Chapter 1167 – Impervious to Reason

Although Thousand Miles ’s tone was plain, his words stunned everyone in the arena.

Even the Evil Dragon Battle Team ’s members, who were approaching from a short distance away, revealed stunned expressions, confusion in their eyes as they looked at Thousand Miles.

”What ’s the commander trying to do? ”

Silent March could not believe her ears when she heard Thousand Miles ’s offer.

She was not surprised that Thousand Miles had taken the initiative to invite Gentle Snow to Miracle.
Rather, she was shocked by what he promised the Snow Goddess.

Miracle was a super-first-rate Guild.
When it came to number and quality of experts, Miracle was even stronger than some Super Guilds.

The Guild had no shortage of newcomers each year, either.
However, no newcomer had ever become a Guild Elder or vice commander of one of Miracle ’s trump card legions the moment they joined.
Even Silent March, a genius Miracle had nurtured internally, did not receive such a treatment.

”The Vice Guild Leader really is going all-out this time. ” Alice simply smiled.

It was extremely difficult to become an Elder in Miracle as there were a limited number of spots.
Unless the Guild expanded, it would not add more Elders.
As for the position of the Purgatory Legion ’s vice commander, countless players vied for such an honor.
Thousand Miles didn ’t have the authority to give it away.

Even Miracle ’s Guild Leader could not make such a decision alone.
Such an important matter needed to be discussed among the Guild ’s upper echelons.

Since Thousand Miles had spoken with such certainty, he was definitely prepared to pay a massive price to recruit Gentle Snow.
Based on the woman ’s performance in the last match, it was possible that he could fulfill those promises.

Miracle Dragon didn ’t comment on the matter at all.
However, Miracle ’s other experts glared enviously at Gentle Snow.

He had offered her the position of one of Miracle ’s Elders!

They all strove for that position.
Only by becoming an Elder would one have truly joined the ranks of Miracle ’s upper echelons.
It was like joining a company ’s upper management.

If they became one of Miracle ’s Elders, even the Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds had to treat them with respect.
Thousand Miles had even promised Gentle Snow the position of Vice Guild Leader.

If they could become a Vice Guild Leader, they would receive a portion of the Guild ’s shares.
They could also influence the Guild ’s decisions.

Standing by the side, Shi Feng said nothing in regard to Thousand Miles ’s offer, though he did frown.

Thousand Miles ’s poaching method was the perfect representation of how super-first-rate Guilds operated.

”Thank you for your invitation.
However, I have no intention of leaving Zero Wing. ” Gentle Snow rejected the offer without hesitation.

”Why? Is Miracle not a match for Zero Wing? ” Thousand Miles frowned.
He hadn ’t expected Gentle Snow to reject him so straightforwardly.
She hadn ’t even considered his offer.
This reaction irked him a little.
”You are very strong.
If you remain in a Guild like Zero Wing, you won ’t be able to fulfill your potential.
However, if you join Miracle, you ’ll be able to display your abilities fully.
In the future, as Miracle continues to develop, you will even have the opportunity to become a Branch Guild Leader and manage an entire kingdom or empire. ”

Although Thousand Miles hadn ’t been loud, the many expert players present could hear his words clearly, and they all gasped in shock.

Many upper echelons and Guild leaders stared at Gentle Snow enviously.
They all wished they were standing in her shoes.

Everyone knew that God ’s Domain was massive and that even Super Guilds could not single-handedly rule over the entire game.
Hence, superpowers would create Branch Guilds in the various kingdoms and empires to develop and expand their Guilds as a whole.
These Branch Guilds ’ management would be left to the Branch Guild Leaders.
Becoming a Branch Guild Leader was the equivalent of establishing a Guild of their own.
Moreover, this Guild would have the support of a Super Guilds.

Becoming one of Miracle ’s Branch Guild Leaders was many times better than becoming a Vice Guild Leader.
Even the main headquarters ’ Guild Leader would have to treat them with respect.
This was far better than being the Guild Leader of a measly first-rate Guild.

”How about it? Won ’t you consider my offer? ”

Thousand Miles had already investigated Gentle Snow ’s situation.
He knew that Blackwater had annexed Ouroboros.
Ouroboros no longer existed in the virtual gaming world.
However, if Gentle Snow became a Branch Guild Leader, she would be fully capable of establishing another Ouroboros.
Only, said Ouroboros would bear the name Miracle ’s name.

