Chapter 1127 – Ark ’s Armory

Star-Moon City, Blackwater ’s Residence:

Blackwater wasn ’t as prosperous as it had been.
Very few players waited in front of the Guild Residence ’s entrance, eager to join.
If not for the Blackwater Corporation ’s backing, not even these few players would be willing to join Blackwater.

Not only had the Blackwater elite members that had died in the war in Stone Forest Town lost one level, but they had also lost a weapon or a piece of equipment.
To make up for this loss, the elite players wouldn ’t have any time to help other Guild members for some time.

One of the main reasons that independent players willingly joined Guilds for the Guild experts ’ help in leveling and raiding Dungeons to upgrade weapons and equipment.
Practically every Guild in God ’s Domain provided this benefit.
Players wouldn ’t want to join a Guild that did not provide such a benefit.
As a result, Blackwater ’s ordinary members had stagnated.
They were now only capable of raiding Party Dungeons and small-scale Team Dungeons.
They had no choice but to stay as far away as possible from 50-man or above Team Dungeons.

Meanwhile, Qin Muyun, Laughing Drunkard, and Lethal Gale entered the Guild Leader ’s office, one after another.

”Guild Leader, here is the latest Guild report you asked for, ” Qin Muyun said as she placed a report on the table.
At this moment, she wore a grave expression.

The report clearly stated that over 20,000 elite members had already withdrawn from the Guild, as many as a second-rate Guild ’s total count.
As for the ordinary members that withdrew from the Guild, there were more than 100,000.

However, when Abandoned Wave looked at these numbers, he maintained a relatively nonchalant attitude.
Instead, he shifted his gaze towards Lethal Gale and asked, ”How is the Blackwater Trading Firm coming along? ”

”The Candlelight Trading Firm ’s latest product, the Exotic Stamina Potion, has been well-received.
Despite having already reduced the Mana Mixture ’s price to 10 Silver per bottle, ordinary players are buying the Exotic Stamina Potion instead.
Right now, our Shops are only seeing one-third of our past traffic… ” Lethal Gale said, shaking his head dejectedly.
”Although our spies have already poked around in Candlelight, looking for information about the Exotic Stamina Potion, it seems that only a select few of the trading firm ’s upper echelon know about the potion.
As of now, we still do not know where to find the recipe. ”

The Exotic Stamina Potion had massively impacted the market.

Setting aside how cheap it was, the Mana Mixture could not compare to its ten-hour duration.
In addition, the Mana Mixture was only useful in Dungeons, whereas the Exotic Stamina Potion was useful in Dungeons and the fields.

At this moment, many ordinary players had given up on the Regeneration Potions and Mana Recovery Potions in order to buy the Exotic Stamina Potion.
With the Exotic Stamina Potion, players could grind monsters for longer periods.
With the potion ’s effects, they did not even need to rest when traveling long distances, which allowed them to save plenty of time.

Even Lethal Gale could not resist the temptation and had purchased three bottles for himself.
After using the potion, he had to admit that it was a miracle potion.
The potion had improved his leveling speed by roughly 20% to 30%.
It was no wonder why many players were even willing to empty their coffers to buy the Exotic Stamina Potion.

Based on what he knew, the Candlelight Light Trading Firm had long since run out of the Exotic Stamina Potion.
As soon as Candlelight restocked, players would rip them from the shelves.
Many large Guild upper echelons had specifically visited the Candlelight Trading Firm to negotiate a deal for the potions.

Right now, be it the Guild ’s development or the trading firm ’s, Zero Wing was unstoppable.

”Good! Excellent! ” Contrary to expectations, Abandoned Wave didn ’t seem enraged.
Rather, he began to laugh.

”Guild Leader? ” Qin Muyun and Lethal Gale were utterly confused.

Young Master Jing was greatly displeased with them.
Most likely, they would receive instructions from their superiors in the next few days.
At that time, none of them would escape punishment.
This was especially true for Abandoned Wave, yet the man that was supposed to be worried and angry was actually laughing.

