Reincarnated to teach about anime

chapter 2 (start of the legendary bard)

People who came to a martial world mostly ends up becoming the strongest and making history with their legendary battles and story.

Then there is me who is sat here, selling candies to kids that I made using the ideas from my home country japan.

In my previous life I used to be a vendor selling apple candies, takoyaki, and other things for money. Then after dying from a terrorist attack I was reincarnated here sith my yukata on. I was really hopeful and swore to myself that I will strive to be the strongest in this martial arts world, but unfortunately I have no cultivation root and I have no family in this world.

I started my life by working on any jobs that I could find in the town near where I spawned in. I saved my money and started to go to my old ways of surviving (selling candy and other snacks).

at first my business was booming, I could feel the profit coming in and I starts to imagine myself being one of the richest merchant in this world until a cultivator appeared.

”what is this shit? its disgusting! ” a young woman that is the same age as me said then threw the entire takoyaki on my face.


”WHAT IS THAT FOR?! YOU FUCKING BITCH! ” i snapped and blurted out without thinking about anything.

suddenly she slaps me across the face making me fly across a few blocks.


everyone was in shock, but they are atill watching me lying down on the street. I started to feel my consciousness is fading while I look at the crowd.

”hmph **ing fat pig ” she said while looking down at me with disgust.

”**ing bitch ” I muttered then lost my consciousness.


Now Im here waiting for a new customer, but after the bitch visited me my business starts to decline.

the time passes by and I haven got a single customer. I gave up and cleaned up the place and closed down. I brought my candies and decided to go to the park where childrens hangout to give them all the candies, since if I throw it away its a waste.

”its the candy uncle! ” A boy yells out while looking at me with all the candy in my hand.

I started handing them out, but a lot of them are hesitant.

”ahem! This benevolent master has a story to tell to all of you kids! Come and gather in a circle if you are insterested! You can eat this candies while listening to my story ” I said then set up a camp for my story telling. The kids started to took interest and sat down on a circle. There are currently five kids sitting around me and some of them are still hesitant, since a threst from a cultivator is not to take lightly for us mortals.

”let me start with the story of a man, who wants to be the strongest in the world. his name is monkey d luffy, he is a man full of promises and full of strength. The story started when he ate a fruit called gomu gomu no mi. A fruit that has a powerful demon inside of it. After eating that fruit his body starts to change and he became a rubber man that is immune to any physical attacks…….. ”

I start to tell the story of one piece, one of the top anime in the world. It was claimed to be the greatest master piece in the whole fiction genre.

This is my first time telling stories about animes that I love and it felt great to see the reaction of this kids wanting to hear more.

”kids its time for all of you to go back to your house ”

”No! I want to hear more! what happens after they fought don krieg! please! ” the kid begged while looking at me with puppy eyes.

”Go to this park at the same time of the day. I will tell you the continuation. For the mean time, go back to your parents house ” I said then started to clean up the candies that the kids ate.

I went back home and immediately took a bath. It was wonderful, I didn know that telling stolen stories from my world is this fun.


Suddenly I heard a ding system like sound in my ear. At first I was confused, then suddenly a thought came to my mind, but as soon as I thought of it a voice rang out in my head.

”Reincarnee has met the requirement for the system to activate ”

”hidden mission accomplished! Tell the legendary tale of monkey d. luffy to 21 people ”

”you have been rewarded with the gomu gomu no mi (hito hito no mi: nika) ”

”you have been rewarded after inspiring a cultivator to be a better person the three sword style from zoro ”

”warning! host will feel extreme pain all over his body after installing the three sword style in his mind ”

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ” I shouted out before even savoring my reward. I was thrilled for this turn of event. I have been in this world for 2 years and accepted my fate to be a loser forever, but this reward! I will gladly savor it!

a/n: there is gonna be a lot of spoilers of animes in this novel so read with caution

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