A laugh escaped from Chloe’s mouth.
It was her last defense mechanism to deny reality.

Chloe’s arm holding the letter trembled as if she was holding something heavy.
It was a light letter, but the content it contained was heavy and disastrous.

[Dearest Gerard,

When the scent of flowers is carried by the wind, it reminds me of our childhood.

You were shorter than me when we first met, but now I’m shorter! Every time I look up at you, I remember just how fast the speed of time is.

You know how precious time with you is to me.
I hope that we will always be as dependent on each other as we were back then.

I recently heard from your mother that you are looking for a partner.
I was always worried that you were never interested in marriage.
If there is a good candidate, she asked me to introduce her.

So I told her about Chloe Roem.
What do you think of Chloe?

You know how sweet and wise Chloe is, right?

I wish your partner were Chloe.
If you would stay by her side, I would be so relieved.

Then we don’t have to be separated because of marriage.
Actually, I’m worried that I’m too far from you these days.
I guess it’s because I haven’t seen your face for 6 months since I went up North.
Let’s set up a time to meet soon.

I’ll end the letter here.
I hope only good things for you.

~Your childhood friend Leila.

Did you notice that she likes you?]

What on earth was this letter saying?

No, maybe Chloe was trying to refuse to accept it as a reality.
In a daze, she only repeated meaningless words inside.

‘It’s a letter from eight years ago.
Eight years ago.
It’s different now.
Friendly, kind, always respectful… that’s my husband.’ 

But questions kept popping up in her mind.

Something had changed. 

Could it have all been acting?

Maybe he pretended to be her ideal husband because of his sense of duty and responsibility.

Her thoughts eventually reached a question she had been ignoring their entire marriage.

‘Does he love me?’

Chloe’s eyes must have realized the answer before her mind did.
A tear ran down her cheek.

Her husband, who felt close to her until a while ago, became the farthest person in an instant.


Chloe sank to the ground.
Everything she had built up solidly over eight blissful years crumbled like sand.

Nobility as a lady, strength as a mother, happiness as a wife.
It was because everything that defined her was canceled out by only one question.
She didn’t even have the strength left to stand.

“Huuuuu, it’s over! Uhhh… it’s over!”

However, there was a single string of reason that prevented her crying from getting louder.
In case anyone heard, she swallowed several sobs inside.

But sobs crawled out of her mouth.
Chloe shook sadly, pressing her mouth with her hands.

How much did she cry? 

She cried so much that she felt dizzy.
Her body was exhausted, she no longer had the energy to cry, but tears kept flowing down. 

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself.
However, Chloe’s efforts were in vain due to the name that was going through her head.

“Leila, haah…”

Leila Stein, no, now she was Leila de Anata.
When she thought of the name, something hot bubbled up inside.

A friend she loved but hated at the same time.
Perhaps she and her husband would never escape the shadow of that name for the rest of their lives.


She was the heroine of this world.
To be exact, she was the heroine nine years ago.

Bright, imposing, and somehow four-dimensional.
If the word ‘ heroine’ was a person, it was Leila.

She married Frederick de Anata nine years ago and had her perfect happy ending.
Leaving behind Gerard Blanchett.

Gerard, her childhood friend, had a crush on her for a long time.
He always warmly comforted Leila, who was hurt by the cold and arrogant Frederick.
But, ironically, Leila chose Frederick.

It was Chloe, the pathetic crying woman here, who stayed by Gerard, who was left behind.

She was a suppo

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