actor Lin suddenly had a ridiculous guess.


Fuck, Starlet Cheng would not happen to have stumbled across him and Gu Zecheng in the parking lot just now, would she? So she did not plan to seduce him but wanted to use him as a springboard to be his little mom?!!


Seeing his dad's expression, which clearly showed that he did not enjoy this unexpected encounter with a beauty, Lin Zixi made a helpless shrug behind Cheng Fei—the confidentiality agreement in the contract was written well; as a result, he was caught on the first day of his job, which he did not want to either, ah!


In the end, before Gu Zecheng could speak, the locked door behind him was opened again, and Xiao Zhang, who had the second key card of this suite, walked in carrying a large bag of food, “I bought several items nearby.
I don't know…
Gu Zecheng?!” 


The assistant was assigned by the agent Chen Yunyun, and Chen Yunyun was Stars Entertainment's number one hype expert.
Lin Zixi could already predict what kind of press releases would appear later.
He turned his gaze towards Gu Zecheng a little dumbfounded while thinking about a problem back and forth in his mind—


Did he now still have time to refund the down payment from Party A Daddy and urgently buy a plane ticket to go abroad?

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