d and Abel occupied.


This was why Frederick disliked the Blanchett Knights.
They were escorting their masters in an already safe castle.
There was no need to waste manpower for that.


However, the Blanchett Knights had good reason for it.
The best unit of men came to the North with the Madame, but they didn’t have a lot of things to do.
As they were unable to relax, they decided to devote themselves to escorting the Madame.


“Yes, I’m feeling more energetic now.
Are you ending your shift soon?”


However, they couldn’t protect their Madame during the most important moment… The Knights of Blanchett had an indescribable sense of debt towards her now.


“Yes, We’re about to get off work!”


“You did a great job staying up all night.
Thanks to you, the night passed peacefully.”


“Please don’t mention it! It’s our duty.”


As the two knights listened to the Madame’s gentle gratitude, their anger towards their Lord last night slipped their minds.


–I believe I ordered you to offer your life to protect the Madame… The Knight Commander of Anata was the one who saved my wife, right? I’ll punish you all when we return to Blanchett.


–Tell me why an Anata protected my wife?


He gave a terrifying warning that after they returned, he would go increase the intensity of their training.


Gerard’s creepy gaze came to their mind, and the two knights shuddered slightly.
Chloe pointed to the room beside hers and asked the other knight.


“Are my husband and son sleeping in this room?”


“Yes, Madame.”


The knight answered with a nod.
Chloe smiled to express her gratitude, and opened the door.


Gerard and Abel were sleeping soundly.
Chloe’s expression became anxious as she approached the bed and looked at both of their faces.


She still had no idea what to do about their relationship.


Was it right to break this peace? Would she be able to preserve their family if she pretended to be fine? Would it be right to cover up everything for Abel?


She didn’t have a clue what was best for Abel.


‘This is for the sake of protecting our family, so it’s not like I’m cowardly running away, right?’


However, Chloe’s inner thoughts revolted, and spat in hatred and anger.


His sleeping face was the one she loved so dearly.
They lived together for eight years, but that face still made her heart flutter.
However, just thinking that he had deceived her with such a face made her despise it.


‘You pushed me into this pit and yet you can sleep soundly like this?’


Chloe was vexed when she looked at her husband’s peaceful expression. 


Should she ask him about everything? Then, she wondered what kind of expression she would make.
Did she want to be friendly? Or maybe she should just spit out the question, and he would end up asking when she found out about it.


‘Then…Then what should I do?’


Chloe clasped her hands together fearing something that hadn’t even happened yet.
It scared her more than anything else.
Her husband’s expression, eyes, and voice that look at her coldly.


Her imagination escalated to be more scary and cruel.


‘Didn’t you know everything and still decide to marry me? I love Leila.
Let’s get a divorce then.
I’m starting to get tired of this.’


Chloe’s heart ached at the harsh tone that lingered in her ears.
It was true that the person who loved more was the weak one in a relationship.


Chloe was terrified and threatened to leave him because she was angry at him.


‘Divorce? You said you would like a divorce?’


Chloe even thought about threatening to divorce him, but she actually had no intention of getting a divorce.


If they got divorced, she might have to part with the sole heir of Blanchett Family, Abel.
Gerard couldn’t give up Abel.


Even if she somehow managed to take Abel and they returned to the Roem family, there was no place for the poor child.
There was already a successor to the Roem family.


Furthermore, it was clear that their divorce would cause a bad reputation for Abel.
She would never allow it to happen.
She couldn’t defame her son with her own hands.


‘Can’t we just run away to a foreign country where no one knows us?’


She didn’t know anymore! Actually… she couldn’t quite imagine breaking up with Gerard regardless of all this.
She hated him so much, but she couldn’t give up on this man.
Her brain told her to give up on him, but her heart kept insisting that he was the one, her man.


When she imagined Gerard, who had divorced her, marrying someone else, her anger rose.
Would he act as affectionately to her? How faithful would he be to her?




Chloe sighed at the endless self-destructive thoughts in her head.


“…I want to know.”


She wanted to know what her husband was thinking.
What kind of thoughts was he hiding under that soft blond hair?


‘What do you think about me? Did you have no choice but to marry me? Do I mean anything to you?’


At times like this, she hated the book in her dreams that disappeared after Leila’s happy ending.


What she really wanted to know was how her husband felt at that moment.
She resented the fact that he told her everything she didn’t want to know and didn’t tell her everything she genuinely wanted to know.

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