Chapter 1087 – Zero Wing ’s Strength

”A tower? ”

”Why is there a tower here? ”

Everyone in Stone Forest Town stared incredulously at the Obelisk that had suddenly emerged in the middle of Zero Wing ’s Residence.

The Obelisk was several hundred meters tall.
Even the Tier 4 Mythic monsters looked no different than children before the Obelisk.

The instant the Obelisk appeared, the cold hand of fear touched the hearts of all players within Stone Forest Town.

Before anyone realized it, dark clouds covered the sky above the town.
In the blink of an eye, elemental rain began to fall, scattering a mist over the town.

”This is… elementalization! ”

Magical class players who were familiar with elemental Mana immediately recognized the mist ’s true identity, and they couldn ’t help their growing excitement.

The town ’s players also felt their minds clear like never before.
They felt their perspectives widen.

If they could train in such a Mana-dense environment, it wouldn ’t take long for them to improve by leaps and bounds.

However, unlike the rest of the players, Abandoned Wave, Peerless, and Singular Burial did not show any excitement despite the thickening mist.
Rather, they had noticed a fivefold magic array looming in the sky, enveloping the town.

The instant the fivefold magic array appeared, the Mana it gathered sent a shudder through every player ’s soul.

Crap! This is a trap! Singular Burial could not help but recall Zero Wing ’s initial capture of Stone Forest Town, and the monstrous, summoned NPC that destroyed the Star Alliance.

Thinking up to this point, chills crawled down Singular Burial ’s spine.
If that monster appeared once more, the consequences would be unimaginable.

A trap? Originally, Abandoned Wave hadn ’t been sure about his guess.
However, upon seeing Singular Burial ’s pale complexion, he was certain.
Immediately, he turned to Singular Burial and asked, ”Can you tell me what is going on? ”

Now that he was so close to obtaining Stone Forest Town, he could not give up.

He had sacrificed too much to dominate Stone Forest Town.
He no longer had the option to retreat.

Since he couldn ’t flee, he needed to get a clear idea of the trap they had just fallen into; he needed to implement appropriate countermeasures.

Meanwhile, Peerless, who stood beside the two, grew curious.
What, exactly, could frighten the almighty Guild Leader of Heaven ’s Burial to such a degree?

”There ’s no time! If we don ’t leave this instant, it will be too late! ” Singular Burial casually responded.
Hurriedly, he began shouting through the regional Guild chat, ”Everyone, withdraw from Stone Forest Town immediately! ”

Unfortunately, a few moments after Singular Burial issued this command, a translucent, purple barrier began to form around Stone Forest Town.
The barrier swallowed the town as well as some of the land outside its border.
The instant this barrier appeared, fear surfaced on the monsters ’ faces outside of the town.
Ignoring the bandaged man ’s commands, these monsters turned and fled.

The monsters that had been caught within the purple barrier were not as fortunate.
Even Level 66 Grand Lords attacked the barrier desperately, yet the barrier remained intact.
The barrier did not even shudder under the powerful assault.

”Shit! We can ’t get out! ”

When the players in saw how firm the magic barrier stood, despite the attacks it received, they started to panic, their previous joy disappearing completely.

Meanwhile, outside Stone Forest Town, the war ’s spectators could no longer see inside the town.
Because these live streams were recorded from a safe distance outside of the town, all they could see was a large dome over Stone Forest Town.

”What did Zero Wing do? ” Yuan Tiexin felt an indescribable shock as he stared at the purple dome.

As one of the Secret Pavilion ’s upper echelons, he usually studied God ’s Domain thoroughly.
He knew just how terrifying a fivefold magic array was.

This was something that could not even be found in empires ’ Imperial Palaces.
Generally, one only encountered such an array in divine ruins.
Even Tier 5 NPCs were forced to avoid fivefold magic arrays, much less current players.

Suddenly, Yuan Tiexin felt that his view of Zero Wing blur once again.

After the magic barrier surrounded Stone Forest Town, elite and expert players began to swarm out of Zero Wing ’s Residence, their numbers far exceeding everyone ’s expectations.

In less than a moment, over ten thousand Zero Wing members had joined the battle.
Moreover, this number was still rapidly climbing.

