As for trying to kill the Patrols, that would be considerably foolish.
Special Lifeforms were immortal existences.
Even after expending a lot of time and effort, the most they would get out of the endeavor was some EXP.
After ten minutes, the Fallen Patrols would be back on their feet and ready to fight once again.
Moreover, with each resurrection, the Fallen Patrols would become stronger.
Only a lunatic would try to kill them.

”Wumian, you ’ll come with me! Once Fire finishes unlocking the door, rush into the room the room! Remember; do not touch anything inside! ” Shi Feng commanded.
He then dashed towards the two new Fallen Patrols with Ye Wumian.

Shi Feng wouldn ’t try to take on one of the Fallen Patrols directly.
Instead, he activated Aura of Earth while deflecting the Patrol ’s attacks.
This way, not only could he reduce the damage he received, but he could also alleviate the burden on the team ’s healers.

However, as time passed, a loud roar echoed from a distant corridor.
The angry roar reverberated through the spacious corridor.

Already?! Shi Feng ’s expression darkened.

The abyssal monsters had awakened far sooner than he had anticipated.

If these monsters discovered his teams, none of them would get out of here alive.

Shi Feng ’s team wasn ’t the only one who had heard the roar.
The Midnight Tea Party ’s members, who waited outside the Fallen Ark quietly, heard the deafening roar as well.

”Black Flame really didn ’t lie. ” Breeze Wine could not help but inwardly celebrate when he heard this roar.
”The fact that this roar is so deep and can reach all the way out here means that this monster should be Mythic rank at the very least. ”

Fortunately, they had made the trade with Shi Feng.
Otherwise, even if they had activated the Fallen Ark by themselves after obtaining their Tier 2 classes, they ’d have no way of completing their quest.

The difference between Mythic monsters ’ strength and Grand Lords ’ was simply too massive.
Even if their entire team reached Tier 2, it wasn ’t likely that they could defeat a Mythic monster of the same level, much less a Mythic monster of a higher level.

The other team members nodded in agreement.
Despite Dark War and several other people ’s opinions about Shi Feng, they had to admit that Shi Feng had helped them enormously.

Meanwhile, before the Fallen Ark ’s Armory, Fire Dance finally unlocked the door to the secret room.

”Guild Leader, the door ’s open! ”

”Good! You guys go in first! Cola, start slowly moving towards Armory! ”

Opening the tightly-shut door was undoubtedly good news to Shi Feng.
Immediately, he had everyone retreat towards the Armory.

As Shi Feng and the others reached the Armory ’s entrance, Shi Feng, Cola, and the other MTs felt their bodies become heavy.
It was as if they had been submerged in mud; it was extremely difficult to move.

”Not good! Those monsters have arrived! Get inside, quickly! ”

Shi Feng panicked.
Immediately, he activated Heavenly Dragon ’s Power and recovered his ability to move.
He then took an aqua-blue Magic Scroll from his bag.
This Magic Scroll was none other than his sole remaining Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

The area they were in was not particularly large, but he understood how powerful those monsters were.
Any players the abyssal monsters killed would not get off with just a lost level.
If that were the case, players in the past wouldn ’t have given up on the Fallen Ark ’s treasures that easily.
Rather, those abyssal monsters would extract the Immortal Souls from the players they killed.
Not only would players lose two or three levels, but they also wouldn ’t be able to log into the game for over ten days.

”Humans? Those souls…heaven-blessed individuals? Wonderful! It ’s been so long since I ’ve tasted an Immortal Soul! ”

As Cola and the others rushed into the Armory, a cold voice reached their ears, making them shudder with fear.
Suddenly, as if the Fallen Patrols had been struck, the team watched the Great Lords fly into the corridor ’s walls, their powerful metallic bodies flattening like a specimen under a microscope.

Aside from Shi Feng, none of the players could move.

”Why is such a powerful monster her?! ”

The abyssal monster ’s might far exceeded Gentle Snow and the rest of the team ’s expectations.

Before the monster had even shown itself, it had already flattened the four Fallen Patrols into pancakes.
They had become fish on a cutting board.

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