t Life (S) (Passive), Tornado (A), Rush (B)
Condition: Death “General Type?”

Ye-Hyeon looked around in surprise while reading along the text without realizing it.
Fortunately, no one was interested in Ye-Hyeon because they were busy relocating the troops under the direction of the guild leader.

Ye-Hyeon read and read the monster’s information.
If this monster called “Lapis of Despair” was the middle boss, the grade should have been “elite” or “boss,” not “normal.” The status window does not show false information.

He can’t believe it, but ‘Lapis of Despair’ meant a general mob, not a middle boss.
Half-jokingly, it was said that if you catch the middle boss, you will clear half, and if you catch the final boss, you will clear the other half.
What determined the final grade of the gate was the difficulty of the middle boss and the final boss.

Ye-Hyeon chewed on the tender flesh in his mouth.

Lapis of Despair was more demanding than most middle bosses.

None of the 300 people will suspect that what they just finished may not be the middle boss.

“What should I do?”

Ye-Hyeon mumbled nervously.

If we suddenly encounter a real middle boss while they’re off guard, we may suffer a lot.
I have to warn you to be prepared, but…In addition to my worries will there be anyone to trust me?

Ye-Hyeon’s Ability was unique.

Any hunter would leave a secret weapon just in case, but Ye-Hyeon had to work harder and hide it.

In a Hunter society where information power is important, the status window where you can freely access other people’s information could certainly be a fraudulent ability depending on your skills, but what if it’s an F-class hunter who can’t even be healthy? They could be used as tools in captivity, or they would disappearing without a rat or a bird knowing.

The result was obvious that it was either of the two.

Even if he reveal his abilities right away, how many people will listen to F-class Hunter’s remarks?

Time continued to pass while Ye-Hyeon was worried alone.

The guild leader of the Blue Dragon guild reduced sleep and continued his forced march because he delayed time in the middle boss.

The party has not even had a proper break for three days.
Except for “Lapis of Despair,”, there were no annoying monsters, so I was able to run the dungeon at a high speed without any casualties even though I was tired.

“Hey, watch your mouth.
It’s a death flag.”

Hunter, who was ahead, smiled while giving a pin to his colleague.

Despite the tiring schedule, the attack was smooth, so everyone was excited.

Only Ye-Hyeon had a serious look on his face.

“It’s weird no matter how much I think about it! Assuming that it was cleared easily, the time required was similar depending on the gate size.
One day for small, three days for medium, and five days for large.
Although they packed a month’s worth of food for emergencies, experts predicted that it would take a week to 10 days to clear the super-large gate.But today was already the 8th day.
It seemed long past the time for the middle boss to come out, but it was quiet.
Experts’ predictions may simply be wrong, but somehow I had an ominous feeling.

It was then.”

“It’s the boss room!”

A cry filled with joy came from the lead.

We are doomed

Ye-Hyeon’s face turned white.

Very occasionally, dungeons without an intermediate boss like mutations occur, in which case the boss was more powerful than expected.

If the gate is far away from the residence, it was considered better to time over and explode it.

Of course, it was the story of a country with a large land mass like the United States and Russia, and the Korea Hunter Association put forward the principle of clearing all gates at all costs.

Ye-Hyeon hurried through the crowd and headed forward.

Whatever happened later, I thought I had to tell the truth to the Blue Dragon guild leader for now.

Considering that Lapis of Despair was a regular monster, they had to unite with other guilds.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute, get out of the way, ugh!”

However, the excitement of reaching the boss room increased the pace of the march and he was pushed back rather than forward.

Every time I was hit by my shoulder while trying to squeeze out a narrow gap, my vitality was shattered.
If I accidentally fell down at this rate, I would be crushed to death before I even saw the boss.

Ye-Hyeon gave up on passing through the battle line and walked at speed.

I would enter after they started fighting the boss, I thought it would be better to do that.

Unfortunately, however, the situation went differently than Ye-Hyeon expected.

“What? What’s going on?”

The murmur spread louder and louder.

“The boss room is open.”

Which way?”

“Are you going to make the trouble as hard as it is, and the other guys are going to take all the rewards?”

The bad news that another guild entered the boss room first quickly heated up the atmosphere.

When the guild leader had a short meeting with the executives, he raised the sword with a determined face.

“I’m on my way! The first S-class! The first super-large! It’s our Blue Dragon’s, not anyone else who picks the boss’s neck!”


The guild leader activated the boss’s portal, boosting the party’s spirits.

“No, Ugh…!”

Ye-Hyeon struggled urgently to get out of the group, but it was no use.

Ye-Hyeon was pushed into the boss room semi-forced by being stuck between tight human walls like a packed subway.


Ye-Hyeon blinked out of focus.

The ringing rang in his ears.

“What happened…”

Ye-Hyeon belatedly realized that he was lying on the floor.

The hard stone floor was cold and damp.

The familiar smell of fish caught my nose, it was the smell of blood.

My lifeless eyes moved slowly.

The mountains of the bodies that had been slaughtered were scattered all over the place.

“It was a very unrealistic sight.

Wiped out!

I could tell intuitively without turning my head and checking it.
Screams, a splitting pain, fragmentary memories came to mind.

A dark shadow hungover Ye-Hyeon’s body stuck in a pool of blood.

It was the darkness that would engulf all the light in the world.

It was a crystal of pure power that could not even be touch by a person who is no different from ordinary people.

“Would it look like this if I visualized death? My limbs trembled with physiological fear as if I had become a prey in front of a predator.”

The black energy that filled the field of vision slowly but quickly approached Ye-Hyeon.

Am I going to die? Like this, in vain.

I completely lost my fighting spirit due to the overwhelming energy.

I don’t know if it’s blood or tears that flow down the ends of the eyes.

“Ah, ah, ah…”

I wanted to shout for help, but the only thing that leaked was a beastly cry.

The broken body didn’t move.

Someone’s foot appeared in the sight of the ground.

He blocked the front as if he was protecting Ye-Hyeon, but he also stumbled dangerously as if he would fall soon, and red blood was flowing down his ankles.

A high sound, like an emergency room vital sign, rang.

It was the sound when the vitality dropped below five.

“Otherwise, the blurry front of my eyes was completely blackened.
I couldn’t hear anything anymore.
The pain also disappeared.
Potion, maybe potion…”

Ye-Hyeon relied on memory to open the inventory while the five senses were paralyzed.

I forced my arm to move, but I couldn’t even tell if it was moving.
I realized that death was just around the corner.

I was frightened.

The moment the beep-last warning sound rang, a blue window clearly emerged in a completely distorted view.


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