Ten thousand… Twenty thousand… Thirty thousand…

As players watched, 50,000 Zero Wing members exited Zero Wing ’s partially destroyed Guild Hall.
Even the weakest among them were Guild elites.

”Damn it! It really is a trap! ” Rage burned in Singular Burial ’s gaze as he looked at the newly-emerged army of 50,000 elite players.

Although Blackwater, Heaven ’s Burial, and Pantheon ’s combined force was still larger than Zero Wing ’s, the gap had shortened.
At this moment, their combined armies barely outnumbered Zero Wing ’s by two-to-one.

However, Zero Wing ’s elite members received the Magic Towers ’ buff.
These elites ’ Basic Attributes surpassed their elite members by a large margin.
In a head-on clash, they would not have any advantage whatsoever.

”Hahaha! Look at the ugly expressions on Blackwater ’s faces! I want to see how long they last now that we ’ve closed the gap! ”

”They actually dare to pick a fight with Zero Wing while most of us are away! I ’ll be damned if I don ’t camp their corpses until tomorrow! ”

”There ’s no point in camping their corpses.
They ’ll resurrect in Saimu Town after they die.
Instead, we should let our healers resurrect them, and kill them again.
Let ’s make them drop every item they have! ”

The Zero Wing members that had just emerged from the Residence brimmed with fighting spirit as they grinned at Blackwater and Heaven ’s Burial ’s members.

”Guild Leader, all available elite members have arrived! ” Blackie reported, pride growing in his heart as he watched the army of 50,000 elite players.
It was hard to imagine that, in just a few months, Zero Wing had grown from an insignificant Guild to contesting for the position of number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom.
Excitedly, Blackie said, ”As long as you give the word, I ’ll lead our brothers to exterminate Blackwater and Heaven ’s Burial! ”

It ’s about time we show them Zero Wing ’s true power, ” Shi Feng said, nodding.
Suddenly, he shouted, ”All units, listen up! Leave none of them alive! ”

Upon hearing this, Zero Wing ’s members charged at Blackwater and Heaven ’s Burial ’s armies without any hesitation.

The Obelisk was the Awakened ’s prison.
However, the crystal ball inside had more than its sealing ability.
Only, the crystal ball ’s other abilities were considerably costly.

For example, the fivefold magic array enveloping the town had cost a whopping 18 Mana Stones to activate.
In addition, the magic array had an extremely long Cooldown.
Once used, it could only be used again after a full month.
Meanwhile, the magic array only lasted ten hours.

During this period, people could only enter Stone Forest Town.
Leaving the town would be impossible until the array ’s duration ended, or it was deactivated.
As for destroying the magic barrier, that was beyond current players.
Meanwhile, the white mist in the town strengthened allies, granting them an extraordinary calm and helping them improve their Skill Completion Rate.
In contrast, enemy forces ’ senses were dulled.
Enemy players ’ field of vision, in particular, would be greatly limited.

If a player ’s field of vision were too narrow, they could easily fall prey to ambushes.

As the battle began, Blackwater and Heaven ’s Burial ’s members were bombarded by various ranged attacks, yet when they tried to retaliate, they couldn ’t locate their attackers.
They could only stand there, dumbfounded, under the bombardment.

In just the first wave of attacks, Blackwater and Heaven ’s Burial had suffered over a thousand casualties.

Against Zero Wing ’s elite members, even Blackwater and Heaven ’s Burial ’s experts had trouble in a one-on-one fight, not to mention the Guilds ’ elite members.

Nobody could have imagined that the battle would become so one-sided.

In less than fifteen minutes, Blackwater and Heaven ’s Burial had lost over ten thousand members in total.
On the other hand, Zero Wing had only lost several hundred.
Moreover, these several hundred Zero Wing elites had traded their lives for the lives of Blackwater ’s and Heaven ’s Burial ’s experts…

Watching Blackwater ’s members die in troves, Abandoned Wave sent Shi Feng a hateful glare before reluctantly commanding through the Guild chat, ”We… retreat! ”


He had been miserably defeated! He had never imagined that his long-cultivated plan would end like this.

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