Chapter 1288 – Overwhelming Tier 3 Demons

After hearing Shi Feng ’s command, both Anna and Kite set their sights on the Demonic Hunters guarding the herb garden.

[Demonic Hunter] (Dark Creature, Demon)
Level 70
HP 35,000,000/35,000,000

Compared to monsters, Demons had less HP.
In return, though, their intellect was much higher.
In addition, they had many Skills at their disposal.
If given the choice, players would rather fight dumb monsters than Demons of the same tier.

The instant Anna and Kite set foot into the herb garden, they attracted the Demonic Hunters ’ attention.

”Intruders, you dare set trespass into Lord Raymond ’s territory! You shall pay with your lives! ” the two Demonic Hunters bellowed as they promptly retrieved the greatswords from their backs.
They both charged at Anna, the Summoner.

Not only were the Demonic Hunters faster than the Silvermoon Rat King, but their combat standards were also higher.
Moreover, they knew how to coordinate as each of them activated Demonic Charge from two different directions, their Movement Speed increasing instantly.

When the two Demonic Hunters were only 30 yards away, Anna slammed the butt of her staff on the ground and pointed a finger towards the sky.
As she did so, she finished chanting her incantation ’s final verse.

Suddenly, a massive, golden magic array appeared before her.
Silver magic arrays also appeared around Anna, one after another, surrounding the summoner.

When the two Demonic Hunters were only 15 yards away, a Golden Giant emerged from the golden magic array.
The Golden Giant served as a gatekeeper as it stood in the Demon Hunters ’ path.

This move was the Tier 2 Curse Anna had learned, Song of Summoning.
It allowed her to summon a Tier 3 Golden Giant to aid her.

Ten Tier 2 Rock Guardians also appeared from the silver magic arrays around Anna.
In the blink of an eye, Anna had summoned a monster army.

[Golden Giant] (Elemental Being, Great Lord)
Level 72
HP 77,000,000/77,000,000

[Rock Guardian] (Elemental Being, Lord)
Level 72
HP 31,000,000/31,000,000

Although the two Demonic Hunters tried to circle the summoned creatures and attack Anna directly, the Summoner had prepared for this.
With a light wave of her staff, she fired several Elemental Bullets at the Demonic Hunters.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The two Demonic Hunters responded quickly by blocking the bullets with their greatswords.

However, the Golden Giant appeared behind the two Demonic Hunters, its fists descending on their heads.




The impact blasted a large hole in the ground.

At this point, Anna had finished writing another set of runes.
She then flicked her finger at these runes.

Immediately, these runes embedded themselves into the ten Rock Guardians ’ bodies, who had already surrounded the two Demonic Hunters.
As these runes merged with the Rock Guardians, a golden magic array formed around the two Demonic Hunters.
Although the Demonic Hunters attacked the barrier, it remained intact as the Rock Guardians split the damage equally.

Moreover, this magic array granted the Rock Guardians a 10% increase to their Basic Attributes and reduced the Demonic Hunters ’ Basic Attributes by 15%.
With this, it became even more difficult for the Demonic Hunters to kill the Rock Guardians and break free from the magic barrier.

So strong! Shi Feng was quite impressed.

Although he had long since known that an Epic Personal Guard had extraordinary potential, he never imagined that Anna would grow to the point of being capable of suppressing two Tier 3 Demons all by herself.

If a player of the same tier fought Anna, she would overwhelm them until their death.
Not to mention, Anna still had her Epic ranked Legacy Skill, Angel Summoning.
Whether in a one-on-one fight or a group fight, Anna had no weaknesses.

Suddenly, the Sword Master Kite charged into the magic array and slashed his Fragmented Legendary sword at one of the Demonic Hunters.
The targeted Demonic Hunter responded quickly, slashing its greatsword horizontally and easily deflecting this attack.

However, the instant the Demonic Hunter blocked the attack, it was forced to retreat by half a step.
Immediately after, over a dozen wind blades struck the Demonic Hunter from multiple directions.




In the blink of an eye, the Demonic Hunter lost over 500,000 HP.
Kite was clearly superior in both Strength and speed.

After watching his Personal Guards ’ performance for a short moment, Shi Feng joined the battle.

