Chapter 1176 – Ten Great Grandmaster Alchemists

”Why is she here? ”

Even after staring at the trader ’s name for a long time, Shi Feng still could not believe his eyes.

That was the Ten Great Grandmaster Alchemists they were talking about!

These existences stood at the peak of all Alchemist players.
Even Super Guilds had to treat them respectfully.
One could say that all of God ’s Domain ’s Guilds and players tried to suck up to such individuals.

After all, the further one proceeded into the game, the more powerful the monsters became.
If players wanted to defeat these monsters, they needed more than just personal strength.
They also needed external items.
For example, when facing fire-type Bosses, a team would burn to death without high Fire Resistance, regardless of how strong the team was overall.
If every member in the team possessed a Grandmaster Fire Resistance Potion, however, they would easily defeat said fire-type Boss.

Another example was Shi Feng ’s new destination, Demon Island.

Demon Island was already very dangerous.
However, with the ever-present dark miasma, players couldn ’t set foot on the island without Darkness Resistance.

Aside from that, the Tower of Time similarly required high Magic Resistance.
A team would need a large number of Magic Resistance Potions.
However, not just any Magic Resistance Potion would do.
They would, at the very least, need Advanced rank potions, or better yet, Master rank.

The Guild with the most Magic Resistance Potions would obtain more Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Moreover, this was only one of the many benefits of an Alchemist.
There were simply too many dangerous locations in God ’s Domain that required these external items.
Hence, the various large Guilds normally treated Master Alchemists and Grandmaster Alchemists very respectfully.

Among the Ten Great Grandmaster Alchemists, Silent Wonder firmly ranked within the top three.
Even the Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds would have a hard time arranging a meeting with Silent Wonder, and even if Silent Wonder agreed to meet, they would still have to queue up and wait for their turn.

”Shadow Gold and Ancient Wood? ” Shi Feng fell into deep thought as he looked at the two items Silent Wonder wanted in exchange.

Shadow Gold was an Epic ranked material.
If one added a piece of it when crafting weapons and equipment, the weapons produced would deal additional darkness damage, while equipment would provide additional Darkness Resistance.
It was an exceptional material specifically used for producing Darkness Resistance equipment.

In the past, one ingot of Shadow Gold had easily sold for 300 Gold.
However, players rarely sold the material.
They were normally pieces of Lifestyle players ’ private collections.

As for Ancient Wood, its price was even higher.
A single log could sell for 500 Gold.
It was also an excellent Epic material used to produce staffs, ships, carriages, furniture, and other wooden products.

The total value of these two materials greatly exceeded that of a Master Darkness Resistance Potion and a Light Cloak.

”Why does an Alchemist like her want these items? ”

Shi Feng was incredibly curious.

Neither Shadow Gold nor Ancient Wood was used in alchemy.

However, Shi Feng did not think too much on the matter.
Immediately, he sent Silent Wonder a message.

His message was very brief: I have clues regarding the whereabouts of these two items.

Current players couldn ’t get their hands on Shadow Gold or Ancient Wood.
Even if one reached the required level, it would still be a difficult task.
Otherwise, they wouldn ’t be considered rare materials.

However, Shi Feng urgently needed items with Darkness Resistance.
A Master Darkness Resistance Potion and Light Cloak could not be more perfect.
The Light Cloak, in particular, significantly increased a player ’s Darkness Resistance.

As long as he equipped the Light Cloak and consumed an Intermediate Darkness Resistance Potion when he reached Demon Island, he could roam the island with ease.

Shortly after Shi Feng sent his message, he received a friend invite from Silent Wonder.
Shi Feng then agreed to the friend request.
This way, they could discuss the matter through a video call.

”Do you really have the clues leading to Shadow Gold and Ancient Wood? ”

Silent Wonder did not appear very old.
She looked like a woman in her mid-twenties.
She had an oval face and large, golden eyes.
She also gave off an indescribably cold and strict feeling.

”Shadow Gold can be used to craft Darkness Resistance equipment, and Ancient Wood can be used to produce a staff that possesses the power of the ancients, which amplifies the effects of the wielder ’s Spells.
Am I correct? ” Shi Feng said, smiling.

Hearing this, joy illuminated Silent Wonder ’s golden eyes.

Both Shadow Gold and Ancient Wood were extremely rare Epic materials.
Even she had spent a long time researching to find any information about them.
Now that Shi Feng had casually mentioned the materials ’ functions, he proved how familiar he was with the items.

”Come out with it.
What must I do for you to tell me the clues? ” Silent Wonder asked straightforwardly.

She had spent a lot of effort in her search for these materials.
She had used every connection she had, yet she hadn ’t learned anything that would lead to their locations.
She had simply come to the Dark Auction to try her luck.

She hadn ’t expected anyone to know anything about these two items.

”You ’re an alchemist, right? ” Shi Feng responded to her question with a question of his own.

”How do you know? Did you investigate me? ” Silent Wonder was slightly surprised, and she could not help but grow cautious.

”Why would I need to investigate you? ” Shi Feng laughed as he shook his head.
”Don ’t you realize that you ’re wearing the Advanced Alchemist ’s Insignia? ”

Different subclasses had different insignias, and each provided certain benefits to their respective classes.

The screen showed that Silent Wonder currently wore an Advanced Alchemist ’s Insignia.
This showed that Silent Wonder had already become an Advanced Alchemist.

Shi Feng had to admit that Silent Wonder was truly impressive.

Despite being an independent player, she had grown into an Advanced Alchemist so quickly.

The various large Guilds had to spend a ton of resources to nurture an Advanced Lifestyle player.
Even then, very few Lifestyle players actually reached the Advanced rank, yet Silent Wonder had done so without help.
One could just imagine how talented she was in alchemy.

Moreover, Silent Wonder had been more than just a Grandmaster Alchemist; she had also been a Tier 5 class.

”I completely forgot about that. ” Silent Wonder could not help but laugh awkwardly as she looked at the insignia on her chest.
”That ’s right; I ’m an Advanced Alchemist.
Is there a problem with that? ”

”Of course, there isn ’t a problem, ” Shi Feng said, chuckling.
”You want the clues for those two materials, right? My conditions are very simple.
Give me the Master Darkness Resistance Potion and Light Cloak and craft potions for me for one month.
I ’ll provide the raw materials. ”

”Are you kidding me? ” Silent Wonder rolled her eyes.

It would ’ve been fine if Shi Feng had only wanted the two items.
However, he also wanted her to work for free for a month.
He must be crazy if he thought she would agree to such conditions.

”I never joke around. ” Shi Feng understood what was going through Silent Wonder ’s mind.
Immediately, he sent Silent Wonder a message and said, ”Take a look at this.
If you still think my asking price is too high, you can reject it. ”

”Are you that confident? ” Silent Wonder felt as if she had just encountered a lunatic.
First, the man wanted her items.
Next, he wanted her to work for free for a month.
Did he really think he could get her to agree by sending a single message?

Following which, Silent Wonder impatiently opened Shi Feng ’s message and read it.

However, only after reading a few words, her expression tensed.

”Why do you have such an item? ” Silent Wonder felt as if she were dreaming.

Shi Feng had sent to her none other than the Records of Potions, which he had obtained shortly after joining God ’s Domain.

All alchemists dreamed of owning this treasure.

Yet, now, it had been placed before her.

The Records of Potions even tempted the brilliantly talented Silent Wonder.

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