He believed that this offer could tempt the Snow Goddess.
It was certainly a higher honor than being Zero Wing ’s Vice Guild Leader.

”Thank you for your high evaluation, Vice Guild Leader Miles.
However, I ’ve already stated that I will not leave Zero Wing.
If you have nothing else to discuss, I will be on my way, ” Gentle Snow said.
She then turned and left, wanting nothing to do with Thousand Miles.

Everyone in the arena was flabbergasted.

Gentle Snow had tossed away such a heaven-sent opportunity.
They simply could not figure out what was going through Gentle Snow ’s mind.
Had she lost the ambition she had when she had been the Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild?

Even if she had lost this ambition, she should still want to grow stronger.
In that case, joining Miracle should be her best option.

”Big Sis Snow, you ’re so cool! I almost fell for you! ” Violet Cloud ’s eyes shone brightly as she tugged on Gentle Snow ’s delicate arm.

Shi Feng also released a sigh of relief.
He was a little touched by Gentle Snow ’s response.

Very few could hold themselves back when faced with the temptation of reality, not to mention the conditions Thousand Miles had offered.

As for Fire Dance and Alluring Summer, they simply smiled at Thousand Miles.
Although they had a word or two for the man, in the end, they chose to turn and leave.

Miracle might be an insurmountable existence to Zero Wing right now, but the same could not be said for the future.
They believed that it wouldn ’t be long before Shi Feng transformed Zero Wing into an existence that even surpassed Miracle.

What a fool! She is simply impervious to reason! Wrathful flames burned in Thousand Miles ’s eyes as he glared at Gentle Snow ’s departing figure.
Just you wait.
It won ’t be long before you beg to join Miracle!

The struggle for dominance in God ’s Domain was only beginning.

Mainstream players were beginning to obtain Mounts, and various groups were beginning to occupy NPC towns.
It was only a matter of time before conflict broke out between countries.
Moreover, various industrial titans had begun to set their sights on the game, investing large sums.
Soon, the competition between Guilds would intensify.

There was a saying that ”destruction pursued the great. ” In such a competitive environment, it would not be surprising for today ’s overlord to vanish from the game tomorrow.
At the end of the day, only superpowers like Miracle would continue to stand tall.

Following which, Thousand Miles led his subordinates out of the arena and headed for the Dark Arena ’s auction venue.

Meanwhile, inside a VIP room upstairs, the Midnight Tea Party ’s members had watched every second of the competition.

What an interesting Guild.
Endless Scars ’s cherry-red lips formed a joyful smile as she looked at the Asura Battle Team members.

Due to this incident, Endless Scars ’s interest in the Guild known as Zero Wing had grown.

Her opinion was the opposite of those who were shocked and confused.

The fact that an upstart Guild could keep a former Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild from leaving showed that this upstart Guild held something even more attractive than what a super-first-rate Guild could offer.
There was no other reason that someone, who had once lead their own Guild, would dismiss a rare opportunity to display their abilities on a larger stage, preferring the small state that no one paid much attention to.

After the competition had ended, Shi Feng headed towards the Dark Arena ’s exchange counter.

Before the competition had begun, he had brought all of the Guild ’s resources with him.
Afterward, he had deliberately agreed to Miracle Dragon ’s challenge to push the Dark Arena ’s host to increase the competition ’s payout rate.

And indeed, just as he had expected, the host had eventually offered a payout rate of one-to-nine for a complete victory.
After that, he had bet everything he could afford to lose on the Asura Battle Team.

”Here ’s my ticket.
I would like to redeem my resources. ” Shi Feng smiled as he handed over the ticket the Dark Arena ’s host had issued him to the female player manning the counter.
He had bet 300-plus pieces of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment, 800-plus pieces of Level 40 Fine-Gold Equipment, as well as plenty of high-tiered Magic Scrolls and rare materials.
The total value of his bet easily exceeded 90,000 Gold.

”Sir, this… ” The woman manning the counter nearly jumped in shock when she saw Shi Feng ’s ticket.

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