Chapter 1300 – Black Flame ’s Fame

Evil Fire?

This is interesting.

As Shi Feng looked at Evil Fire, he tried to remember his past.

He hadn ’t actually heard this name before, yet based on the skill Evil Fire displayed, Shi Feng concluded that the youth was extraordinary.
Evil Fire should be someone powerful in God ’s Domain.
Otherwise, the youth wouldn ’t have here to challenge him so confidently.

Evil Fire ’s words echoed throughout the sports arena.
Meanwhile, everyone else in the venue had fallen silent.

Everyone was stunned.

Nobody could ’ve imagined that Evil Fire ’s goal in this competition was to challenge someone.
He hadn ’t even challenged someone in the real world, but someone in God ’s Domain.

”What ’s going on? ”

”Crap, he ’s challenging someone to a fight in a game? Why can ’t he just do that in the game? Did he really have to do this here? ”

”What do you know? He is talking about Black flame! ”

”Who is Black Flame? Is he someone amazing? ”

”You don ’t play God ’s Domain, so you might not know, but Black Flame is the Guild Leader of Star-Moon Kingdom ’s number one Guild.
The Secret Pavilion even gave him the title Sword King.
He is a mythical existence, and countless experts in God ’s Domain want to challenge him.
However, why would someone as important as Black Flame accept every challenge? Moreover, Black Flame ’s whereabouts are always a mystery.
He ’s incredibly hard to find.
I never thought that the Big Dipper Dojo would be related to Zero Wing.
This is going to be interesting.
Sense Evil Fire is so strong in the real world, I wonder how strong he is in God ’s Domain? ”

”Hahaha! This is interesting! I am definitely going to watch the fight between Evil Fire and Black Flame! ”

”I doubt Black Flame will agree to it.
After all, he is Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader. ”

”This is where Evil Fire is smart.
Big Dipper ’s head instructor is one of Zero Wing ’s upper echelons, so Big Dipper and Zero Wing must have a close relationship.
Meanwhile, Evil Fire put his strength on display for everyone to see.
Now that he has challenged Black Flame in front of so many people, he ’d be hard to ignore.
If Black Flame refuses the fight, not only will this smear Zero Wing ’s reputation, but it might also affect Big Dipper ’s reputation. ”

Although many among the audience had no idea who Black Flame was, those who did promptly explained.
Very quickly, everyone became familiar with the name.
At the same time, they grew curious about how strong this Black Flame was.
After all, someone as strong as Evil Fire had issued this dramatic request.
For some time, this unexpected announcement boosted Big Dipper and Zero Wing ’s fame for some time.

This little bastard! He used my friendly competition to challenge someone in a game! Xie Qiwen glared at Evil Fire, rage burning in his eyes.
He wanted nothing more than to murder the youth with his own hands.

Had Evil Fire simply challenged Black Flame, he would not have minded it as much.
The issue was that Evil Fire had defeated Gu Chen.
Gu Chen was one of the White Tiger Dojo ’s geniuses, yet Evil Fire used the fame of his victory as a stepping stone to challenge Black Flame.

This was a slap in the face for the White Tiger Dojo.

Meanwhile, Shadow Sword and Turtledove, standing beside the main stage, were furious.

”This bastard overestimates himself! He dares to challenge the Guild Leader! Jinghong, make sure that you take care of him later! ” Turtledove ’s gaze burned with rage.
If she didn ’t have to recuperate after using Limit Removal, she ’d take care of the brat herself.

”Leave it to me.
I ’ll make sure this kid spends several months in the hospital after the competition! ” Shadow Sword nodded seriously.

In God ’s Domain, challenging a Guild ’s leader was the equivalent of declaring war on the entire Guild.

They could not let such an insult slide.

”Head Instructor Shi! Two days! I ’ll give you all two days to prepare! When the time comes, I ’ll head to White River City ’s Divine Colosseum for the challenge! Hopefully, Black Flame doesn ’t chicken out! ” Evil Fire smiled at Shi Feng.
He then tossed the microphone back to the referee before turning and leaving the stage gallantly.

After catching the microphone, the referee noticed Evil Fire leaving the stage.
Hurriedly, he reminded, ”Contestant Evil Fire! If you step off of the stage, you will forfeit the match! ”

”I have already achieved my goal.
Consider this match my loss, ” Evil Fire responded nonchalantly.

Saying so, Evil Fire descended the steps.
He paid no attention to the competition ’s outcome.
Everyone was stunned.

”He surrendered? He ’s not going to continue? ”

”Crap! He ’s too cool! Doesn ’t he want the 5,000,000 Credits? ”

”Does he need to go this far? Did he really join this competition just to challenge Black Flame? ”

The audience was shocked as they watched Evil Fire leave the arena, ignoring the championship prize.
Not many had the opportunity to earn 5,000,000 Credits.

Meanwhile, due to Evil Fire forfeit, You Ziping won the match.

Naturally, the Big Dipper Dojo had secured the championship.
As for the position of champion, neither Shadow Sword nor Turtledove cared as both focused on God ’s Domain.
They were no longer interested in the fighting world.
Hence, in the end, You Ziping was crowned champion.

This set off a commotion among the various dojos and training centers ’ upper echelons.

The normal audience might not know much about You Ziping ’s background, but they did.

You Ziping had been an intermediate disciple in the White Tiger Dojo.
Now, however, he had left the dojo and won this competition ’s championship.
This would seriously wound the White Tiger Dojo ’s reputation.

Xie Qiwen wore an ugly expression.
Although he wanted to rage and kill You Ziping personally, he had a much larger problem to deal with–Jiang Tianyuan, who had been silent for some time now.

”Qiwen, I believe that you know what to do.
I want an explanation for this.
Once we return, you will also explain yourself to the Head Hall Master.
You are aware of the consequences if we ’re not satisfied with your explanation! ” Jiang Tianyuan glanced at Xie Qiwen.
He then stood and walked away.
Although he hadn ’t reprimand Xie Qiwen with his words, his chilling tone stole the strength from Xie Qiwen ’s legs.

Jiang Tianyuan ’s anger was reasonable.

After all, You Ziping ’s performance today had been shocking.
The youth definitely qualified to join the main branch for concentrated training, yet such a talented fighter had represented the Big Dipper Dojo.

Explain to the Head Hall Master? Xie Qiwen suddenly felt faint.

Compared to the White Tiger Dojo ’s Head Hall Master, he was nothing.
Although he was one of the dojo ’s geniuses, he was only a genius.
He wasn ’t a powerhouse.
Normally, he would encounter the Head Hall Master a few times a year, yet he was told that he would have to present his case to such an important figure…

Xie Qiwen felt wronged.
Although he had chosen Lu Huajie for personal reasons, his decision had been logical as Lu Huajie had been much stronger than You Ziping.
However, You Ziping had become so powerful, so much so that he had defeated Lu Huajie.
How could he possibly know what was going on?

As the competition ended, the audience gradually departed the arena.
As they left, they discussed Evil Fire ’s challenge to Black Flame.
Meanwhile, as Shi Feng and the others prepared to leave the VIP stands, Gan Xingteng stopped them.

”May I know what business Instructor Gan has with us? ” Xiao Yu asked, smiling.

They had won the friendly match fair and square.
Even the White Tiger Dojo couldn ’t find an excuse to cause them trouble.
They also had tens of thousands of witnesses.
If the White Tiger Dojo tried to do something here, it would only humiliate the dojo further.

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