Chapter 1221 – Hidden Strength

”Scorpion, take the party with you and find an opportunity to strike.
Don ’t attack unless you ’re absolutely confident of succeeding. ” Hundred Leaves nodded.

After entering the secret land, aside from the starting point, there would not be many places where their various fleets would encounter each other.
Only those that chose to go down the same legacy path would get to meet again at the rest point, where players could escape the harassment of monsters, located in the middle of each legacy path.
Aside from these two locations, there would be no other opportunity to strike at Shi Feng.

Therefore, the time before the various fleets decided on the path they would take would be the perfect time to strike.

Although attacking Shi Feng would also mean severing all friendly relations with Passing Monarch, she was willing to take this loss to complete the Demon God ’s quest.

”The party? Is there really a need for that? He is just one person.
I alone am enough to kill him, ” the black-clad Assassin said contemptuously as he sent a glance at Shi Feng.

He was a peak expert the Sacred Temple had dispatched to protect Hundred Leaves in secret.

He was also a peak Assassin known to practically everyone in the outside world, as he was ranked 69th on the God ’s Domain Experts List.
In the entire God ’s Domain, the number of peak experts capable of stopping his assassination could be counted on the fingers of both hands.

Killing an unknown brat would be a piece of cake for him.
There was no need to mobilize the entire security party at all.

In order to ensure Hundred Leaves ’s safety, the six members of the security party usually took turns protecting her.
Moreover, even the weakest of them was at the Half-step Flowing Water Realm, while most of them were at the Flowing Water Realm.

Having all six of them take on a random kid was akin to humiliation to them.

At this time, the other five members of the security party also nodded in agreement with Scorpion ’s words.
Just having their party leader take action could already be considered an overestimation of Shi Feng ’s abilities.
After all, not a single person in the entire Sea ’s End could stop their leader ’s assassination tactics.

”There ’s no harm in being careful.
This quest is very important to me.
If I succeed, I might be able to improve further, ” Hundred Leaves said in an extremely stern tone.

Immediately, Scorpion and the others shuddered as massive pressure washed over their bodies.

Meanwhile, only Scorpion and the security party members felt this pressure, as it was not the result of a difference in strength but a difference in status.

”I understand, ” Scorpion said hurriedly, realizing the gravity of the matter.

The other members of the security party also nodded promptly, not daring to speak another word.

Following which, Scorpion and the others activated Stealth and approached Shi Feng from different directions, clearly intending to form an encirclement, which would give Shi Feng no opportunity to escape alive.

Just as Scorpion and the others were gradually closing the distance to their target, Shi Feng released the Swift Dragon Speedboat.

The instant the Swift Dragon Speedboat appeared, a storm stirred up the previously peaceful waters, a massive vortex forming in the water.
The entire cavern shook as if it would collapse at any moment.

”What ’s going on?! ” Everyone automatically went on alert.

Danger plagued the entire secret land.
It was not uncommon for a single mistake to result in death.
Now that such a huge commotion occurred in the cavern, how could everyone not feel frightened?

”Look at the distant grotto! ” a Ranger with good eyesight suddenly shouted.

Immediately, everyone turned to look at the grotto in the distance.

At this moment, the strong gusts of wind blew away the fog filling the grotto.
Although the situation inside the grotto was not entirely clear, everyone could still see what had happened.

The cavern, which originally had twelve grottos leading out of it, had another one added to it, taking everyone unawares.
Meanwhile, the entrance of this grotto was extremely large.

”What?! How can this be?! ” This scene came as a tremendous shock to everyone.

The Freedom Alliance had already done their research on the situation inside the secret land.

It had a total of twelve legacy paths, and each entrance leading to these paths differed in size.
The paths were divided into three groups, those with entrances with a diameter of 20 yards, a diameter of 30 yards, and a diameter of 50 yards.
The larger the entrance of a path was, the more danger one would encounter inside that path—this was the conclusion the Freedom Alliance had drawn after their last expedition, because every fleet that had entered the 50-diameter paths had failed to set foot into the inner area of those paths.
On the other hand, the First Fleet, which had chosen a 20-diameter path, had managed to pass all the way through.

