Chapter 1126 – Revealing Identity

The notification about God ’s Domain ’s system update echoed in every player ’s ears.
The notification immediately earned various reactions.

”Who ’s the bastard that triggered a new expansion pack?! ”

”I ’m only halfway through a Dungeon here! ”

”Crap! I just bought a helmet and joined God ’s Domain! ”

Many players began voicing their dissent on the official forums.
However, although many people were outraged about this update, even more people were curious about its contents.
For a time, everyone made their own guesses.

Meanwhile, before the temple of the Fallen Ark…

The sudden system notification caught Shi Feng and the others by surprise.

They had only activated the entrance of the Fallen Ark after much difficulty, yet even before they had the chance to enter the Ark, the system announced an update.
This was ridiculous!

By now, practically everybody playing God ’s Domain knew that a system update signified a major upgrade.

Meanwhile, the more God ’s Domain improved, the more difficult the game would become.

”Guild Leader, should we log off here? ” Aqua Rose and the others turned to Shi Feng.

The game had given them 20 minutes to log off.
It wasn ’t exactly a lot of time, but it was more than nothing.
If they strived hard enough, they might reach the Fallen Ark ’s inner region.

If they entered the Ark after the system update completed, who knew how difficult the Ark would become? After all, this system was definitely related to the Fallen Ark ’s activation.

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng looked to Breeze Wine and Endless Scars and said seriously, ”We have decided to enter the Ark right away.
Do you want to enter first, or wait until after the update? ”

Shi Feng hadn ’t expected the system update this time.

However, this helped Shi Feng recall the system ’s update after the Fallen Ark had emerged in the past.
The update back then had ruined many players.

This was because this update would improve God ’s Domain ’s traps.
Not only would removing the traps become twice as difficult, but the traps power and concealment effect also increased significantly.

This situation caused many players, who enjoyed adventuring in the fields, many hardships.
The higher difficulty of obtaining weapons and equipment for adventure-seeking independent players was also due to this update.

In God ’s Domain, there were three major sources for weapons and equipment.
The first was Dungeons, the second was field adventures, and the third was quest rewards.

In the past, due to this system update, the weapons and equipment on the market had decreased significantly.
As a result, players that produced weapons and equipment became even more important in God ’s Domain.

The Gods from the ancient era had left behind the traps inside the Fallen Ark.
These traps were incredibly difficult to remove to start with.
If these traps were improved, exploring the Fallen Ark would become far more difficult.
However, Shi Feng had no intentions of informing the Midnight Tea Party about this.

Instead of answering Shi Feng ’s question, Endless Scars turned to ask Breeze Wine, ”Leader, what are your thoughts? ”

They had already cleared the most difficult part of their quest.
However, Shi Feng had previously stated that, shortly after the Fallen Ark activated, monsters even more powerful than the five Guardian Bosses would appear.
According to their original plan, they had intended to wait until the monsters had been lured away from the Fallen Ark before they dove in to explore.

However, they had less than twenty minutes before they had to log off.
If they entered the Ark now, they would have to risk encountering those monsters.

”Let ’s not enter the Ark for now.
The monsters inside have yet to leave.
If we die because we rushed into the Ark, it will do us more harm than good. ” In the end, Breeze Wine chose the safer approach instead.

In his opinion, as long as he had the Fallen Ark Map, both the Fallen Ark ’s treasures and quest were within their grasp.
There was no need to risk their lives.

”What about our map? ” Blackie could not help but ask.

Their previous agreement hinged on the Midnight Tea Party confirming these monsters existence and their safe entry into the Fallen Ark.
Only after these conditions were met would the Midnight Tea Party give them a copy of the map, yet the adventurer team now intended to wait until the monsters had been lured away from the Ark.

”Here is your copy of the Fallen Ark Map.
Take it, ” Endless Scars said as she took a map from her bag and handed it to Shi Feng.

Endless Scars stunned the other Midnight Tea Party members.

They had neither the existence of the monsters Shi Feng had warned them about, nor had they confirmed the validity of Shi Feng ’s method to lure the monsters away.
It was simply too risky to hand over the copy right now.

”Thanks. ” Shi Feng expressed his gratitude as he received the map.

Endless Scars didn ’t respond to her team ’s questions.
Instead, she evaluated Shi Feng carefully before revealing an intimate smile and said, ”This is what we ’ve agreed upon, after all.
However, this is our second transaction with each other, yet I still do not know your identity.
I wonder if I can have the good fortune of a true introduction? ”

”Certainly, ” Shi Feng replied before taking off the Black Cloak that hid his identity and appearance.
He then introduced himself, ”I am Black Flame, Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader! ”

His first reason for hiding his and his team ’s identities was that he didn ’t want others to know what Zero Wing ’s main force was up to.
His second? He simply didn ’t want Endless Scars to know who they were.
After all, Endless Scars was a Blackwater Corporation representative.
Even if Endless Scars did not show any particular interest in Blackwater, at the end of the day, Zero Wing and Blackwater were enemies.
It never hurt to be careful.

However, the Fallen Ark Map was more important.

If Endless Scars found out that they were from Zero Wing, she might sever their agreement for the Fallen Ark Map then and there.

However, now that the map was in their hands, there was no reason to continue hiding their identities.
Moreover, Endless Scars spoke on behalf of the Midnight Tea Party.
It would only create an unnecessary rift between their teams if they refused to reveal themselves.
In addition, the Midnight Tea Party and Blackwater were utterly unrelated.

”It ’s you!? ” Endless Scars ’s eyes widened in shock.

She had never imagined the group of experts before her to be Zero Wing members.
Moreover, the team ’s leader was even Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader himself.

”Thanks for the map! Hopefully, we ’ll find more chances to work together in the future! ” Shi Feng chuckled.
He then led his team and dashed into the Fallen Ark.

Meanwhile, Endless Scars was utterly dumbfounded as she stared at Shi Feng ’s departing back.

”Big Sis Endless, what ’s wrong? ” Cloud Yarn asked curiously when she saw Endless Scars ’s astonishment.

Although it was indeed surprising that the other team ’s leader was Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader, Black Flame, this wasn ’t the reason for Endless Scars ’s shock.

In the past, their team had encountered many surprises.
However, none of them had ever earned such a reaction from Endless Scars.
This was her first time seeing such an expression on Endless Scars ’s face.
Before today, she hadn ’t even thought that Endless Scars was capable of such an expression.

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