Chapter 1198 – Darkness Rising

The system announcement echoed in everyone ’s minds for a long time.

The players throughout God ’s Domain who had received the news were stunned.
Some players had gone directly to the game ’s official website, searching for any information about this latest expansion, whereas others thought nothing of it at all.

After all, this wasn ’t the first expansion the game had launched.
They had long since gotten used to such occurrences.

However, when Shi Feng, who was on Demon Island, heard this system announcement, he was dazed for a long moment.

Demon God ’s Disturbance? Shi Feng watched the black hole in the sky slowly close, chaos gripping his pounding heart.

Had he known something like this would happen, he would ’ve done anything to stop the Flower of Seven Sins.

God ’s Domain had many expansion packs.
Among them, some had very little influence over the game, while some would impact the world significantly.
Take the Abyss Invasion expansion pack for example.
The expansion pack had only affected the Twin Towers Kingdom and neighboring countries.
The Demon God ’s Disturbance expansion pack, however, affected all of God ’s Domain…

One could even say that the expansion pack ’s impact was just as massive as a system update.

Although the Demon God ’s Disturbance expansion pack hadn ’t been introduced on the official website, it wasn ’t good news for ordinary players.
Rather, this expansion pack benefitted Dark Players and Demon players.

Due to this Demon God ’s Disturbance expansion pack, the system ’s restrictions on God ’s Domain had loosened, possibly broken, allowing the dark forces to grow exponentially stronger.
As a result, the dark forces found more areas where they could gather.
These gathering points referred to NPC towns.
As the dark forces occupied more towns, Dark Players could extend their reach, have an easier time killing players, and exchange the points they obtained for more power.

There were also certain tools that could allow one to kill other players in an NPC town and leave safely, avoiding the NPC guards.

After the Demon God ’s Disturbance activated, NPC towns ceased to be safe havens for players.

Moreover, if one were not careful while exploring the fields, dark force NPCs might even claim their life.
NPC bandits, in particular, became more prevalent.

Due to this, God ’s Domain would descend into chaos.
Ambushes in the fields became more frequent, and dark force NPC raids on NPC towns would become a daily occurrence.

However, this was not the most important change.

After triggering this expansion pack, all of God ’s Domain ’s monsters would gain the ability to learn and evolve.
They could then increase their combat power.

To put it simply, if a large number of players continuously killed a region ’s monsters, these monsters would gradually grow stronger, becoming increasingly difficult to kill.

Of course, this improvement was not without limits.
Common monsters could, at most, grow to the standards of the Trial Tower ’s second floor, while Elite and Special Elite monsters could aim for the third-floor standard.
Chieftains could grow to the fourth-floor standard, Lords and High Lords to the fifth-floor standard, and Great Lords and Grand Lords to the sixth-floor standard.

Fortunately, there was a way to cope with this problem; grind where few others venture.
Monsters that players didn ’t farm would keep their low standards.
Players could also pioneer high-level maps.
These places had similarly low player populations.

Due to this expansion pack, the various large Guilds had grown more enthusiastic about pioneering new maps.
They had no longer restricted themselves to their own territories.
This, in turn, increased the intensity of the competition between Guilds.

On the bright side, monsters that evolved and improved would provide more EXP, allowing players to level up much more quickly.

”Brother Ye Feng, this island is too dangerous.
I think we should leave, ” Passing Monarch anxiously advised Shi Feng.

Although the giant eyeball in the sky had disappeared, the island felt even more dangerous before.
His instincts told him to run.

Hearing this, Shi Feng took a look at the Shadow Stalkers, which had suddenly gone Berserk.
Sighing, he said, ”Alright, let ’s leave, then. ”

With the situation on Demon Island as it was, it was not suitable for them right now.

The Demon God ’s aura had driven the island ’s monsters Berserk.
In this state, their combat power had risen by at least 30%.
Demon Island had already been dangerous for him.
Now that the monsters had gone Berserk, it was impossible to reach the ancient ruins.

If he wanted to do so, he could only wait until the monsters here reverted to their normal state.

As Shi Feng and the others had turned to leave, a monster ’s roar reached them from within the forest.
In the next moment, a Three-headed Demonic Hound that was over five meters tall barrelled out of the trees.
A savage man with disheveled hair sat upon this Demonic Hound.

The man stood over two meters tall, half a head taller than Cola.
The man had thick, robust arms.
The man carried a crimson spear on his back, the length of which was decorated with blood-red divine runes.
A fiery glow swallowed the spear ’s tip.
At first glance, it was obvious that this spear was no ordinary weapon.

A group of players followed the man atop nothing less than Bronze Mounts.
These people were mostly around Level 43.

”Who are these people? ” Passing Monarch turned his head towards the six-man party, shocked.

The other Freedom Alliance members were similarly surprised.

The Three-headed Demonic Hound was very large.
Rather than a Mount, it looked like a Lord ranked monster.

They had never even heard of such a Mount before.

Even more shockingly, the savage atop the Demonic Hound was actually Level 45!

Meanwhile, Shi Feng recognized this savage the moment he laid eyes on him.

Brute Spear!

In the past, Brute Spear had been a relatively well-known expert of the Flower of Seven Sins.
Back then, the rest of the world had referred to him as the Brute God.

In God ’s Domain, any player that was nicknamed a ’God ’ had been a Tier 6 God-ranked expert.

The reason he had been known as ’Brute God ’ and not ’Spear God ’ was his inhuman strength in both the game and the real world.

The five others behind Brute Speat were all experts from the Flower of Seven Sins.
Their combat standards were on par with the black-clothed Ranger from before, having already reached the Flowing Water Realm.

Even in Super Guilds, an expert party like this was rare.
One would only encounter them with some frequency in the Dark Arena.

”You guys killed my men just now? ” Brute Spear asked coldly as he looked down at Shi Feng and the others.

Brute Spear ’s voice was rough.
Despite him speaking normally, his words sounded like a tiger ’s roar.
He was like the generals of ancient times and gave off a very scary feeling.

”Fellow friend, is there some misunderstanding between us? ” Passing Monarch asked hurriedly when he noticed Brute Spear and the other Flower of Seven Sins members showing signs of taking action.
”We didn ’t take the initiative to attack your people.
They attacked us first.
We were simply retaliating. ”

”I don ’t care.
Right now, I ’m asking whether you guys killed my men or not? ” Brute Spear demanded once again, ignoring Passing Monarch ’s words.

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