Chapter 1095 – One versus Five

”Wait, something ’s wrong with that Valkyrie! Doesn ’t it seem like she ’s starting to become translucent? ”

”You have that feeling as well? ”

”Quick, look! That Valkyrie is starting to disappear! ”

Right after Abandoned Wave gave the command to retreat, a sudden change to the Valkyrie immediately grabbed everyone ’s attention.

The Valkyrie ’s appearance had simply given them too much of a shock.

Even Abandoned Wave and the others, who hated Zero Wing down to the bones, had no choice but to give up on Stone Forest Town.
However, now that the Valkyrie started facing problems, their hopes rekindled.

Seeing this scene, Abandoned Wave immediately interrupted the activation of his Return Scroll.

”Everyone, hinder Black Flame and buy our people some time! ” After Abandoned Wave was sure that the Valkyrie had disappeared, a sinister smile appeared on his face.

Lancelot ’s loot was just too tempting.
Most likely, no player would willingly abandon it.

Previously, he had already sent a team of Assassins to collect the items in secret to avoid detection by the Valkyrie.
Now, however, there was no need for such precautionary measures.

Currently, Zero Wing had no one present, aside from Black Flame and his two NPC guards.
Although killing Black Flame might be difficult, plundering Lancelot ’s loot would be a piece of cake.

After all, with the Awakened NPC ’s numerous drop items scattered all over the place, how could one person ’s looting efficiency outmatch a group ’s?

Once Abandoned Wave gave the command, Peerless and Singular Burial also began coordinating their forces to cooperate with Blackwater ’s members.

Regardless if it was Kite or Anna, neither was an existence that current players could go up against.
However, there would be no problems if they only wished to distract the two guards for a short period.
Particularly, they still possessed magic arrays in their hands.

As long as they found the opportunity to trap Kite and Anna using these magic arrays, killing the Silenced Black Flame would be child ’s play.

After Shi Feng picked up another item, he suddenly discovered over a thousand players converging on his location.
Dozens of the previously stealthed Assassins have also begun making bold moves.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng dashed towards the Obelisk.

Currently, not only was he Silenced, but he was also in a Weakened state.
He would simply be asking for a beating if he challenged a thousand elite players.
Not to mention, the experts of the Red Jade Legion were among these players.

As for Kite and Anna, both of them had already been trapped in magic barriers and were currently fighting against a group of players and one-horn humanoid monsters.
The two guards had no attention to spare for him.

Shortly after Shi Feng started running towards the Obelisk, his pursuers stopped cold.

A legion of 1,000 players had suddenly appeared beside Shi Feng.
Meanwhile, the person leading this legion was none other than Star-Moon Kingdom ’s renowned Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow.

”So it ’s Guild Leader Snow! ” Abandoned Wave laughed involuntarily when he saw Gentle Snow.
”I was originally planning to take care of you slowly.
I never thought you would actually send yourself to me.
Charge! Get rid of them all! ”

He had a very clear understanding of Gentle Snow ’s strength.

Although she was indeed quite strong, the people on his side were not unknown nobodies, either.
Just the Red Jade Legion Peerless led had several Refinement Realm experts.
Although both sides were roughly equal in number, in terms of quality, his army definitely surpassed Gentle Snow ’s.

In accordance with Abandoned Wave ’s command, Peerless led four Refinement Realm experts and charged at Gentle Snow.
As for Singular Burial, he led a group specifically to deal with the Silenced Shi Feng.

”Your opponent is me! ” When Gentle Snow noticed Singular Burial heading towards Shi Feng, she threw her greatsword at the man.

Death Throw!

”If you wish to deal with our Guild Leader, you need to get through me, Lightning Blade, first! ”

At this time, a Guardian Knight appeared beside Singular Burial and wielded his square shield to receive the greatsword.

Meanwhile, Singular Burial did not even try to dodge the oncoming greatsword as he continued making his way to Shi Feng.

He was very familiar with Lightning Blade ’s strength.
Heaven ’s Burial ’s current strongest MT was probably the Level 41 Lightning Blade, who could hold his ground against a High Lord of the same level all by himself without using any Skills.
Defending against a player ’s attack would be a walk in the park for him.


When the greatsword collided with his shield, Lightning Blade had to take four steps back, damage of over -2,000 appearing above his head.
Although this amount of damage was nothing to him, who possessed nearly 30,000 HP, an extraordinarily ugly expression still surfaced on his face.

Why is her Strength so powerful? After Lightning Blade stabilized his body, he looked at Gentle Snow somewhat fearfully.

The equipment he currently wore could definitely rank near the top in the current God ’s Domain, particularly with the Epic bracer he had on right now.
The bracer increased the effect of Strength contained within his attacks by 20%.
Even if he was going up against a Berserker of the same level, he was confident of surpassing the latter in a contest of Strength.

For the greatsword Gentle Snow threw to actually force him back by so many steps…

Gentle Snow ’s Strength was simply unbelievable.

Meanwhile, facing the encirclement of Peerless and his four companions, Gentle Snow waved her hand lightly.
Suddenly, three dazzling, divine spears appeared around her.
Peerless and the others immediately felt as if they had sunk into a muddy swamp, their Movement Speed and Attack Speed decreasing significantly, and they could only watch as the three divine spears flew at them.

Along with the clangor of metal, three of the five players perished instantly.
Only Peerless and another Swordsman remained alive.

How did she suddenly become so powerful? Didn ’t they say that she had entered the Refinement Realm just recently? Peerless had an ugly expression on his face as he stared at Gentle Snow, his eyes filled with confusion.

Currently, however, the most shocked wasn ’t Peerless, but Gentle Snow.

Right before the battle began, Shi Feng had actually passed her a Fragmented Legendary item, the Seven Luminaries Battle Armor.
Although a chest plate mainly increased a player ’s defensive capabilities, the additional Strength it provided allowed her combat power to undergo a qualitative change.

The Seven Luminaries Spears that came with the activation of the Seven Luminaries Domain allowed her to display Strength rivaling that of a Great Lord of the same level even without activating a Berserk Skill.

As a result, the massive gap in Strength allowed Gentle Snow to fend off the attacks of Peerless, Singular Burial, and the others single-handedly; the disparity was so great that she was even overwhelming Peerless and the others, causing the pressure on them to grow increasingly heavier.

How did she become so powerful? Abandoned Wave was filled with shock.

Before, Gentle Snow ’s true strength only allowed her to go up against one Refinement Realm expert.
Going up against two at the same time was definitely beyond her.
Yet, after vanishing from the public eye for just a short time, she was now actually capable of going up against five Refinement Realm experts at the same time.
She had even managed to kill three instantly.
This feat was utterly inconceivable.

Just as everyone was stunned by Gentle Snow ’s performance, Shi Feng finally arrived before the massive crystal ball atop the Obelisk.

System: Do you wish to use 10,000 Magic Crystals to repair the seal?

Without hesitation, Shi Feng clicked ”Yes. ” The 10,000 Magic Crystals he obtained from Heaven ’s Burial immediately disappeared.
The massive amount of Mana contained within the Magic Crystals then began returning the sealing crystal ball to its original state rapidly.

At the same time, the purple barrier that had previously disappeared also enveloped Stone Forest Town once again.

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