e fogged area.
After all, Shi Feng was just an independent player.
It was impossible for him to have any experience in commanding a team.
In a moment, she would watch and make fun of Shi Feng making a fool of himself.Seeing that Gentle Snow had already nodded her head in agreement, Shi Feng unhurriedly said, ”Since we ’re done with the matter of leadership, let ’s talk about the matter of distribution.
All of the equipment will be given out according to Job requirements, while the other items will be auctioned within the team.
Any problems? ” ”Ye Feng! Don ’t go overboard! ” Zhao Yueru glared at Shi Feng like a wrathful tigress.

”Miss Zhao, I ’m not trying to swindle even a single item.
We ’re just fairly competing inside the Dungeon, so is there a need to talk about going overboard? ” Shi Feng calmly smiled.

Previously, Shi Feng agreed to Gentle Snow ’s arrangements because he did not possess the power to back himself up.

He knew the strategy to conquer the Dark Moon Graveyard.
However, he couldn ’t reveal that fact earlier.
After all, Team Dungeons had not activated during the Beta Test of God ’s Domain.
Hence, if Shi Feng were to reveal knowledge that not even Beta Testers of God ’s Domain had, Gentle Snow and the others would definitely become suspicious.

Now, everyone was aware of the Dark Moon Graveyard ’s information.
Moreover, Shi Feng, himself, had followed them into the Dungeon.
As long as Shi Feng performed thinking up a strategy, naturally, no one would question him.

Even the astute Gentle Snow would not suspect Shi Feng had long since known how to conquer the Dark Moon Graveyard.

”You… ” Zhao Yueru became speechless from anger.
She felt Shi Feng was just a scoundrel intoxicated by success.

On the other hand, Gentle Snow did not hesitate as she revealed a faint smile, calmly saying, ”Alright.
As long as we can get through, I ’ll agree to your conditions. ” ”Snow! ” Zhao Yueru did not dare believe her own ears.
Gentle Snow agreed, just like that.
Recipes for Lifestyle Jobs! The ones dropped from Team Dungeons were even more priceless! How could they just let others take advantage of them?

It ’s all just a waste of breath if we can ’t get through the Dungeon.
If we manage to get through and an item drops, we ’ll just buy it as is.
Do you think an independent player like Ye Feng is wealthier than us? ” Gentle Snow softly explained.

Hearing this, Zhao Yueru came to a realization.
If they were competing regarding capabilities, even a hundred Ye Fengs would not be a match for them.
At the end of the day, the item would still be theirs.

”Humph! Humph! Be pleased with yourself while you can. ” Zhao Yueru ’s mood greatly improved.
She even looked forward to clearing the Dungeon as quickly as possible, obtaining several recipes.
She wanted Shi Feng to know just how foolish his decision was.

”Since I will be commanding the team from now on, let ’s first leave the Dungeon and re-enter it once everybody gathers, ” Shi Feng took out a Return Scroll and started chanting.Using a Return Scroll inside a Dungeon would automatically send players back to the Dungeon ’s entrance, saving players the wasted time running back.The others also promptly took out Return Scrolls after watching Shi Feng do so.

Indeed, three people had died in the team, so some reorganization was necessary.

Outside the Dark Moon Graveyard, many teams belonging to Guilds had returned after dying.
They were currently reorganizing themselves, preparing to challenge the Dungeon once more.

When they saw the Snow Goddess and her team leave the Dungeon, they all were abruptly shocked.
All of them hurriedly looked towards the Glory List at the Dungeon ’s entrance.The Snow Goddess ’ fame was extremely great.
In addition to so many of her team members leaving through the Dungeon ’s entrance, there was a high chance that they had already cleared the Dungeon.
However, the Glory List was still as empty as ever.
Everyone let loose a breath of relief.
They continued with their rest, discussing how they would raid the Dungeon.After over a dozen minutes, the entire team was assembled.
Everyone, once more, walked towards the Teleportation Gate.

As the leader of the team, Shi Feng immediately adjusted the Dungeon ’s difficulty to Hell Mode.

Immediately, the color of the Teleportation Gate changed.
A flickering image of a ghost ’s head appeared, causing others to shudder.

Before anyone within the team could react, they turned into black rays of light as they entered the Dark Moon Graveyard.

Outside the Dungeon ’s entrance, the members of the various Guilds were all dumbfounded.

What sort of situation was this?

Didn ’t they just enter Normal Mode once? After understanding some information about the Dark Moon Graveyard, they ’re already starting to raid Hell Mode?

Was there a need to be so strong-willed?

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