Chapter 124 – Absolute Heaven

Just as Shi Feng was about to take damage…

Shi Feng abruptly activated Defensive Blade, successfully blocking the ambush.
If an Assassin ’s ambush struck a player, they would enter a Fainted state for three seconds.
These three short seconds were enough for an expert Assassin to obliterate half a MT ’s HP.
Moreover, Assassins did not possess only a single skill that could place their target in a Fainted state.
As long as an Assassin placed a player in the Fainted state, they would remaining in that state until their death.

”Scram! ”

Shi Feng roared.
He struck out with his sword as he withdrew his body, his 
sword capable of annihilating an army of thousands.

As the Abyssal Blade hurtled towards its target, it carried along sounds of explosions.

”Interesting. ”

The black figure reacted quickly, doing a swallow ’s turnover[1].
As the Abyssal Blade 
scraped past his body, like a whip, the black figure brandished both his weapons once more, one of his daggers slicing into Shi Feng ’s side.
Throughout the entire process, the black figure ’s actions were as smooth and natural as flowing water.

”You ’re courting death! ”

However, Shi Feng paid no attention to the dagger sailing towards him, the Crimson Blade already in motion.
The Crimson Blade transformed into four sword images, all aimed for the black figure ’s vital points. 
Shi Feng was utterly confident in his own Attack Power.

The black figure was suddenly shocked.
He did not think Shi Feng would be so decisive, giving up his defense and instead, aiming for mutual destruction.
In a hurried motion, the black figure used his other dagger to block Shi Feng ’s attacks.
Dang… Dang… Dang…

Sparks flew in mid-air.

Shi Feng ’s immense strength knocked the black figure back by two yards; he only managed to stabilise his body after retreating three consecutive steps.
The black figure gazed at Shi Feng in shock.

”Indeed, you do not disappoint me, ” the black figure let out a muffled sneer.

The black figure did not understand how Shi Feng possessed such impressive strength.
Shi Feng also perceived him right before his ambush, taking preventive measures against it immediately.
Furthermore, the instant before Shi Feng was attacked, he unhesitatingly choose to attack in turn, giving the black figure no choice but to attack.
This was the first time he had failed an ambush in a virtual reality game.

At this moment, Shi Feng was similarly in great shock.
This black figure was practically a killer amongst killers.
His movements were both soundless and lethal.
His assassination techniques also seemed extremely well-practised.
Furthermore, his attack speed was insanely quick.
The black figure was even able to tail Shi Feng without discovery.
If he had not revealed his killing intent the instant before he attacked, Shi Feng might truly have been his prey.The black figure wore a black hooded-cape, which completely concealed his facial features.
Moreover, the hooded-cape he used was very special.
It was capable of rendering Identification Skills useless, and as a result, even his name was obscured.Shi Feng then turned to read at the System Notification.

System: Red Player Absolute Heaven has initiated an attack against you.

Although the cape managed to trick Identification Skills, hiding the black figure ’s Red Name, it could not fool the System.

Shi Feng had never heard the name ”Absolute Heaven. ” However, judging from his skills, Absolute Heaven was definitely not some nameless figure.

”The failure this time is due to my inept preparation.
The next time I come, I ’ll definitely take your life, ” Absolute Heaven said as he turned around to retreat.

”You think you can escape?! ” Shi Feng used Wind Blade, the Abyssal Blade thrusting towards Absolute Heaven.

As long as an Assassin was revealed, their battle prowess reduced by half.
Since Absolute Heaven wanted to kill him, Shi Feng would not let him off, naturally.
He needed to kill this Assassin before anything else.
He did not wish to have someone constantly following him, aiming for his life.

The Abyssal Blade moved along the wind, instantly arriving and slicing towards Absolute Heaven ’s back.

As if he had long since been prepared, Absolute Heaven twisted his body, lifting his silvery-white dagger.
Using only a small amount of strength, Absolute Heaven managed to block Shi Feng ’s sword.
Simultaneously, his other silver-colored dagger stabbed towards Shi Feng ’s abdomen.

Kidney Strike!From the series of attacks from before, Absolute Heaven had accumulated sufficient Energy to force Shi Feng into a Fainted state for 4 seconds.

Shi Feng did not think that Absolute Heaven would return with a counterattack.
He immediately did a side-flip, avoiding the Kidney Strike.
However, Absolute Heaven ’s second dagger closely followed, the dagger aiming for Shi Feng ’s backside.Backstab!

Shi Feng immediately leaped into the air, avoiding the Backstab.
Then, as Shi Feng descended, he abruptly brandished the Abyssal Blade.
Thunder and fire coalesced around the Abyssal Blade, and like a thunder dragon roaring, the weapon struck down towards the ground.

Thunder Flame Explosion!Absolute Heaven instantly noticed the ferocity of Shi Feng ’s attack.
He lifted both his daggers in front of him, using Block to defend against this violent strike.

However, how could Shi Feng ’s super strength be so easy to defend against? At the moment of contact, Absolute Heaven was immediately forced to kneel.
Both his legs sank into the ground, while his body nearly crumbled from the pressure.

