Chapter 109 – Domineering Ironsword

This moment… Ironsword Lion had waited for too long.
He was unable to suppress the 
excitement in his heart.

Previously, after failing the Dungeon raid, he chose to give up on the endeavor.
Instead, he camped outside the Dark Moon Graveyard.
However, he was greatly shocked when Shi Feng and the others safely exited the Dungeon, followed by the emergence of the System Announcements

Although Martial Union had entered the Dark Moon Graveyard, they did not gain a single thing from it.
On the other hand, not only had Shi Feng ’s team manage to clear the Dungeon, but it was also the Hard Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard.

Although Ironsword Lion was a brute, he still knew that the gains from clearing the Dark Moon Graveyard would not be meager.
Needless to say, the harvest from Hell Mode would be even more astonishing.

When Martial Union first set foot in God ’s Domain, they did not possess any significant wealth or resources.
Moreover, they were unfamiliar with a game such as God ’s Domain.
Developing a Guild was extremely challenging.
They had to grow by competing over Elite monsters, killing well-equipped players for equipment and money, and raiding Party Dungeons.

The larger their Guild became, the more wealth and resources they needed.
However, they were unable to find any sources of income, only relying on robbery to sustain their Guild ’s operation.

Now that Shi Feng and his team had cleared the Dungeon, it was undoubtedly good news for Ironsword Lion.
Not only would he be able to obtain revenge, but he would also be able to make a huge profit out of it, killing two birds with one stone.

”Boss Ironsword, look at the shield on their Guardian Knight.
Not only are there runes carved on it, but the shield is also giving off a faint violet hue that only Secret-Silver Equipment possess.
That is definitely equipment they obtained from the Dark Moon Graveyard. ”

”Boss, look at that brat ’s pauldrons.
It is also giving off a violet hue.
It is a Secret-Silver Equipment as well. ”

The subordinates behind Ironsword Lion salivated as they pointed towards the equipment on the bodies of Shi Feng ’s party members.
The worst equipment currently worn by Shi Feng ’s party members were Bronze Ranked, while there were even some who had Mysterious-Iron Equipment.
However, they clearly did not possess the equipment before they entered the Dungeon.
Hence, they must have obtained them from within the Dark Moon Graveyard, which also meant that all of them were Level 5 Mysterious-Iron Equipment and Secret-Silver Equipment.
Every piece of the equipment was priceless. 

”Boss, if we were to steal all of the equipment and sell them, it would solve the problem of developing our Guild, ” Drifting Blood looked towards Shi Feng ’s equipment, giggling as he spoke.

Ironsword Lion nodded, thinking that Drifting Blood ’s words made sense.The main reason their Guild was developing slowly right now was due to their lack of funds.
If they stole
 all of the equipment worn by Shi Feng ’s party, then the problem of their lack of funds would be solved.Although Shi Feng ’s strength was not bad, even rising up to Level 7, when faced with over a hundred players, what more could he do? ”Brat, don ’t even think of escaping today.
Be smart and hand over all your equipment, compensate me with 10 Gold Coins, and let me kill you back to Level 0.
Then, I ’ll consider this matter settled.
Otherwise, prepare to delete your account and start all over, ” Ironsword Lion glared at Shi Feng, sneering.Shi Feng looked at his surroundings, discovering that Ironsword Lion had brought over 130 players with him.
Amongst them, a majority of the players were around Level 3, their equipment terribly poor.
There were only slightly more than 30 players who had reached Level 5, while the equipment they were using was all Bronze Equipment.
Meanwhile, Ironsword Lion was the strongest out of all of these players.
He was wearing a suit of Level 4 Bronze Set Equipment.

In a moment, employ a hit-and-run tactic as we run towards the forest.
Their numbers are too great right now, so it would be bad if we get surrounded,
” Shi Feng said inside the team ’s chat. ”Good! My hands have been itching to PK someone for quite some time now, ” Blackie rubbed his fists as he spoke.The other members of Shi Feng ’s party all started laughing.
They had long since wanted to test out the prowess of their new equipment.
They intended to kill to their heart ’s ’ desire. 
If they could each kill two players, it would be a two-for-one profit.
If they could kill three or more, they would make a huge profit.

At this moment, Gentle Snow stood out from the team and looked towards Ironsword Lion, softly saying, ”Ye Feng is a friend of mine.
I wonder if you can give Ouroboros some face and forget about this matter? ”Everyone from Ouroboros could already tell that the players from Martial Union were here for revenge, Shi Feng being their target.
They wondered just what Shi Feng had done to enrage them.
Was he trying to battle an entire Guild just by himself?

