Chapter 1289 – Difference Caused Due to Time

Jin Hai City, City Center Sports Arena:

The sun shone brightly in the midday sky.
At this moment, however, the glaring, scorching sun couldn ’t stop the enthusiasm of the crowd gathered in front of the sports arena.
A sea of people waited outside the arena, which could accommodate 50,000 people.

The White River Dojo had been advertising the friendly competition for some time.
Advertisements decorated the city streets.
Including Jin Hai City, a total of six cities planned to participate.
It was the grandest competition so far this year.

In an era where everyone valued physical fitness, nothing was more popular than a fighting competition.

Today was also a Saturday, and everyone had the free time to watch the competition.

After all, this competition involved fighting experts from six cities.
It could be considered a contest between these cities.
Many had come to support their own local fighters.
In order to spread the news thoroughly, the White Tiger Dojo had specifically invited many of these cities ’ important fighters to spectate.

Seeing luxury hover cars arrive before the VIP entrance, one after another, the people lined up in front of the normal entrance gasped.
Every individual that alighted from these vehicles were even more extraordinary.

”Look! Isn ’t that Elder Xu?! He ’s attending this event as well?! ”

”Huh?! Isn ’t that Master Chen Wu?! ”

While the crowd watched in rapture, influential people entered the arena.

Shi Feng had also just arrived at the sports arena by car.
As he had been occupied with gathering herbs, Xiao Yu and the others, finding it inappropriate to disturb him, had decided to head to the venue first.
Hence, Shi Feng had arrived alone.

As soon as Shi Feng emerged from the car, he was surprised.
However, his surprise wasn ’t due to the number of spectators.
Rather, he was surprised to see so many contestants.
A line of people had queued up at the Contestant entrance.
There were at least 300 people in line at the moment.
It was already enough to rival a provincial-level fighting competition.

As Shi Feng waited for Liang Jing to retrieve him, he noticed quite a few familiar faces in front of spectator entrance No.
They were none other than Zhou Yuhu and his previous classmates.

”Brother Hu, you really are impressive.
You even got your hands on entrance tickets.
When I showed off my ticket, my classmates were so jealous, ” a robust youth with a long nose and beady eyes praised Zhou Yuhu.

”That ’s nothing to Brother Hu.
Brother Hu is famous at our school.
Not only did he pass the professional fighter ’s test and officially become a reserve professional fighter, but he is also one of the few Shadow Guild experts in our school.
It is a piece of cake for him to get a few tickets to this competition! ” a youth wearing a T-shirt proudly proclaimed.

”Amazing! Brother Hu has become a reserve professional fighter?! In that case, won ’t he become an actual professional fighter in one or two years?! ” At this moment, several tall, beautiful female students gazed at Qin Shuyu, who stood beside Zhou Yuhu, in envy and admiration.
”Senior Shuyu, you really are blessed! You actually nabbed Brother Hu for yourself. ”

It was extremely difficult to become a professional fighter.
One needed talent.
Becoming a professional fighter also meant earning a high income.
If one became one of the top ten fighters in the city, living in a high-end residence and owning a luxury car would be possible.
If one became a champion, they would gain a lot of influence and wouldn ’t have to worry about money for the rest of their life.

”What are you girls talking about? ” Qin Shuyu, who wore a blue blouse and short skirt, pretended to get angry.
However, her eyes contained a faint trace of pride.

As the group chatted merrily, Zhou Yuhu noticed Shi Feng, who waited in the distance.

”Huh? Isn ’t that Shi Feng? ”

Hearing Zhou Yuhu ’s words, everyone turned to look.

These people more or less knew about the history between Shi Feng and Zhou Yuhu.
Shi Feng had defeated Zhou Yuhu in a single move, instantly becoming famous in the university.

However, it had been quite some time since they had seen Shi Feng as, shortly after his fight with Zhou Yuhu, he had vanished.

Shi Feng wore a dark blue tracksuit.
Compared to several months ago, he had built up quite a bit of muscle.
He gave off an indescribable sense of familiarity.

”Why is he here? ”Qin Shuyu watched Shi Feng in confusion.

After the Fellowship Party, Shi Feng had cut off all connections with his classmates.

After graduating from university, she had heard that Shi Feng had joined a considerably powerful Gaming Workshop and was doing fairly well.

”I suppose he ’s here to watch the competition. ”

”Watch the competition? I doubt that.
If that was the case, he should be in line for one of the spectator entrances rather than relaxing on a bench. ”

”He graduated already, yet he ’s still going around wearing a tracksuit.
I guess he hasn ’t done that well.
Sure enough, those rumors about him becoming powerful were lies. ”

”Senior Shuyu, it seems your decision back then had been a wise one.
I wish my eyes were as keen as yours. ”

The group praised Zhou Yuhu, one after another.
After all, the difference between Zhou Yuhu and Shi Feng was obvious.

One was a nobody, working for some Gaming Workshop, while the other was an upper echelon in the well-known Shadow Workshop.
Moreover, not only was Zhou Yuhu the envy of white-collar workers, but he was also a reserve professional fighter.
As long as he could pass the city ’s qualifiers within three years, he would officially become a professional fighter.
Every dojo and training center in the city would offer high pay to recruit him.

”Senior Shuyu, why don ’t we invite him to join us? We have an extra ticket.
Letting it go to waste would be a pity. ”

”That ’s right.
There are people willing to buy back-row tickets for 1,500 Credits.
It would be a loss to hold onto it.
In any case, he must want one.
We can sell it to him for 1,200 Credits.
Consider it doing him a favor. ”

Zhou Yuhu and Qin Shuyu agreed with the suggestion.

Obtaining these tickets hadn ’t been cheap.
Even back-row tickets cost 500 Credits through official channels.
Originally, they had bought just enough tickets, but one of their party wasn ’t able to attend due to some urgent matter.
If they did nothing with the ticket, they would have thrown away 500 Credits.
By selling it to Shi Feng, they could earn a quick buck and ridicule their old classmate.

”Alright, then.
In any case, holding onto it would be a waste.
Since we are old classmates, and we haven ’t seen him for some time, we can use this opportunity to catch up. ” Qin Shuyu nodded.

However, after taking a few steps forward, Qin Shuyu noticed a gorgeous beauty with four black-clad bodyguards in tow approach Shi Feng gracefully.

This woman, wearing an exquisite business suit, even made Qin Shuyu feel ugly.
She was none other than Liang Jing.

”Head Instructor Shi, you finally decided to show up.
Let ’s hurry inside.
Chairman Xiao and the others are already waiting anxiously for you.
Had you been any later, they would ’ve fetched your gaming cabin with you inside, ” Liang Jing grumbled when she saw Shi Feng ’s leisurely behavior.

”Aren ’t I here now? ” Shi Feng chuckled.
”Let ’s go. ”

Hearing Shi Feng ’s words, Liang Jing led him through the VIP entrance.
Although the several security guards at the entrance wanted to verify their identities, when they saw Liang Jing produce a gold-plated VIP invitation card, they halted their steps and stood aside respectfully.

”Crap, who are those people? They have a gold invitation card! I thought the White Tiger Dojo had only given out twenty of those. ” As Shi Feng and Liang Jing entered the building, the security guards stated after them in surprise.

If the twenty golden invitation cards were split evenly among the six cities invited, each city would only get three or four cards.
Only those whom the White Tiger Dojo valued would receive one.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuhu and the others, who waited in front of the spectator ’s entrance, were dumbfounded, their eyes nearly falling out of their sockets.

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