Chapter 1163 – Swift Sword

Despite the timer ’s clear indication that the battle would begin soon, everyone stared at Shi Feng, who stood below the stage.

”They ’re actually letting one person take on Miracle Dragon? Aren ’t they underestimating the Sword Freak a little too much? ”

”That ’s right.
Miracle Dragon is being kind enough to give the Asura Battle Team a chance, yet they ’re trying to throw that chance away! What fools! ”

”Has the Asura Battle Team ’s leader given up on the competition? ”

”How boring.
He accepted Miracle Dragon ’s challenge, yet he ’s playing such tricks at the very last minute.
Does he think that he can save his team ’s reputation even if they lose? ”

The spectators couldn ’t help but glare at the Asura Battle Team with contempt.

The originally exciting match had become a disappointing farce.

”Hahaha! This Asura Battle Team really is interesting! ” Nine Dragons Emperor could not help but laugh when he saw the formation.
Turning to look at Phoenix Rain, he said, ”Rain, although I know you have a lot of resources on hand, there ’s no need to waste them like this, right? You might as well just give them to me if you want them gone so badly. ”

As soon as Phoenix Rain had bet the Epic mage robes their Guild had obtained after much difficulty, the Asura Battle Team had pulled such a move.

Nine Dragons Emperor even wondered if the Asura Battle Team were working for Miracle.

The Great Pavilion Master had personally awarded the Epic mage robes to Phoenix Rain.

If she lost the robes here, one could just imagine how angry the Great Pavilion Master would be.

Phoenix Rain remained silent.
However, she looked rather pale.

Just what is Ye Feng trying to do?

She had not bet all of the weapons, equipment, and tools she had prepared for Thunder Island due to Nine Dragon Emperor ’s provocation.
Rather, she had done so after carefully considering the matter.

Currently, she didn ’t have enough resources to hire enough capable experts.
Although she had signed an agreement with Shi Feng, it was simply too difficult to occupy two monster encampments on Thunder Island.

If she only managed to occupy one monster encampment, her results would be no match for Nine Dragon Emperor ’s, who was working with Miracle.
Her position in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would be no different than if she failed to occupy a single encampment.

Hence, rather than wait for her inevitable fate, she ’d rather go broke and gamble everything on the Asura Battle Team ’s complete victory.

At the very least, if the team succeeded, she ’d have a higher chance of occupying two encampments on Thunder Island.
Even if she failed to do so, she was confident of occupying one encampment.

However, Shi Feng ’s current decision had placed her in a very awkward position.

Meanwhile, Blue Phoenix burned with rage.
She wanted nothing more than to rush up to Shi Feng, crack his head open, and take a look at what was going through the man ’s mind.
Shi Feng had thrown away their chances of victory.

As everyone chatted amongst themselves, the timer finally came to an end.

Standing on the stage, Miracle Dragon glanced at Fire Dance in the corner.
He then shifted his gaze to the valiant war goddess before him, anger burning in his eyes as he asked, ”Is this the arrangement you have decided on? ”

Originally, he thought he would get to enjoy a good fight.
He hadn ’t expected the Asura Battle Team to make such a move.

Gentle Snow was certainly talented.
She had even led a first-rate Guild before.
She was also a great beauty.
In the virtual gaming world, many knew her as a peak expert and a goddess.
However, none of that meant anything to players on his level.

In his eyes, Gentle Snow ’s only noteworthy achievement was her fight in White River City, during which she had reached the Refinement Realm mid-battle.

However, with such combat standards, he could have killed Gentle Snow even before he had become a Magic Swordsman.

”That ’s right.
I ’ll be your opponent, ” Gentle Snow calmly declared.

”Are you trying to annoy me? ” Miracle Dragon asked with a frosty tone as he glared at Gentle Snow.
Even the area around Miracle Dragon had frozen.
”I ’ll give you one last chance.
Come at me together! ”

However, Gentle Snow and Fire Dance remained motionless.
Neither of them showed any signs of changing their mind.

”So be it.
Don ’t blame me for being merciless! ”

Miracle Dragon bellowed.
Activating Wind Blade, he dashed towards Fire Dance.
The audience barely saw his afterimages.

In the blink of an eye, Miracle Dragon crossed ten yards.
Less than a hundred yards separated the Swordsman and the Assassin.
It would only take a few seconds for Miracle Dragon to reach his target.

”So fast! ”

The spectators were surprised by Miracle Dragon ’s speed.
Even peak Assassins, who were famed for their speed, would be no match for him.

However, even when less than 20 yards separated Miracle Dragon and Fire Dance, the latter refused to move as she quietly watched the Swordsman approach.

”You ’re looking to die! ” Miracle Dragon growled.

He had long since locked his killing intent on Fire Dance in hopes of forcing the Assassin to react.
However, Fire Dance ’s attitude was still lax.
She underestimated him.

Miracle Dragon no longer held back.
He unsheathed the light blue greatsword from his back and swung it at Fire Dance.

The instant Miracle Dragon slashed at Fire Dance, everyone heard the whistle of the blade slice through the air.
No one in the audience could see Miracle Dragon ’s greatsword or his hands.
It was as if they had vanished.

”As expected of the Sword Freak! His Swift Sword has improved once again! ” Nine Dragons Emperor exclaimed as he watched Miracle Dragon.
”What a pity.
Fire Dance won ’t even know how she died. ”

Swift Sword was one of Miracle Dragon ’s trademark moves.

Although the attack with his greatsword seemed like a normal slash, that swing contained the power of every muscle in his body.
With this power, he could manipulate his greatsword like a whip.
His attack could exceed the normal speed limit the system had set on players.
This technique ’s principle was similar to that of Strength-superpositioning.

However, while the theory was simple, very few peak experts could achieve it.
Not a single player could employ the technique to Miracle Dragon ’s level.
This was the reason behind Miracle Dragon ’s title of Sword Freak.

Even a Void Realm expert would struggle to perceive Miracle Dragon ’s attacks.
They would need all of their concentration, pushing their five senses to their very limits, to barely combat the Swordsman ’s attacks.

Meanwhile, Fire Dance had only recently set foot into the Refinement Realm.
No one expected her to see Miracle Dragon ’s greatsword.

This was also why the Asura Battle Team only had a chance if both Fire Dance and Gentle Snow attacked Miracle Dragon together.


The clang of metal reverberated throughout the arena.

Miracle Dragon ’s greatsword had stopped roughly five yards away from Fire Dance.
Before anyone had realized it, Gentle Snow had appeared before Fire Dance, her silver greatsword acting as an immovable wall that prevented Miracle Dragon from reaching the Assassin.

”You! ” Miracle Dragon was confused when he saw Gentle Snow.

He simply could not figure out how Gentle Snow had appeared before him.
He couldn ’t understand how the Berserker had managed to stop his Swift Sword, either.

As Miracle Dragon pondered these questions, Gentle Snow put some strength into her arms, using her silver greatsword to force Miracle Dragon a few steps back.

The gap between their strengths was now obvious.

”Can you take this match seriously now? ”

Gentle Snow glanced at Miracle Dragon, her voice extremely calm as she spoke, acting as if Miracle Dragon ’s Swift Sword wasn ’t worth her concern.

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