Chapter 1204 – Treasure Secured

After the duel was over, Brute Spear had a look of horror on his face as he looked at Shi Feng.

How could he have such a high explosive power?!

Brute Spear could not at all believe that he had just lost.

He was a Baron Demon.
He also had two pieces of Epic Equipment equipped.
He himself was a peak expert in God ’s Domain.
With his 240,000-plus HP, even if he just stood still and did nothing, it would take a Berserker of the same level quite some time to kill him, yet he had been killed almost instantly.

How could he possibly accept this loss?

Nonetheless, there was no way the duel result announced by the system could be fake.
It was also an inescapable fact that he only had one HP remaining right now.

Unlike the duels in arenas, the system would leave players with one HP when they were defeated in a duel held in the fields, preventing them from dying.

”The match is over.
You can hand over that Epic item of yours now, ” Shi Feng said as he looked at Brute Spear, who currently had a dazed expression on his face.

Although Brute Spear possessed the transformation bonuses of a Baron Demon, the difference in levels and equipment between the two of them was simply too massive.
It was not something a single Demon transformation could offset.

Powerful weapons and equipment not only improved a player ’s Basic Attributes but also strengthened a player ’s Skills.

”Just who are you? ” Brute Spear asked after taking a deep breath.
”Anyone capable of steamrolling right over me can ’t be someone unknown. ”

In terms of HP and Defense, he indeed possessed an absolute advantage.
However, Shi Feng was leaps and bounds above him in Skills and other Basic Attributes.
Meanwhile, needless to say, the reason for Shi Feng ’s advantage in Attributes was definitely the Swordsman ’s weapons and equipment.

Any player that could surpass a player like himself in terms of weapons and equipment could not be an ordinary expert.
Most likely, Shi Feng was a peak expert from a superpower.
Moreover, far from just any ordinary peak expert, Shi Feng was no doubt a peak expert heavily nurtured by his Guild.

”What? Want to take revenge on me? Not willing to accept defeat? ” Shi Feng asked.

”That ’s only one part of the reason. ” Brute Spear nodded in acknowledgment.
”The other part is that I don ’t want to lose without even knowing whom I lost to. ”

He had indeed thought of taking revenge on Shi Feng.
After all, the reason he lost this time was not due to techniques, but rather weapons, equipment, and Skills.
This result greatly frustrated him.

He was actually killed instantly by two Sure-kill Skills.

If news about this spread, he would definitely become a laughingstock.

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng walked up to Brute Spear and said quietly, ”Fine, I can give you a chance.
You can call me Frost Eye.
In any case, this is a name others have given me.
If you wish to have a rematch, then you must wager Epic Equipment at the very least, just like this time.
As for the venue of the match, let ’s set it at the imperial capital of the Fire Dragon Empire.
Once you ’re ready, you just need to spread the message in the Fire Dragon Empire.
When the time comes, I ’ll naturally find out. ”

”You ’re Frost Eye? The number one person on the Bounty List? ” Brute Spear ’s heart began racing when he heard this and stared incredulously at Shi Feng.

Frost Eye was very famous in God ’s Domain.

After all, Frost Eye had managed to enter the main headquarters of the Super Guild King ’s Return and kill Hell Fiend all by himself—then escape with his life.
This incident had long since become a legend in God ’s Domain.

Even now, King ’s Return was still hunting Frost Eye.
Moreover, the bounty the Guild had placed on Frost Eye had increased from the initial 20,000 Gold to the current 50,000 Gold.
King ’s Return was even offering a reward of several hundred Gold to anyone that could provide some clues leading to Frost Eye.

This incident had also prompted the various superpowers in God ’s Domain to search for Frost Eye, because of Frost Eye ’s ability to enter places with heavy security like the Divine Colosseum and pull off an assassination.
Since Frost Eye had killed an expert like Hell Fiend, he was naturally capable of killing other Guild upper echelons as well, perhaps even the Guild Leaders of superpowers.
A Guild Leader ’s assassination would deal a massive blow to the Guild ’s reputation.

Hence, the various superpowers in God ’s Domain were searching for Frost Eye.
The Flower of Seven Sins was no exception.

As an organization that dealt in assassination work, if the Flower of Seven Sins could recruit such an expert, its fame would undoubtedly rise significantly.

”Mhm, that ’s right.
Since you already have the answer to your question, you can give me my item now, right? ” Shi Feng nodded.

”It seems I have not lost in vain. ” At this moment, a trace of admiration flashed across Brute Spear ’s eyes as he looked at Shi Feng.
He then took out the Soul Orb from his bag and passed it to him.

In reality, Brute Spear did not place any particular importance on the Soul Orb.

After all, Epic items like the Soul Orb were not particularly rare.
Practically every superpower possessed one or two of such items.
Take the Epic tool the Dark Arena had auctioned for example.
The tool could be used to brew Magic Wine that had a calming effect when consumed.
The calming effect was similar to when a player was in a high Mana density environment.

The Soul Orb was similar to that Epic tool.
However, unlike the Magic Wine, which required rare materials to brew, the Soul Orb needed players to willingly offer up a portion of their souls to produce Soul Water.
Moreover, the souls of 100 players were needed to produce one drop of Soul Water.
Rather than doing something as tedious as collecting souls, gathering raw materials would be much faster.
Hence, Brute Spear felt that the Soul Orb was somewhat useless; otherwise, he wouldn ’t have used it as a wager.

[Soul Orb] (Epic Rank Item)
An orb crafted by Demon God Paimon using the fragments of a destroyed powerful soul treasure.

Additional Active Skill-
Soul Water: Creates Soul Water from the souls willingly contributed by players.
No Cooldown.
(Every 100 souls of players absorbed will produce one drop of Soul Water.)

Currently, this item has been sealed by Demon God Paimon.
Item will drop upon death.
Those without the power of Demons are unable to use this item.

”If you ’re not interested in this Epic item, I can use 7,000 Gold to buy it back, ” Brute Spear said, grinning as he looked at Shi Feng.

Although items like the Soul Orb were indeed rare in God ’s Domain, there were still a few of them, which usually sold for around 20,000 to 30,000 Gold.
However, since only Demon players could use the Soul Orb, its value was much lower.

For someone like Shi Feng, who was not a Demon player, even if he obtained the Soul Orb, he would not be able to use it.
In other words, it was no different from a piece of junk.

”At the end of the day, it is still an Epic item.
Keeping it as a decoration isn ’t a bad idea, either. ” Although a surprised expression had indeed appeared on Shi Feng ’s face after he read the Soul Orb ’s Attributes, he still stored the item away.
He then turned around and left.

The corners of Brute Spear ’s mouth twitched involuntarily when he heard Shi Feng ’s words.

Most likely, only the number one person on the Bounty List could say something like using an Epic item as decoration.

As for preventing Shi Feng and the others from leaving, Brute Spear did not think he and his companions had this ability.

If Shi Feng was capable of leaving King ’s Return ’s main headquarters unscathed back then, it would be child ’s play to get away from the six of them.

Following which, Shi Feng led Passing Monarch and the others away from Demon Island.

Brute Spear and the others had failed to notice that the reason for Shi Feng ’s surprised expression was not the fact that only Demon players could use the Soul Orb.
After all, this was something Shi Feng had long since known.

Instead, he was surprised because the instant he touched the Soul Orb, the Golden Stigmata on him had reacted.

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