Although both Kite and Anna could overwhelm the Tier 3 Demons, the Demons were different from the Silvermoon Rat King.
Both had battle recovery, which allowed them to recover 350,000 HP every five seconds.
It would take quite some time to kill them.

After Shi Feng, the Demonic Flame Tiger, and the two Tier 2 Demons joined the battle, their overall damage skyrocketed.

When any of his allies began to run low on HP, Shi Feng switched to the Aura of Water and cast Life Bloom.

In less than half an hour, both Level 70, Tier 3 Demons fell.
Once they died, Shi Feng ’s experience bar had risen to 82% of Level 50.

Sure enough, only Great Lords grant EXP here.
Glancing at his experience bar, Shi Feng gained a general understanding on some of the Dark Canyon ’s rules.
He then shifted his gaze to the loot dropped the two Demonic Hunters had dropped.

Due to Divine Providence, the Demonic Hunters had dropped a total of nine Seven Luminaries Shards and two pieces of Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment.
They had also dropped two small pouches.

Opening the pouches, Shi Feng discovered that they actually contained seeds.
The two pouches combined contained a total of 27 seeds.

The monsters here drop seeds? Shi Feng was somewhat confused.

This was the first time he had obtained seeds after killing a monster.
Normally, one could only obtain seeds from NPC merchants or opening Treasure Chests.

Following which, Shi Feng curiously checked the seeds ’ Attribute Panel.

[Mutated Rainbow Tree Seeds]
Survival rate increased by 20%.
Amount of Rainbow Fruit produced during each maturity cycle increased by 30%.
There is a chance to produce Mutated Rainbow Fruit.

What?! These are Rainbow Tree seeds?! Shi Feng was momentarily stunned.

Fruit trees in God ’s Domain were different from herbs.
They would not disappear once harvested.
Instead, the tree would continue to bear fruit as long as one nurtured it properly.
Only, the fruit ’s maturity cycle was a little longer than herbs.

One could easily purchase an ordinary fruit tree ’s seeds from NPC merchants for relatively cheap.

However, rare trees ’ seeds were much more expensive, not to mention the Rainbow Tree ’s seeds.
In the past, one such seed easily sold for 400 Gold.
Unfortunately, Rainbow Trees had a very low survival rate of roughly 20%.
Hence, if one wished to their own, it would cost around 2,000 Gold.
If one were unlucky, the seeds might cost them as much as 4,000 Gold.

The Rainbow Tree seeds were so expensive because Rainbow Fruits could produce Rainbow Wine.
Not only was the wine delicious, but its effects could also rival the Hundred Berry Wine.
Moreover, the Rainbow Wine ’s effects lasted much longer.

The Mutated Rainbow Tree seeds, however, likely cost several times more than ordinary Rainbow Tree seeds.
After all, the seeds boasted such a high survival rate.
These trees would also produce more fruit than usual.
Most importantly, they had a chance of growing Mutated Rainbow Fruit.

After Shi Feng collected the loot, he chose to unsummon his Personal Guards, letting Anna and Kite return to their original locations.

However, despite numerous attempts, the system notified him that he had failed to unsummon the NPCs.

Sure enough, I can ’t send them back.
It seems that I ’ll have to unsummon them after completing the quest.
Shi Feng could not help but sigh.
However, when he shifted his gaze to the Soul Flowers and rare herbs that filled the herb garden, his mood instantly lifted.
There was even a large number of Moonlight Fruit waiting to be harvested.

He had to admit that an Asura Mode Promotion Quest was wonderful.

Shi Feng collected the rare herbs and Moonlight Fruits frantically while waiting for the Soul Flowers to mature.

Normally, Soul Flowers needed three to four days to reach maturity.
However, due to Raymond ’s magic array, these only needed around six hours.

Time passed very quickly.
By the time Shi Feng collected the Soul Flowers, his bag space was nearly full.

It ’s about time for me to log off, Shi Feng thought as he looked at the real-world clock.
It was almost time for the White Tiger Dojo ’s friendly competition.
As the Big Dipper ’s Head Instructor, he couldn ’t be absent from the event.

He then chose to log out and disappeared from the herb garden.

[1]Rainbow Fruit:
Rainbow Fruit in Chapter 1005 changed to Seven-colored Fruit.

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