h they wished to kill off this Cleric, the person, herself, was constantly being protected by two Assassins.
As long as any player rushed at the group, a chain of attacks from the two Assassins would massacre them.
In the end, the members of Martial Union were caught in a stalemate.
They could neither advance nor retreat.

”All Assassins use Stealth and get rid of their healers! Without healers, their deaths are all but guaranteed! ” Ironsword Lion bellowed in the team chat.If half a dozen Assassins from Martial Union could sneak over with Stealth, they could easily kill off a Cleric if they joined hands with each other.

”Drifting Blood, where is that brat? I want to personally kill him myself, ” Ironsword Lion asked in a rage.
He glanced at the surroundings, but failed to discover Shi Feng ’s figure at all.

Their losses from this battle today would definitely be huge, and all of it was due to Shi Feng.
Ironsword Lion would naturally not let Shi Feng escape. ”Boss Ironsword, I don ’t see the brat here either.
He seems to have vanished, ” Drifting Blood anxiously replied.

”Find him! He must be found! ” Ironsword Lion ’s rage burned.
The person he wanted to kill the most had disappeared.
If this news were to spread, he would definitely become a laughingstock.

At this moment, Shi Feng had already snuck to Martial Union ’s backline through the use of Shadow of Nothingness. ”This location should be it. ”Shi Feng looked at the surrounding terrain.
He then canceled the Shadow of Nothingness, suddenly appearing some distance behind the healers of Martial Union.
Meanwhile, the healers of Martial Union were currently busy healing the players on the frontlines, failing to discover Shi Feng ’s appearance.

Wind Blade!Shi Feng turned into a fierce gale, sweeping towards the healers of Martial Union.

While in the middle of chanting a prayer, a male Cleric suddenly found a pitch black sword piercing through his chest.
Following which, he felt a burst of pain at his neck before the sight before him turned dull gray.

Under Shi Feng ’s blade, a Level 5 cloth-armored Cleric was no different than a piece of paper.
A normal strike from Shi Feng ’s sword was able to cause over -330 damage.
With two just two basic attacks, Shi Feng could kill off a single Cleric.
If he were to use a skill, he could practically kill a Cleric with every attack.

”Ah! There ’s an Assassin! ” the female Cleric nearby screamed when she witnessed this scene.
She did not think that the male Cleric would die so quickly or so cruelly. ”Ye Feng! ”

Ironsword Lion immediately turned his head towards the backlines, discovering Shi Feng rapidly harvesting their healers, just like sheep entering a tiger ’s mouth.
Ironsword Lion ’s eyes nearly cracked open in rage at this sight.
He loudly bellowed as he rushed at Shi Feng.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng ’s speed was extremely fast.
The healers held no chance of escaping Shi Feng ’s blades.
In mere moments, Shi Feng claimed more than ten healers ’ lives.
Without healers, the frontline of Martial Union started to quickly crumble as Gentle Snow and the others butchered them.

Die! ” Ironsword Lion ’s eyes turned crimson red.
He used Wind Blade, his sword stabbing towards Shi Feng ’s back.

Now that their healers were all dead, it was needless to say that they would lose this battleMeanwhile, Shi Feng was the main perpetrator for all of this.
If he did not kill Shi Feng, he vowed not to be a human.
After annihilating all the healers, Shi Feng currently picked up the equipment they dropped.
When he discovered Ironsword Lion rushing over, he did not even turn his head as he tightened his grip on the Abyssal Blade.
Then, with a twist of his body, Shi Feng slashed the Abyssal Blade down at Ironsword Lion ’s pair of swords.
Peng! Ironsword Lion was forced to retreat several steps before he managed to stabilise his body, his face filled with shock as he looked at Shi Feng.Shi Feng ’s casual swing of his sword forced Ironsword Lion into retreating so many steps.
Such a feat was absolutely impossible without a huge difference 
regarding Strength.

After reaching Level 7, Shi Feng placed all his Free Attribute Points into Strength. Shi Feng ’s Strength was even higher than Gentle Snow ’s, not to mention Ironsword Lion ’s, who had only average equipment.
However, Ironsword Lion did not know 

After knocking Ironsword Lion back with a single slash, Shi Feng gave Ironsword Lion no time to think before following up with a Double Chop.
Shi Feng ’s pair of swords instantly transformed into 
four sword images, slashing towards Ironsword Lion.

With this many sword images sweeping towards him, although Ironsword Lion tried to block all of them with all his might, he only managed to block two of them.
There were still two sword images that pierced his body, each causing -180 damage.
Ironsword Lion hurriedly retreated, taking out a Basic Recovery Potion and drinking it.

Seeing that he was no match for Shi Feng, Ironsword Lion tried to turn tail and run.
However, within a split second, three lightning flashes entered his eyes.
Before his body could even defend against the streaks of lightning, damages of -266, -352, and -463 appeared above his head.Ironsword Lion instantly died under Shi Feng ’s swords.
At his death, Ironsword Lion dropped a piece of equipment and one other item.


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