Meanwhile, the new entrance that appeared had a diameter of at least 100 yards.
It could easily accommodate four speedboats moving in parallel.

”How can this be possible?! There wasn ’t such a path the previous time we were here! ” Passing Monarch had a conflicted look on his face as he stared at the massive grotto.

His reaction was because this new grotto might be the greatest secret of the Sea Dragon Secret Land.
Only, he did not know whether he should choose this path or not, because it went without saying that this path was undoubtedly the most dangerous one.
Nevertheless, if he did not enter this path, there might not be another chance to do so in the next expedition.
After all, no such situation occurred during his last visit here.
It was uncertain whether this grotto would appear again in the next expedition or not.

A chance! Hahaha! Our chance has come! Identical Summer was inwardly ecstatic at this situation.
Sending a private message to Heavenly Spider, he said, ”This is our chance! If we obtain the strongest legacy in the Sea Dragon Secret Land, no matter how many times Entropy and the others enter this place, they will never be able to compete against us for Heavenly Ocean City! ”

”But I ’m afraid the difficulty of conquering it will be quite significant, ” Heavenly Spider, the commander of Fourth Fleet, said somewhat worriedly.

”What ’s there to be afraid of? Don ’t forget, we still have that, ” Identical Summer said nonchalantly.
”If we don ’t give it a try now, we might not get another chance in the future. ”

Saying so, Identical Summer took out a glass bottle and immediately began chanting an incantation.

Suddenly, a Small Sailboat with two main sails appeared on the surface of the water.
Before the sailboat ’s massive size, even a Bronze Speedboat looked no different from a small rowboat.

”Is this Summer ’s trump card? ” The other fleet commanders ’ jaws dropped when they saw the Small Sailboat.

Until now, there had been no news of anybody in possession of a Small Sailboat.

Passing Monarch and Hundred Leaves, who stood at a distance, frowned when they saw this scene, their complexions turning somewhat ugly.

A Small Sailboat was on an entirely different level from a speedboat.
If a speedboat could be considered a machine gun, then a Small Sailboat was akin to a tank.
The latter could completely suppress the former.
A Small Sailboat could even go up against a Great Lord ranked sea monster easily.
The reason for this was because a sailboat could accommodate many more passengers.

”Hahaha! We ’ll be going ahead! ” As soon as the Small Sailboat was released, Identical Summer and his crew immediately boarded it and dashed towards the largest grotto without hesitation.

Although the Small Sailboat he had was only Common rank, its speed was not something speedboats could keep up with.
Moreover, it could accommodate up to 100 passengers at a time, allowing them to carry a lot of MTs to tank the damage from Bosses.
After including the eight Bronze Speedboats their Second and Fourth Fleets possessed, they were definitely the strongest fleet in the entire Freedom Alliance right now.

”As expected of Summer.
His preparation is indeed amazing, ” Silent Entropy laughed.
He then took out a glass bottle from his bag and began chanting as well.

In the blink of an eye, another Small Sailboat appeared before everyone.
The commander of Eleventh Fleet boarded the sailboat together with Silent Entropy without hesitation.
The Small Sailboat then promptly chased after Identical Summer ’s fleet.
Meanwhile, in terms of strength, Silent Entropy ’s fleet was even stronger as it had nine Bronze Speedboats in total.

The commanders of the other fleets were dumbfounded.

Although they knew that the top-ranking fleets had hidden a lot of their strength, they had never suspected that those fleets had hidden this much.

”Silent Entropy! Identical Summer! ” Hundred Leaves ’s eyes were filled with anger as she glared at the two Small Sailboats disappearing into the largest grotto.

Originally, she had planned on directly becoming the First Fleet of the Freedom Alliance in this expedition.
Now, however, those two people had ruined her plans.

”Leaves, Passing Monarch and the others are also starting to move out, ” the cloaked woman said as she pointed at Shi Feng and the others, whose ships were already heading towards the largest grotto.

”Have they lost their minds? ” Hundred Leaves was filled with confusion as she looked at the five speedboats rapidly moving towards the largest grotto as well.

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