Chapter 1313 – World Barrier

Seeing the system notification, Shi Feng immediately thought to click the ’Bind ’ button.

In God ’s Domain, some weapons and equipment needed to be bound before they could be used.
Once bound, the item could no longer be traded, and only the player it was bound to could use it.
The item ’s value would reduce significantly.
When bound items became outdated and players no longer needed them, they would become utterly worthless.
Unlike non-bound items that could be sold to other players for a low price, bound items could only be stored in a warehouse or destroyed.

However, the Ring of Gospel was clearly not in the same category.
It was neither a weapon nor armor.
It could even be used from within a player ’s bag.
Moreover, according to the description of its Skills, the Ring of Gospel was incredibly powerful.
It wouldn ’t become less useful as time passed.
Binding it was definitely worthwhile.

However, as soon as the first system notification faded, another followed.

System: Due to the miniature world ’s extremely unstable nature inside the Ring of Gospel, if you wish to bind the ring, you must expend 30,000 Magic Crystals every 7 days to stabilize the miniature world.
If you do not meet the requirement within 7 days, the Ring of Gospel will crumble.
You will also receive a backlash, permanently decreasing your physique by 30%.

What a steep price… Even current first-rate Guilds wouldn ’t be able to keep this thing well-fed.
Shi Feng could not help his astonishment when he saw the second system notification.

Magic Crystals had already become a daily necessity for the various large Guilds.
They expended a frightening amount each day despite only accumulating a small number.
The majority of God ’s Domain ’s first-rate Guilds only had a stock of around 60,000 Magic Crystals.
It had taken them a long time to accumulate so many, yet it was only enough to sustain the Ring of Gospel for two weeks…

The Ring of Gospel was practically a crystal-devouring beast.

Armed with this new information, Shi Feng decided not to bind the Ring of Gospel for now.
After all, he couldn ’t feed it as needed at the moment.

Following which, Shi Feng stored the Ring of Gospel.
He decided to bind with the ring only after Zero Wing was capable of earning a sufficient amount of Magic Crystals.
After all, Zero Wing was still in its development phase and urgently needed Magic Crystals.
After a short rest, he decided to explore the Moon God ’s Space.

His Tier 2 Promotion Quest ’s goal was to seal the Demon King.

The Moon God ’s Space was vast.
It could even rival the game ’s large-scale maps.
Since Shi Feng didn ’t know the Demon King ’s exact location, he had to search the map bit by bit.

More demonic patrol squads are showing up.
Shi Feng frowned quietly observed the patrolling Demons from the treetops.

He had spent several hours exploring the Moon God ’s Space.
Initially, he had only occasionally encountered a patrol squad in the outer edges of the Moon God ’s Space.
However, the deeper he ventured, the more patrol squads he came across.
Now, after reaching the map ’s inner area, he wasn ’t able to proceed.

If he advanced carelessly, he would either alert the demonic patrol squads or the wandering Demonic Beasts.
Regardless of which he fought, the outcome would be the same.

Aside from the demonic patrol squads, Shi Feng noticed Level 65 Magic Light Dragonlings fly past him from time to time.
If they found him, he would find his death.

This should be the furthest I can move while avoiding detection.
From this point on, I ’ll have to fight my way through.
Shi Feng glanced at the wandering Level 70 Demonic Beasts.

Soloing a demonic patrol squad was simply too dangerous.
However, he could try to take on the Demonic Beasts that wandered alone.

[Two-headed Demonic Wolf] (Demonic Beast, Lord)
Level 70
HP 22,000,000/22,000,000

After another demonic patrol squad moved past, Shi Feng retrieved Blazing Meteor from his waist and threw it at a Two-headed Demonic Wolf that was currently sleeping on the grass.

Flame God ’s Fury!

A dazzling explosion smashed into the Demonic Wolf ’s back.


Not bad.
It seems the Demonic Wolf ’s Defense isn ’t particularly high.
With my damage, I should be able to kill it quickly.
Shi Feng evaluated.

The demonic patrol squads followed a specific pattern in the Moon God ’s Space.
However, the Demonic Beasts did not.
If the fight dragged on, he would likely attract a pack of Lord ranked Demonic Beasts.
At that time, even escape would be difficult.

As the Two-headed Demonic Wolf whimpered, it turned to Shi Feng with a chilling gaze.
It then dashed towards its attacker.
Shi Feng turned and fled, luring the Demonic Beast away from the pat of the demonic patrol squads.

