Chapter 1230 – Horrific Difference

”So fast! ”

Everyone on the sailboat glared at Shi Feng as if he were a powerful enemy.

Despite Shi Feng being alone and having less than 25% of his total HP, they somehow felt as if they were at a disadvantage.

However, Shi Feng did not plan to give the crowd around him time to react.
Advancing, he dashed towards his next target.

”Everyone, attack! Do not let him leave here alive! ” Identical Summer shouted.

”Summer, if everyone attacks him, who will deal with Passing Monarch ’s fleet? ” Heavenly Spider asked as he watched their fleet members currently engage Passing Monarch ’s fleet.

”Ignore them! This brat is our most important target! ” Identical Summer snapped, rolling his eyes at Heavenly Spider.
Passing Monarch was but a fish on a chopping block.
Shi Feng was different.
If they didn ’t stop him quickly, his frightening combat power would cost them dearly.

Under Identical Summer ’s command, his fleet members shifted their focus to Shi Feng.
Only a small number of players remained to distract Passing Monarch and the other Third Fleet members.

Identical Summer ’s assumptions were correct.
Even a peak expert would be hard-pressed to avoid every attack if surrounded by plate armor classes and over a hundred melee players.
More melee players waited on the side as well, waiting for an opportunity to strike.
Even an Assassin with high survivability would not escape death.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng wasn ’t what they expected.
With Wind Rider ’s Movement Speed increase, it would be very difficult for ranged classes to get a lock on the Swordsman.
Moreover, Shi Feng ’s range wasn ’t limited to the ship ’s deck.
He could also fly through the air.
He could easily throw off his opponents and dodge attacks with abrupt turns and stops mid-air.

Furthermore, fighting on the Small Sailboat was convenient for Shi Feng.
In the cramped space, he didn ’t need to chase his enemies.
He could easily arrive before another player with a few steps.

Shi Feng slaughtered one player after another.
Every time he swung one of his swords, one of Identical Summer ’s fleet would lose their life.
The Shield Warriors with over 35,000 HP were no exception.

There was already a massive gap between their levels.
After Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon ’s Power, his Strength had also increased by 150%.
In addition, he had Angry Tyrant ’s Passive Skill, Blood Frenzy, which increased his Strength by another 20%, Attack Speed by 30%, and reduced damage received by 20% when his HP was below 50%.

He could even kill Shield Warriors with high HP and Defense instantly if the latter did not activate Shield Wall in time.

In ten short seconds, Shi Feng had killed eleven people, yet his HP had not decreased.
Rather, it had begun to recover…

Heavenly Dragon ’s Power increased his HP by 500% and Defense by 300%.
This put his maximum HP at over 210,000.
With his battle recovery, he could regenerate 1% of his HP every five seconds.
When normal arrows struck, Shi Feng only took around -400 damage.
In the case of Frost Arrows or Fireballs, due to Shi Feng ’s high Magic Resistance, they dealt even less, with each attack dealing around -200 to -300 damage…

During the ten seconds of combat, Shi Feng had been struck three times.

However, these three hits had been extremely expensive.
Each attack had cost the House of Seas a Refinement Realm expert…

How is this possible!? How is his HP increasing without a healer?! Identical Summer felt his skin grow cold as he watched Shi Feng eliminate his fleet members.
What kind of monster is he?!

Every member of his fleet that he had brought with him to the secret land was an expert, yet against Shi Feng ’s blades, they were no little more than thin sheets of paper.

”This transaction has cost us.
Morning, help me pin that guy down! I ’ll use the Space Shattering Arrow to finish him off! ” the Ranger named Savage whispered to the Guardian Knight before him.
”One second.
I just need him to stay still for one second! ”

”One second? ” The Guardian Knight, First Morning, hesitated.
He could hold down any other expert for ten seconds easily, much less one.
However, Shi Feng was simply too strong.
Even with his Berserk Skill, he was not confident in holding Shi Feng down for that long.
”I ’ll give it a try. ”

Savage did not say anything in response.
Instead, he retrieved a crimson arrow from his bag, removing the seal placed upon it.

The Ranger class wasn ’t like other classes.
Aside from the player ’s Attributes and bow, their arrows played a major role in how much damage they dealt.
With a powerful arrow, a Ranger could even display several times more combat power than usual.

”I refuse to believe that you can block this Space Shattering Arrow. ” Savage smiled confidently after removing the seal.

