Chapter 1258 – Disturbance at Sea

Although Shi Feng ’s tone had been casual, the entire business district had fallen silent when they heard his words.

The spectating players stared at Shi Feng with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

”A lunatic! He ’s a lunatic! He actually dares to challenge the House of Seas by himself! ”

”Does he know what he just said?! ”

The bystanders started excitedly chatting about the situation.

The House of Seas was one of Sea ’s End ’s overlords.
Only a handful of powers in Sea ’s End were bold enough to provoke the organization, yet now, a lone player had declared war against this overload.
This was the first time such an incident had occurred in Sea ’s End.
Normally, the most they had heard was certain expert players killing an elite or expert member.
Even so, such incidents became hot topics, independent players revering the player in question.

Now that someone had openly declared war on the House of Seas, the various spectators commended him, even if it were just a boastful declaration.
It was enough to shock players throughout Sea ’s End.

Meanwhile, news of this matter quickly spread to Sea ’s End ’s official forums.

Mysterious expert openly declares war on the House of Seas!

The instant this post published, it sent waves throughout Sea ’s End.

”Does this guy want to die? Or does he plan to delete his account and start a new one? ”

”After receiving such a challenge, the House of Seas will never live this down if they don ’t kill that player back to Level 0. ”

”I heard that the House of Seas is trying to take 80% of that player ’s profits.
Anybody in their position would retaliate. ”

”He ’s still a fool.
The House of Seas has plenty of members and influence.
They even have ways of hunting down Assassin players.
Since he ’s just a Swordsman, he will have a hard time going out to level up from now on. ”

”That shouldn ’t be the case.
The player has hidden his identity and appearance.
Causing trouble for him won ’t be so easy. ”

”What do you know? Don ’t you know that the various large Guilds have tracking experts? There are also a few tracking tools available.
Not even wearing a Black Cloak will help this guy.
After all, the Black Cloak can only hide a person ’s basic information and appearance.
It can ’t hide a person ’s figure and class.
With how many members the House of Seas has, they can easily send a few Assassins to keep an eye on him. ”

”This guy is simply too amazing.
Even if he dies back to Level 0, his achievement will be recorded in God ’s Domain ’s history. ”

None of the players on the official forums had an optimistic view of Shi Feng ’s foolish actions.
However, they were happy to see such an incident.
At the very least, the event would spark conversations during their daily visits to the bar.

Meanwhile, back in Stormwind Town ’s business district, the several surviving members of the House of Seas were dazed for a long moment upon hearing Shi Feng ’s reply.
They even wondered if they had heard wrong.

What a joke!

They were the House of Seas, one of Sea ’s End ’s overlords.
Only a handful of superpowers in Sea ’s End would dare to declare war against them.
Even if they wanted to, they ’d have to spend a long time considering the consequences before making a decision.
They would avoid war unless it was absolutely necessary.

Yet, now, the proprietor of a measly grocery store had declared war on the House of Seas.
This was simply a mockery.

”This is your reply? ” the Level 43 Shield Warrior asked in a chilling tone.

”That ’s right.
No matter how many times you ask, my answer will be the same.
If you want a war, then let ’s do it, ” Shi Feng said nonchalantly.

While the House of Seas possessed an extraordinary background, unfortunately, Sea ’s End was simply too far away from Star-Moon Kingdom.
Even if his identity were exposed, Shi Feng would not be afraid to declare war.

Moreover, he needed to rely on the Sea God ’s Blessing as a long-term source of income.
He also planned to stock some of the potions for the Guild.
Hence, he intended to purchase Runic Fragments long-term.
If the House of Seas were just a business competitor, he wouldn ’t mind a fair competition.
However, since the House of Seas dared to hinder his path to riches, he did not mind giving them a broken nose.

”You have a death wish! ”

The Level 43 Shield Warrior revealed a sinister expression.
He then waved his hand.

Immediately, 200 players suddenly surged onto the street.
These players all wore the House of Seas ’ Guild Emblem, and they were all Level 41 and above.
Quite a few had even reached Level 43.
The most inferior equipment they wore was Level 40 Fine-Gold rank, while quite a few had four or five pieces of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment.
Every one of these players radiated killing intent.
They were clearly one of the House of Seas ’ expert teams.

Without paying heed to the NPC guards that had already reached the business district, they formed a tight circle around Shi Feng.

Unlike the House of Seas members that had blocked off the grocery store ’s entrance, these experts had originally been leveling and questing around Stormwind Town; they were not originally tasked to deal with Shi Feng.
Only, after Shi Feng ’s declaration of war, they had no choice but to take action.

Meanwhile, Scorpion, who watched from afar, was overjoyed.

Hahaha! Now that this concerns the Guild ’s reputation, the House of Seas won ’t let you get away even if they have to sacrifice their expert team! Scorpion was thrilled as he watched at Shi Feng.
Immediately, he contacted Uncle Li and said, ”Uncle Li, I ’ve found an opportunity to strike.
The target is currently in Stormwind Town ’s business district and is surrounded by the House of Seas ’ expert team. ”

If Uncle Li ’s party tried to assassinate Shi Fent normally, the battle would likely drag on.
If the fight drug on for too long and the NPC guards arrived, killing Shi Feng would become even more difficult.
Moreover, they wouldn ’t be able to escape, perishing along side Shi Feng.

Although they might ’ve achieved their objective, their side would similarly suffer heavy losses.
This was not a trade they were willing to make.
After all, they were at least peak experts, not ordinary experts.
Even if they had to die, at the very least, they had to make it worth it, trading one life for another rather than an entire party for one unknown player.

Now, with the House of Seas members serving as a shield, not only would they distract the NPC guards, but they could also help expose Shi Feng ’s weakness, giving Uncle Li and the others an opportunity to strike a fatal blow.

”No need to tell me.
I ’ve already seen the video on the forums.
We ’re making our way there right now.
If you see an opportunity and are confident, don ’t wait for us to take action, ” Uncle Li instructed.

”Uncle Li, rest assured.
That brat has made me waste over a hundred Gold.
If I get a chance, I will take his life, ” Scorpion said.

So far, he had toured the continent of God ’s Domain with Shi Feng four times.
To continue his mission, he had even been forced to borrow over 100 Gold from Hundred Leaves.
If he could not complete his mission, he would be saddled with debts.
How could he possibly miss a chance to kill Shi Feng?

Despite Shi Feng being a peak expert, against 200 experts from the House of Seas, he would undoubtedly lose his life.
And in the event that he survived, he ’d be forced to flee.
As for the Swordsman ’s powerful AOE Skills, he couldn ’t use them easily inside the town.
If he accidentally attacked any bystanders, the NPC guards would pounce.

When the battle began, Shi Feng would definitely be forced to exercise caution, preventing him from using many of his Skills.
Even a Domain expert would expose gaps in their defense.

As Scorpion contemplated the situation, the 200 House of Seas experts were finally in position.

Three Level 43 Shield Warriors at the forefront immediately activated Charge, rushing at him from three directions and giving Shi Feng no room to dodge.

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