Chapter 1259 – First Strike

”Melees, distract him! Ranged players, get ready to attack! ” the black-clad Ranger leading the House of Seas expert team commanded as he glared at Shi Feng, who remained motionless.
”Use a magic array to suppress the NPC guards! Do not give him any chances to escape! ”

Almost immediately after the Ranger issued the command, a golden magic array appeared in the business district.
Thirty-six magical class players maintained the array, and it instantly enveloped the ten or so NPC guards that had been making their way towards the battle.

Like a steel wall, the golden barrier only trembled slightly when the NPC guards attacked it.
The barrier showed no signs of cracking.

Seeing this, the spectating players revealed solemn expressions.
While they were shocked by the magic array ’s performance, they were even more afraid of the House of Sea ’s capabilities.

The NPC guards in Stormwind Town were all Level 120.
To players like them, these NPCs were invincible.
A single hit was all these NPCs needed to finish them off.
These NPCs also safeguarded independent players like themselves.

It was because of this that they dared to relax and rest in Stormwind Town.

Yet, now, a single magic array had trapped these invincible NPCs.
They suddenly realized how easily the House of Seas could deal with independent players.

”Is this the House of Seas ’ true strength? They are actually capable of taking out a magic array that can suppress the NPC guards ’ movements! ”

”What a powerful magic array! Even if that guy tries to buy time, he won ’t last long enough for the guards to save him. ”

Seeing the trapped NPC guards, everyone became even more afraid of the House of Seas.

Many inwardly celebrated the fact that hadn ’t made an enemy of the House of Seas.
Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Meanwhile, Scorpion, who had stealthily approached the center of the battlefield, was similarly shocked.

He hadn ’t expected the House of Seas to possess such a powerful foundation.

However, the magic array also overjoyed Scorpion.
Without the NPC guards, killing Shi Feng and getting away safely would be even easier.

Meanwhile, in the center of the battlefield, three Level 43 Shield Warriors charged towards Shi Feng from three different directions.

As Scorpion watched the three Shield Warriors, he assumed Shi Feng would counter or dodge the attack, but contrary to his expectation, Shi Feng didn ’t move.

However, when the Shield Warriors were only eight yards away, starlight suddenly glittered around Shi Feng.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

Three crisp clangs resounded.
Immediately, the three Level 43 Shield Warriors flew backward, their bodies slamming into the ground.
Their HPs fell at a rate visible to the naked eye as well, only stopping after reaching the halfway point.

”What did he do? ” The players observing the battle from a distance were stunned.
None of them could comprehend what had just occurred.

In the next moment, several streaks of blue light spread out from Shi Feng ’s body, striking the three Shield Warriors and sending them flying again, critically injuring them.

”Just how much Strength does he possess? ” Scorpion, who waited for an opportunity to strike, could not help his astonishment.

Others might not have seen what had just happened, but he, as a peak expert, barely perceived what Shi Feng had done.
Just as the three Shield Warriors were about to close in on Shi Feng, the latter had brandished his two swords.
Without activating any Berserk Skills, Shi Feng had sent each of the Shield Warriors flying with a single hit.

Ordinary players wouldn ’t necessarily understand what this meant, but Scorpion, who had experienced many battles, understood.

Shi Feng ’s Strength was already on par with a Level 45 Great Lord!

Although he had already known that Shi Feng possessed frightening Attributes after watching the man ’s previous battles, he never imagined that it would be this high.

”Just who is he? ” Fear flashed in Scorpion ’s eyes as he looked at Shi Feng.
He no longer believed that he was capable of killing the Swordsman on his own.

If Shi Feng were only a player that possessed the Strength of a Level 45 Great Lord, he might not fear the Swordsman this much, but Shi Feng also had the combat standards of a peak expert.
It would not be a trivial matter overcoming the combined factors.

Such a high Strength Attribute! The black-clad Ranger leading the House of Seas team was also surprised.
This was the first time he had encountered a Swordsman capable of sending a Shield Warrior flying.

After repelling the first attack, Shi Feng did not hurry to launch a counterattack.
Instead, he silently evaluated his current Strength.

After all, he had recently donned the Nightwalker ’s Cape.
He still did not have a concrete idea of how much he had improved.
Only through actual combat would he understand his current capabilities.

A normal attack is now enough to throw a Level 43 Shield Warrior wearing top-tier equipment 15 yards.
My Strength should roughly be at the same level as a Level 45 Great Lord.
In the case of Level 50 monsters, I should be at the standard of a High Lord.
As expected, the Nightwalker ’s Cape really is frightening.
Shi Feng was astonished.
He hadn ’t expected his Strength to rise by so much.

Before equipping the Nightwalker ’s Cape, his Strength had only been on par with a Level 50 Lord.
Although there was only one rank between a Lord and a High Lord, Level 50 was a major turning point for monsters.
A Level 50 Lord was significantly stronger than a Level 49 Lord.
Normally, only Level 50, Tier 2 Berserkers wearing full sets of Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment could rival a Level 50 Lord ’s Strength.
The only reason he achieved a similar result was the Heavenly Dragon ’s Breath and the numerous Epic Weapons and Equipment he possessed.

Hence, it was truly inconceivable that he possessed the Strength of a Level 50 High Lord without activating a Berserk Skill.

Fragmented Legendary items are truly amazing.
Just by equipping two, I have grown so much stronger.
It really makes one wonder how terrifying those fellows with a Legendary item and numerous Fragmented Legendary items were.
Shi Feng sighed ruefully as this thought ran through his mind.

If his Strength is so high, he must ’ve activated a Berserk Skill.
But why don ’t I see any signs of one? The black-clad Ranger was confused as he stared at Shi Feng.
However, he quickly shook the thought from his mind.
Forget it.
Even if he has ridiculously high Strength, at the end of the day, he is still only one player.
He can ’t fend off our attacks too many times.

”The second MT group, advance! Coordinate your movements with the first group to pin him down! Activate all of your Lifesaving Skills and Berserk Skills! Healers, focus everything you have on them! Ranged players, start attacking! I want to see just how long he can last! ”

Immediately, three Guardian Knights stepped forward.
Joining the three Shield Warriors, all six MTs activated their Berserk Skills and Lifesaving Skills as they executed a joint attack from multiple directions.

Simultaneously, the dozens of ranged players standing in the distance launched their attacks, blotting out the sky with Spells and arrows.

Now that I ’ve completed my initial evaluation, it ’s about time to this battle.

Shi Feng glanced at the six MTs, whose HPs exceeded 50,000, as he activated Heavenly Dragon ’s Power.
Immediately, his Strength rose by 150%, HP by 500%, and Defense by 300%.

He then took a step forward and vanished.

”Where did he go? ” The black-clad Ranger looked around.
However, despite his efforts, he failed to find any traces of Shi Feng.

The rest of the players wore similarly blank expressions as they wondered how a living, breathing human had disappeared without a trace.

As the crowd searched for Shi Feng, the six MTs suddenly collapsed, numerous bloody roses blooming across their bodies.

”How?! ” The black-clad Ranger was flabbergasted when he saw Shi Feng reappear and the MTs collapse.
His mind failed to process what had just happened.
Just what did he do?!

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