Chapter 1312 – Madness Among the Dark

Dark Night Empire, Headwind Outpost:

Headwind Outpost was a Level 50 to Level 70 high-resource map located close to the imperial capital Dark City.
Strong winds blew here all year round, but due to the wind ’s Dark Corrosion effect, very few people were willing to level up or quest here.

However, a 100-man team currently fought a large group of Cyclopes in the area.

The Cyclopes were Level 53 and Level 54.
Some wielded swords and shields, some wielded chains, and some wielded bows.
The Cyclopes standing at the rear even controlled ballistas to attack from range.
These Cyclops were much more intelligent than the monsters in lower-level maps, and they were capable of fighting as a team.
There were even Chieftain and Lord rank Cyclopes that issued proper commands.
From time to time, they also snuck around the players and targeted the enemy healers themselves.

However, the players facing these intelligent Cyclopes remained unperturbed by their enemies ’ intelligence.
A Level 43 Shield Warrior wielding a square, scaled shield easily blocked three Level 54 Lords as they tried to break through the frontline.
Even after blocking the assault, the Shield Warrior only lost a little over 4,000 HP.
Meanwhile, this HP recovered instantly as the MT received a heal from a healer in the rear.

Suddenly, a Level 44 Berserker charged forward as he swung his spear horizontally.

Whirlwind Slash!

Immediately, a violent gale knocked the three Level 54 Cyclops Generals back, forcing them to retreat by three steps.
A damage of -15,000 also appeared above each of their heads.
The three Lords were enraged as they swung their massive stone axes at the Berserker from three different directions.

”Scram! ”

Roaring, the Berserker relied on a mysterious body technique to avoid the incoming attacks.
His spear spun as he reacted.


With a single attack, the Berserker threw all three Cyclops Generals to the ground, a damage of over -20,000 appearing on each of their heads.
The three Cyclops Generals ’ ambush attempt was thoroughly foiled.

”Boss Brute is so strong! He dealt with three Cyclops Generals all by himself! ” someone on the team exclaimed.

”This is nothing for Boss Brute! Boss Brute is the number two Berserker in our Sin of Pride.
If Boss Brute transforms, he can easily handle ten Cyclops Generals at once, much less three! ” a black-clad Ranger boasted.

Many of the team members looked at Brute Spear with reverent gazes.

Throughout the Sin of Pride, Brute Spear was the first person to become a Demon Baron.
When Brute Spear entered his demonic state, he even had the power to rival Tier 2 players.
If he completed his promotion and became a Tier 2 player himself, his prowess would be unimaginable.
He might even rank within the top 10 in the Sin of Pride.
In a Super Guild, he would be peerless aside from those old monsters.

”Stop chit-chatting and finish these Cyclops off! We ’re not here to grind monsters! ” Brute Spear reprimanded his people in the team chat.

Hearing Brute Spear ’s words, everyone refocused as they began to attack in a frenzy.

Suddenly, they all heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Demon God Paimon has sent out a recovery order for the Soul Orb.
As long as one can kill the Soul Orb ’s wielder and obtain the Soul Orb, Demon God Paimon will personally promote them to the Viscount rank as well as reward them with an abundant amount of rewards.
Those who wish to accept the quest needs to pay 2,000 Magic Crystals.
Do you wish to accept the quest? This quest is valid long-term and can be accepted at any time.
This quest does not have a time limit.

”Crap! Am I seeing things?! A Viscount?! ” The notification stunned every member of the team.

Throughout the Sin of Pride, only Brute Spear had become a Baron.
There wasn ’t a single Viscount among all of the players in the Flower of Seven Sins, much less the Sin of Pride.
A Demon Viscount was on an entirely different power level.
When they transformed, their physiques would improve by 50%.
The boost was even greater than when players completed their Tier 2 promotion.
Even now, no one throughout the Flower of Seven Sins was close to becoming a Viscount, yet a single quest offered the position as a reward…

”Boss Brute, the rewards are intense.
Should we accept the quest? ” the black-clad Ranger, Chen Xu, quietly asked Brute Spear.