The Space Shattering Arrow was not a craftable item.
Rather, he had obtained it from an ancient ruin.
It was the strongest arrow he had ever seen.
As soon as he removed the seal, the arrow exuded a pressure on par with that of a Great Lord.
Even injuring a Grand Lord wouldn ’t be an issue with his bow ’s effects.

”Savage, now! ” First Morning shouted.
The instant he noticed Shi Feng kill one of his companions, he launched himself forward and tackled the Swordsman.
Even if Shi Feng used a Control Removal Skill, there was no escape.
Shi Feng could only break free with brute force.

”Nice job! ” Savage released the Space Shattering Arrow.


The crimson arrow flew towards Shi Feng; space itself cracked as the arrow passed.
Even a Tier 4 Skill paled in comparison to the Space Shattering Arrow ’s power.

Shi Feng ’s expression darkened when he noticed the rapidly-approaching crimson arrow.
If he were struck, even with Heavenly Dragon ’s Power active, he would sustain heavy injuries.

Shi Feng took a deep breath and used Dragon Breath on the arrow.

A silver beam of light clashed with the Space Shattering Arrow.

Unfortunately, Dragon Breath had only delayed it for a brief moment before the Space Shattering Arrow shattered the counterattack.

However, the brief moment was just enough time for Shi Feng to break free from First Morning ’s hold.
Almost instinctively, he executed a complicated, mystical footwork technique before vanishing.

Void Steps!

”He disappeared?! ”

First Morning cried out in confusion.
Although he searched for Shi Feng, the Space Shattering Arrow had already pierced his heavy armor.
Not only had the arrow killed the Guardian Knight instantly, but it had also punched a hole in the Small Sailboat.

”How is this possible?! ” Savage couldn ’t believe his eyes.

The Space Shattering Arrow was extremely fast.
While Shi Feng ’s speed was frightening, he shouldn ’t be able to dodge the arrow, yet….
Shi Feng had used Dragon Breath to stop the Space Shattering Arrow temporarily.
He had then used the brief delay to break free from First Morning ’s hold and dodge the Ranger ’s attack.

This was the first time he had ever seen such a fine, bold strategy.

”Where is he? ” Identical Summer muttered in confusion.
Even after searching the deck, he didn ’t catch a glimpse of Shi Feng.

However, after Identical Summer had finished his three words, a blue longsword emerged from his chest.

”You… ” Identical Summer tried to turn his head.
Before he had noticed, Shi Feng had stood right behind him.
Although he couldn ’t see Shi Feng ’s appearance due to the Black Cloak, he could somehow tell that Shi Feng had flashed him a ridiculing smile.

All this time, he had thought himself the hunter, but in reality, he was the prey.

Only after Identical Summer ’s HP reached zero did he finally realize that he had fallen into a monster ’s den without knowing it.

Identical Summer ’s death had frozen every member of his fleet in shock.

Despite an assault from so many people at once, not only hadn ’t Shi Feng ’s HP dropped in the slightest, but the man had also taken their commander ’s life.
How were they supposed to defeat such a monster?

”Retreat! ”

No one knew who had shouted this word, but everyone instinctively followed the command.

”You want to escape? Do you think it ’ll be that easy? ”

Following which, Shi Feng raised Killing Ray high and activated Lightning Edge against the fleeing players.

As Lightning Edge had a 0.5-second channeling time, it had limited effects against expert players.
As he had previously stood in the center of the deck, he wouldn ’t have been able to hit as many players.
Now, however, he stood at the tip of the stern.
Lightning Edge ’s range was more than enough to cover the entire Small Sailboat.
In addition, as these players turned their backs to him and fled, they had lowered their guard against the attack.

Countless arcs of lightning shot forth from Killing Ray.
Although some experts reacted quickly and dodged in time, over half of the team, consisting of over a hundred players, died instantly.
As for those who survived the attack, they had already jumped ship.

”Let ’s go! ”

After Identical Summer, the Small Sailboat ’s captain, had died, Shi Feng smiled in satisfaction.
Now, even without Identical Summer ’s permission, any player could simply steer the sailboat away.
Following which, Shi Feng sailed towards the legacy island.
As for Passing Monarch and the others, they followed closely after on the One-horned Sailboat and Swift Dragon Sailboat.

Only now did Silent Entropy ’s fleet arrive.

”Commander, are we going to chase after them? ” an indifferent man in blue mage robes asked as the fleet commander.

”Forget it.
The battle is over.
If we fight that person, we ’ll likely let that little girl take advantage of us.
Let ’s head back and finish off the Magic Whale. ” Silent Entropy shook his head as he watched the distant Shi Feng.

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