The successful block of the Thunder Flame Explosion shocked Shi Feng.
However, he reacted by swinging the Abyssal Blade, casting Abyssal Bind on Absolute Heaven.
Immediately, nine chains bound Absolute Heaven, preventing him from moving a muscle.
Shi Feng then followed up with an attack with both of his swords, his full strength placed behind the strikes.
Ten sword images flew towards Absolute Heaven, the target unable to dodge or avoid any of the images.

”Let ’s meet again next time, ” Absolute Heaven laughed.
He discovered that Shi Feng had a plethora of attack patterns, allowing him to send out attacks in unbroken succession.
Absolute Heaven ’s body then started dissipating, the nine chains that bound him falling to the ground.

Similarly, the ten sword images managed to pierce only air.

This was an advanced skill of Assassins, Vanish.
Not only would it forcefully place the user in an Invisible state, but it would also allow the user to enter an Invulnerable state for 1 second. ”Don ’t even think of getting away! ” Shi Feng was not willing to let Absolute Heaven go.
Looking at the impressions in the grass left by Absolute Heaven ’s feet, Shi Feng used Thundering Flash.

Three electric arcs shot out.
Absolute Heaven activated Wind Steps, entering an Invulnerable state once more for 1 second and successfully fending off the attacks of Thundering Flash.
He then ran speedily away.Similarly, Shi Feng activated Windwalk to chase after him.

However, shortly after Shi Feng began pursuit of Absolute Heaven, he noticed Absolute Heaven taking out a handful of white powder.
Shi Feng immediately turned his head, shutting his eyes tightly.

The moment Absolute Heaven scattered the white powder, he released a blinding white light.

Flash Powder, it was an item that temporarily blinded monsters and players below Level 20 for 4 seconds.
It was an extremely rare tool, and it was only sold in the Magic Shop located in the Slums of Red Leaf Town.
Moreover, each player could only purchase ten bags of it per day.

After the momentarily blinding light subsided, Shi Feng opened his eyes, searching for Absolute Heaven.
However, he discovered that Absolute Heaven had long since escaped, his figure no longer in sight.After searching for a long time, Shi Feng was unable to discover his tracks.
Without any better options, Shi Feng could only choose to give up. ”Just where is this Absolute Heaven from? ” Shi Feng ’s heart filled with questions.
Not only did this Assassin possess excellent techniques, but he also had a large number of Skills.
Moreover, Absolute Heaven was equipped with a complete Level 5 Bronze Set Equipment, and both his daggers were Secret-Silver Ranked.
His origin was definitely not ordinary.Shi Feng had only been to Blackwing City recently.
Even if he had provoked the Bloodthirsty War God Guild, those people did not know of his true identity.
If Shi Feng were to think of who else he may have provoked, then they ’d be Flaming Tiger from Shadow and Ironsword Lion from Martial Union.

Shi Feng was extremely familiar with the internal members of Shadow, and he knew Flaming Tiger was not capable of finding such an unknown expert.
The only possibility remaining was Ironsword Lion.
Shi Feng had previously killed Ironsword Lion.
Based on Ironsword Lion ’s personality, he would definitely not let this matter rest.

There was over an 80% possibility that Ironsword Lion  had hired this hidden expert.

Shi Feng could not help but admit that this situation was a headache.
With his current strength, he was unafraid of Ironsword Lion coming at him straight on.
an Assassin[h] constantly following him, especially an expert Assassin like Absolute Heaven, was truly a bother.
If Absolute Heaven appeared and attacked him while he fought a monster or during a crucial moment, there was a 90% possibility for him to actually die.
It looks like I can only use another appearance in the future. For now, Shi Feng ’s only option was to alter his appearance.
This way, even if that Assassin called Absolute Heaven was powerful, he would absolutely be unable to find him.
If Absolute Heaven couldn ’t find him, 
he couldn ’t harass him.
However, Shi Feng could not alter his appearance right now.
He needed to find a place with nobody present before doing so.

Shi Feng worried that this person named Absolute Heaven hadn ’t left the vicinity yet, and instead, was still tailing him.
Thinking so, Shi Feng immediately activated the Ring of Nothingness, his body vanishing in thin air.
First, he needed to look for a place without other players before changing his appearance.
Then, he would continue searching for the Ice-Blue Devil Flame.

Some time after Shi Feng vanished, a figure revealed itself from behind one of the large withered trees.
Indeed, this figure was Absolute Heaven. ”Crap, is he an Assassin or a Swordsman? ” Absolute Heaven could not help but curse.
He was normally not one to easily give up.
Previously, he constantly said that he was leaving all in order to misled Shi Feng, looking for a good chance to ambush his target once more.
 He did not think Shi Feng possessed such a move, instantly disappearing.
Just how was he supposed to look for the chance to ambush Shi Feng now?

TL Notes:

[1]Swallow ’s turnover(燕子翻身): it ’s some sort of barrel-roll, where one jumps, shifts their body to be parallel to the ground, then spins/rolls to avoid an attack

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