Only a few of them knew that Frost Eye currently had the Soul Orb.
Previously, the Demon God had only stated that those who recovered the Soul Orb would earn a reward.
At most, the quest awarded some Reputation.
This was of little use to Brute Spear, who was already a Baron.

However, the situation had changed.

If the Sin of Pride had a Demon Viscount, it would gain an edge over the other six Sins.

”A Viscount? ” Even Brute Spear was tempted.
Immediately, however, he shook his head and said, ”We ’re talking about taking on Frost Eye.
I think we should inform Big Sis and let her decide. ”

Chen Xu nodded in agreement.

Chen Xu had witnessed Frost Eye ’s strength personally.
Frost Eye was an expert capable of killing Hell Fiend, someone who held the title of Adjudicator in King ’s Return, and he had gotten away safely.
Moreover, Frost Eye had defeated Brute Spear in just a few moves.
He was not an expert to be underestimated.

Meanwhile, on a Bronze Speedboat in the Reef Sea, Hundred Leaves, who currently led the Freedom Alliance ’s Eighth Fleet, had also received the message from Demon God Paimon.
When she read the system notification, she was stunned.

Just what did he do to Demon God Paimon? He ’s caused enough trouble for Paimon to announce one bounty after another.
When Hundred Leaves saw the system notification, she could not help but recall the mysterious Shi Feng.

Dark Players like herself would die to form some sort of relationship with the Demon God.
However, Shi Feng was driving the Demon God mad, going as far as to offer the rank of Viscount as a bounty reward.

This is going to be interesting.
The Guild Leader might even decide to stop ignoring the guy.
Hundred Leaves could not help but smile.

She had been greatly displeased when her Guild Leader had told her to give up on pursuing Shi Feng.
However, the situation had changed.
If the Sacred Temple had a Demon Viscount, it would greatly help the Guild ’s future plans.

For a time, Demon God Paimon ’s bounty tempted many Dark Experts, and many of them accepted the quest.
They also began to research the Soul Orb and its wielder ’s identity.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was wholly ignorant of this matter as he inspected the golden ring.

The more he inspected it, the more excited he became.
Everything was as he had guessed.
The golden ring was indeed the Ring of Gospel.
Meanwhile, it was because of this ring that Raymond had obtained the confidence to contend with God ’s Domain ’s various countries.
In the past, the various Super Guilds had been helpless against the NPC individually.
Only after working together and sacrificing tons of expert and elite players had these Super Guilds destroyed the ring and defeated the Dark Shaman King Raymond.

[Ring of Gospel (Unfinished Product)] (Epic Rank Item)
Crafted by the Dark Shaman King after gathering the world ’s energy, this ring contains a miniature world.
The ring can suppress an area ’s space, granting the wielder absolute dominance over the space.

Additional Skill 1-
World Projection: Suppress a radius of 3,000 yards.
All enemies within the area cannot use teleportation tools or teleportation-type Skills and communication with the outside world is severed.
Weakens enemies ’ physiques by 30% and decreases Basic Attributes by 20%.
Maintaining World Projection costs 5,000 Magic Crystals every 10 minutes.
No Cooldown.
(Cannot be used before binding.)

Additional Skill 2-
Ring of Brilliance: Improves all allies ’ physiques by 10% and increases Basic Attributes by 10% within a 1,000-yard radius.
Increases an area ’s Mana density by 100%.
Maintaining Ring of Brilliance costs 2,000 Magic Crystals every 30 minutes.
No Cooldown.
(Cannot be used before binding.)

As the Ring of Gospel ’s external divine runes and magic arrays and inner world are incomplete, the ring cannot exhibit its full strength.
Only after the divine runes, magic arrays, and inner world are complete will the ring exhibit its full strength.
(Current completion rate: 30%.
Not bound.)

As soon as Shi Feng finished reading the statistics, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Do you wish to bind the Ring of Gospel?

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