Was the shock too much for him to handle?

However, instead of responding to Qin Muyun and Lethal Gale ’s question, Abandoned Wave turned towards Laughing Drunkard and asked softly, ”Drunkard, did you finish what I asked of you? ”

”Guild Leader, don ’t you trust me? ” Laughing Drunkard chuckled.
Confidently, he continued, ”I ’ve already sent details regarding Zero Wing ’s experts to the Miracle Guild.
Miracle has confirmed that they will not give Zero Wing any chances of victory in tomorrow ’s match in the Dark Arena. ”

Originally, he was not particularly optimistic of Zero Wing ’s loss in the Dark Arena tomorrow.
However, after making a trip to the Miracle Guild and the detailed report he had provided the Guild, his confidence that Zero Wing would lose in tomorrow ’s competition had grown.

The odds for the upcoming competition had already been released.
The odds were one-to-three, with the majority of the bets on the Asura Battle Team.
However, this was simply because only a few people knew that the Evil Dragon Battle Team was backed by the Miracle Guild.
They had only discovered this due to the Blackwater Corporation ’s relationship with one of Miracle ’s upper echelons.

It was extremely rare for the odds in the Dark Arena to be as high as one-to-three.
Normally, the odds were around one-to-one-point-five.

Seeing such a high payout rate, the Miracle Guild intended to go all out.
Moreover, the Guild aimed for a complete victory.

The payout for a complete victory was one-to-seven.
That was even high enough to tempt Super Guilds.
A super-first-rate Guild like Miracle couldn ’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Miracle ’s apex experts could even rival those of Super Guilds.
Moreover, to guarantee their win in the competition, Miracle had secretly borrowed Epic items from other large Guilds.
Even Zero Wing ’s apex experts, who were famed for their heaven-defying Attributes, would be no match for the experts the Miracle intended to dispatch.

Zero Wing ’s members were so powerful mostly because of their Basic Attributes.
As for the experts that had reached the Refinement Realm or higher, there were only five in the Guild.
Among them, Black Flame would not participate in the Dark Arena.
After all, the man was Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader.
That left Ye Feng, Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, and Violet Cloud.
Among them, Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, and Violet Cloud had only recently reached the Refinement Realm.
Without the Attribute advantage, the only true fighting force on the Asura Battle Team was Ye Feng.
However, the competition in the Dark Arena was a 10-man team match.

Afterward, you three go and gather our Guild ’s resources.
When the time comes, we ’ll have to watch the competition as well. ” Abandoned Wave had not been as affected by the previous loss as Qin Muyun and Lethal Gale had thought.
On the contrary, he had calmly thought of a way to turn the situation around.

The first thing he needed to do was recover the Guild ’s foundations, earning back the weapons, equipment, Coins, and other items that the Guild had lost in the war.
The Dark Arena served as the perfect platform to do exactly that.

Moreover, Blackwater ’s defeat was not without meaning.
At the very least, their defeat had shown exactly how powerful Zero Wing ’s various experts were, and this information would help Miracle deal with Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, after entering the towering temple, Shi Feng had everyone use Isolation Scrolls before dashing through the labyrinth of empty corridors.

As they had less than twenty minutes remaining, they would be hard-pressed to reach the Ark ’s inner region in time.
The abyssal monsters had just woken and hadn ’t left the Ark yet.

In the outer region ’s corridors, Shi Feng ’s team occasionally encountered wandering Fallen Patrols.
However, as Shi Feng now had a map, these Fallen Patrols meant nothing to the team with his acute senses.
Not only could Shi Feng avoid the Patrols, but he could also avoid any traps.

”Mhm? So this is the armory. ”

After nearly ten minutes, Shi Feng discovered a tightly-shut door.
The words ”War Armory ” had been carved on the stone above the massive door.
Upon seeing these words, Shi Feng ’s heartbeat accelerated.

The War Armory stored weapons of war specifically.

And no other player had ever opened this War Armory!

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