Chapter 1041 – Medium Shipyard

When Shi Feng entered the Town Hall, there were only a few other players in the building.
They were all independent players, not Guild players.

The Lands in God ’s Domain ’s NPC cities were very expensive.
Generally, only Guilds could afford them.
It was practically impossible to find a lone player who could afford these Lands as well.

However, it was a different story for NPC towns.
The Lands here were many times cheaper.

Take Ocean Viewing Town for example.
Its normal Lands only cost 200 to 300 Gold, while the Lands around the town center cost 500 to 600 Gold.
Even the most expensive Land, which had an excellent view of the ocean, cost around 900 Gold.
Generally, expert players of considerable skill could afford these Lands after their Tier 2 promotion.

In the past, many players who could not afford houses in NPC cities would build their houses on Lands in towns with a good view or in prosperous towns.

As a port town, even without access to the Savage Wildland, Ocean Viewing Town ’s Lands were a valuable investment.
After all, as players reached higher levels, players would unlock more in-game systems in God ’s Domain.

For example, the Maritime Merchant System.

In God ’s Domain, one could earn money from other players as well as NPCs.
Helping NPC merchants transport their goods was one way to do so, earning a sizable income.
If one managed themselves properly, obtaining their own fleet of ships and gaining Popularity among NPCs, they could make far more than expert players.
This was precisely the reason that port towns had become so popular among independent players, particularly merchant players, in the past.

Due to such systems, even players who were weak in battle could make a living in God ’s Domain.
Sometimes, if one were lucky and encountered some miracle, one could obtain weapons and equipment that even expert players would envy.

Currently, independent players capable of purchasing Ocean Viewing Town ’s lands were either merchants with some achievement or representatives from small-scale Workshops that planned to invest.

When the several cloaked players, who were choosing Lands, noticed Shi Feng enter the building, they all turned with cautious expressions.
They looked at Shi Feng as if he had come to steal their prey.

Suddenly, an NPC administrator in a suit and tie approached Shi Feng.
The NPC administrator then asked respectfully, ”Lord Protector, how many I serve you today? ”

”I want to purchase a Shipyard, ” Shi Feng said.

Please follow me to the second floor.
The information regarding the available Shipyards will be brought to you right away. ” Upon hearing Shi Feng ’s request, the administrator led Shi Feng to the second floor ’s lounge, showing Shi Feng as much respect as the town ’s Mayor.

The several merchant players who had been wary of Shi Feng were stupefied.

”Who is that? ”

”Why is Administrator Joseph showing so much respect? ”

”Is he already a Baron in Ocean Viewing Town? ”

”That can ’t be, right? Joseph wouldn ’t even treat a town ’s Baron like that. ”

To win over Senior Administrator Joseph, they had tried all sorts of methods to raise his Favorability of them.
They had done so to persuade the Senior Administrator to show them more Lands.

Yet, Senior Administrator Joseph immediately led Shi Feng to the second floor when he arrived.

The second floor!

Despite their struggles to become nobles of Ocean Viewing Town, they still didn ’t qualify to explore the second floor.

These several merchant players could not help but envy Shi Feng.

Like anywhere else, one needed sufficient Reputation to purchase Ocean Viewing Town ’s Lands.
Ordinary nobles had to remain on the first floor and choose from the town ’s most basic Lands.
Even then, not all ordinary Lands would be available.
Only by raising one ’s Favorability with the Senior Administrator would the latter present more strategically-situated Lands.

Generally, only the town ’s Barons qualified to climb the stairs to the second floor.
On the second floor, most of the town ’s Lands were available for purchase.
As a Baron, one would even receive discounts.

Shortly after Shi Feng entered the second-floor lounge, Senior Administrator Joseph brought all documents relating to the town ’s Shipyards.

”Lord Protector, Ocean Viewing Town has a total of six Shipyards.
Here are the related documents, ” Joseph said as he carefully placed the documents before Shi Feng.
He then retreated to the side, not daring to disturb Shi Feng in the slightest.

”Six Shipyards? Weren ’t there only supposed to be five? ” Shi Feng was somewhat surprised.

He was relatively familiar with Ocean Viewing Town.
In the past, he had visited the Savage Wildland multiple times.

He could clearly remember that there had only been five Shipyards.

”Lord Protector, there were only five Shipyards before.
However, due to the Far Ocean Trading Firm ’s bad luck and recent shipwreck, the firm had been forced to sell its Shipyard to recuperate financially.
The firm has asked us to help sell its Shipyard.
The Mayor has stated that if this Shipyard has not sold after a month, he will take the Shipyard as collateral and issue the Far Ocean Trading Firm a loan.
I have heard that the trading firm recently built this Shipyard to produce its new cargo ship, ” Joseph explained in detail.

”New cargo ship? ” Shi Feng ’s interest was immediately piqued.

Ship designs were almost as rare as Fragmented Legendary items.
Moreover, owning a design was one thing, but producing the ship was another.
Constructing a Common ship wasn ’t a big deal.
However, for high-quality ships, construction was extremely troublesome.
Finding the raw materials alone was costly in both time and money.

Most importantly, ship designs were similar to the Magic Tower Design, in which both were limited-use items.
Usually, one could construct ten ships from one design.

Even after ten years, high-quality ships had still been considerably rare.

God ’s Domain ’s ocean was expansive.
Moreover, many miraculous encounters and treasures were available on the ocean ’s islands and secret areas.
Without a ship of considerable quality, death was likely when exploring the sea.

Due to these two reasons, players in the past had been very willing to rent, even purchase, high-quality ships, even for an absurd cost.

Following which, Shi Feng began to browse the documents.

Shi Feng took ten minutes to look through all of the information.

As Joseph had said, the Far Ocean Trading Firm had researched a new cargo ship.
Although the ship was only Common rank, it was 15% faster than the other five Shipyard ’s cargo ships.
Moreover, its carrying capacity and durability were 20% higher.
Aside from Bronze or higher ranked cargo ships, this was the best choice for merchant players.

The only problem was the price.

Although this was a town, a Shipyard was different from Lands.
Even a Small Shipyard could sell for 10,000 Gold, not to mention a recently-built Medium Shipyard.

In God ’s Domain, the size of a Shipyard determined the types of ship it could construct.
Not only could a Medium Shipyard produce small ships, but it could also construct medium ships.
For example, a cargo ship was a medium ship.

The Far Ocean Trading Firm ’s asking price was 30,000 Gold!

At this price, Shi Feng could purchase three plots of golden Land in a major city.

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