moved quickly from side to side as if he is speeding up.

Ye-Hyeon roughly grasped the conditions of the executives and headed straight toward the monster’s body.

“Oh, I don’t want to.

The archer, Lee So-Eul, dressed perfectly in an active ranger suit, was pulling out a ballista arrow.

“Ugh, um…”

Lee So-Eul even gagged, wiping off the sticky fluid.
Ye-Hyeon also frowned as he approached her.

The terrible smell made my nose tingle.

Lee So-Eul, you got slow.”

Ye-Hyeon pulled out a bottle of fluorescent liquid from a bare bag around his waist and held it out.

“If it was a small party, they would have thrown the necessary medicine bottles in the middle of the battle, but in the case of a large party, they had no choice but to use the break time because it would interfere with the battle.”

“Really? No wonder my feet were heavy.
I almost couldn’t hide behind the shield at the end.
Thank you, Ye-Hyeon.
It’s a problem because there are many children who are out of shape in the top dungeon.”

Ye-Hyeon closed his eyes instead of answering and nodded his head with a smile.

Ye-Hyeon seemed to be looking at Lee So-Eul,but if you look closely, he was staring at a square window floating in the air, to be exact.

Name: Lee So-Eul
Age: 31
Level: 204
Job: Balhala Archer (S)
Title: S-class Hunter (S), Powerful Archer (A), Blue Dragon’s Visual Officer (B), Stubborn Daughter Silly (D)

Skill: Descendants of Warriors (S), Ballista Speaker (A), Breath of Wind (Passive) [S]

I want to have him as a son-in-law for my daughter in 10 years


Ye-hyeon, who read Lee So-Eul’s inner thoughts, coughed without realizing it.

Everyone in Korea knew that Lee So-Eul was a daughter idiot, because she bragged about her daughter every time in every interview.

It was also very famous that the daughter was seven years old.

Even if you’re 10 years older… Seventeen years old.
It was obviously a crime.
Even though I knew she couldn’t be serious, cold sweat flowed down my back.
However, I couldn’t tell that I read her mind secretly.

Ye-Hyeon looked away with a calm face.

“What do you mean slow? Didn’t you just gain weight?”

“Hey, Park Hyun-Joon.
Do you want to die?”

Park Hyun-Joon, who was sitting on a nearby rock and catching his breath, argued with Lee So-Eul for no reason.

Ye-hyeon slipped half a step back from Lee So-eul.

Sure enough, Park Hyun-Joon glared at Ye-Hyeon, tapping the floor with a well-maintained shield as if what he really wanted to pick a fight with was different.

Name: Park Hyun-Joon
Age: 31
Level: 182
Occupation: Iron-Walled Warrior (A)
Title: A-class Hunter (A), Strong Shield (B), 4th year of unrequited love (E)
Skill: Indomitable Will (A), Shield Down (B), Counter Attack (B) [See More]
Status: Bleeding (B)

[Time: 04 hours 43 minutes]

” I wanted to leave it alone, but I had to do what I had to do.
The wound is bleeding, so recovery potions won’t do it alone.”

Park Hyun-joon, who was trying to spray recovery potion on a wound on his thigh, was handed a bandage to treat bleeding while clicking his tongue with a disapproving look.

Ye-Hyeon immediately held out a sheet of paper.

“Here’s your confirmation.
Do you think I’m doubting you will run without paying? Of course I believe in Hunter Park Hyun-Joon, but there are so many people who doesn’t pay.”

Ye-hyeon put in a consumable confirmation card, saying something out of his mouth.

Park Hyun-Joon stamped his middle finger as if he would tear the paper with a very annoyed face.

“Thank you for using it.”

Ye-Hyeon smiled using his business smile and left without looking back.

The back of my head stung, but I ignored it neatly.

Ye-Hyeon toured mainly with key executives and rankers.

At best, potions constantly appeared in a small bag, as big as two palms, and square confirmations constantly went in.

“Thank you.”

While Ye-Hyeon was looking for hunters with abnormal conditions, everyone was equipped with a battle line to see if the maintenance was over.

Ye-Hyeon hurried back.

Ye-Hyeon nodded satisfied when he saw the confirmation cards piled up in the inventory.

If I go back and get the settlement, I thought I could earn 100 golds even if I didn’t do well.

Ye-Hyeon, who was checking the inventory frowned, “I think there will be a lack of slow release potions.”

There were no potions to replace it.

If there were more monsters hanging slow as a debuff, it would be quite difficult to attack the dungeon.

“Did you see that?Just sign it, just accept it.”

Ye-Hyeon, closed his eyes to a sarcastic voice coming from behind.

It was starting again.


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