As expected, every expert would have their own unique personalities.
Even Shi Feng was no exception to this fact.

However, Martial Union was just an unrated Guild. Since Ouroboros had already shown themselves, as long as the upper echelons of Martial Union had some brains, they should naturally know to back off.
After all, Ouroboros was much much stronger than Martial Union.

”Move aside, stupid hoe! I don ’t give a damn about Ouroboros.
If you wish to help this brat, I ’ll take care of you all the same! ” Ironsword Lion cursed in a bad mood.

Although Gentle Snow was indeed a world-shaking beauty, the equipment she wore was even more dazzling.
It was especially true for the black runic greatsword in her hands.
Just a simple glance at it and one could tell that it was a high quality Secret-Silver Weapon.
It just so happened that he was also in need of such a weapon.
Moreover, if he got rid of Gentle Snow, he would be able to spread his name throughout God ’s Domain.
It was killing multiple birds with a single stone.

However, what Ironsword Lion did not know was that, because of his casual remark, the entire Dark Moon Graveyard had entered a solemn state.
Each and every player present looked towards Ironsword Lion in shock, inwardly admiring Ironsword Lion for his courage.

”Then, does that mean that you intend to start a war with Ouroboros? ” Gentle Snow ’s expression sunk, her tone abruptly turned chilly as she asked.

Although Gentle Snow casually spoke those words, the frostiness her words gave off could be felt, even by those uninvolved.The members of Ouroboros similarly remained silent, not daring to let out even a sound as they watched Gentle Snow.

Gentle Snow ’s angered appearance… none of them had seen it before, nor did they wished to see it.
Right now, however, there was a fool that actually dared to curse at Gentle Snow.
This was the first time they had witnessed such a scene.
They no longer dared imagine what would happen. ”Bitch, the others may fear your Ouroboros, but not me! ” Ironsword Lion licked his lips, his eyes filled with greed as he looked at the attractive equipment on Gentle Snow ’s body.
However, he remembered that he wanted to kill Shi Feng the most.
He then turned his sights towards Shi Feng, loudly saying, ”Brat, don ’t think that, with a bitch protecting you, you ’ll be able to survive through today.
Rest assured, I won ’t let either of you get away.
Brothers, go! Kill them and we ’ll share all of their equipment! ”Suddenly, over a hundred players rushed at Shi Feng and his team, murder in their eyes.

Ironsword Lion even took the lead as he charged towards Shi Feng, no longer able to hold back his treasured sword.
Only by drenching it with Shi Feng ’s blood would it be able to achieve satisfaction.

”Hit-and-run as we head towards the forest.
Don ’t overextend yourselves, ” Shi Feng unsheathed his pair of swords, once more commanding through the team chat.Just after Blackie and the others had taken a few steps, they suddenly discovered that Gentle Snow and the members of Ouroboros remained unmoving, intending to face the players from Martial Union head on.
They truly did not know what was going through Gentle Snow ’s head.

However, since Gentle Snow was sticking up for Shi Feng, naturally, Shi Feng could not escape into the forest to carry out guerilla warfare.

Blackie and the others also looked towards Shi Feng with questioning gazes.
Shi Feng sighed, helplessly saying, ”Cola, you hold the front, and remember not to extend yourself too far out.
Drowsy Sloth, pay attention to healing the others.
Blackie, use Hell Flame in the areas with more people.
Gluttonous Mouse, stay behind and kill the ones with low HP.
Lonely Snow, you ’re with me. ”

Before both sides collided with each other; the enemy ’s magic had already struck at Shi Feng and the others.Fireballs and Frost Arrows struck at the team, one after another.
Ghost Chop stood in the front as he held off against the attacks.
Cola, as well, rushed up in time.
He raised the Runic Shield and activated Tough Shield.
At the same time as the enemy magic landed on both Ghost Chop and Cola ’s shields, the heals coming from behind them similarly landed.Each of the magical attacks caused -20 to -30 damage to Ghost Chop, whereas Cola only received damages of over -10 points.
The highest damage Cola received was only over -30 points.
Moreover, the attack was from a Level 5 Elementalist who was fully geared in Bronze Equipment.

As the heals landed on the two MTs, both their HPs were instantly recovered to full.

The members of Martial Union were immediately dumbstruck after seeing this sight.
It was especially true for the Level 5 Elementalist.
Normally, a single Flame Explosion from him could deal over -100 damage to an MT.
However, when used on Cola, the skill only caused around -30 damage.
Cola ’s 
Defense was just too high.


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