The Two-headed Demonic Wolf was very fast.
Despite activating Windwalk, it caught up to Shi Feng quickly.
Its two heads then bit at the Swordsman from two different directions.

Turning his feet, Shi Feng spun, his head only centimeters away from the Demonic Wolf ’s right maw as the latter moved past him.
With the Demonic Wolf ’s side exposed, Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill and Nine Dragons Slash.
Working with his doppelganger, he then launched a series of attacks at the Two-headed Demonic Wolf ’s soft belly, both dealing over -10,000 damage with each attack.

Although the Two-headed Demonic Wolf tried to turn and retaliate, Shi Feng ’s physique rivaled that of a Tier 2 player.
Both he and his doppelganger remained at the Demonic Wolf ’s side.
The Demonic Wolf was too massive to defend itself or counter the attacks.

After ten minutes or so, the Level 70 Two-headed Demonic Wolf collapsed before Shi Feng ’s feet.
From start to end, it hadn ’t even scratched Shi Feng.

Hm? This place is quite good.
Not only do the monsters here award EXP, but they also drop Seven Luminaries Shards.
Shi Feng rejoiced when he noticed an inconspicuous crystal shard beside the Two-headed Demonic Wolf ’s corpse.

Previously, to reach the research area, he had spent 500 Seven Luminaries Shards.
The expenditure had been painful.
Now that he knew that the Demonic Beasts gave EXP and Seven Luminaries Shards, he regained his motivation.

After picking up the shard, Shi Feng proceeded to lure more monsters.

Time passed quickly.
While Shi Feng grinded Demonic Beasts, the battles in the Asura Mode Regional Dungeon Frozen Scar were unceasing.
However, these battles were not between players.
Rather, they were battles between players and Snow Giants.

As more time passed, the commanders leading the teams from the various large Guilds discovered something; the Snow Giants were growing stronger.
After fighting repeated fights with the players, the Snow Giants had begun to learn the players ’ combat techniques, becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.

This slowed the various large Guilds ’ progress through the Frozen Scar.

In contrast, Heaven ’s Burial ’s team rested leisurely in the Frozen Scar.
Not a single Snow Giant could be seen.
Logically, this shouldn ’t be possible.

This was all due to the dozen or so one-horned humanoid monsters not far from the team.
Hundreds of Snow Giant corpses littered the ground around these humanoid monsters…

”It ’s about time.
Blood, tell Abandoned Wave that he can make his move now.
I don ’t want the Frost King to fall into the other Guilds ’ hands, ” Singular Burial instructed after glancing at the system clock.

”I ’ll notify him right away.
I believe he is eager to get started, ” Flame Blood said as he tasted his lips.

The various Guilds thought that they could kill the Frost King.
However, none of them knew that they were no more than a sacrifice.

The Frozen Scar ’s inner region was slightly special.
An ancient magic array suppressed the area.
Players couldn ’t use teleportations scrolls here.
This just so happen to provide Abandoned Wave with the opportunity to devour these Guilds ’ elites.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng killed Demonic Beasts in the forest relentlessly.
After grinding for more than a day, his level had risen from Level 51 to 23% of Level 53.
His leveling speed was astonishing.

With Divine Providence ’s Luck bonus, Shi Feng killed a Two-headed Demonic Wolf and obtained a Seven Luminaries Shard and a piece of equipment.

Picking up the equipment, Shi Feng appraised it with Omniscient Eyes.

The piece I want has finally dropped.
Shi Feng ’s eyes shone in excitement as he looked at the item in his hands.

This piece of equipment was none other than the belt for the Shadowmoon Set that he needed.
Now that he had the belt, he had finally completed the Shadowmoon Set Equipment.

As Shi Feng was about to store the belt in his bag, a beam of black light shot into the air a short distance away, piercing through the clouds.
Immediately after, the roar of a Dragon echoed throughout the Moon God ’s Space, the resulting tremors nearly causing Shi Feng to lose his balance.

One roar after another shook the area.
Although these Dragon roars sounded different, the pressure they gave off was similarly powerful.

”How is this possible?! ” Shi Feng was stunned as he looked to the sky.

A massive pathway had opened up in the air.
It was as if the black beam had pierced the barrier between worlds and linked them.
Five adult Dragons stood on the pathway…

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