Chapter 1324 – Sword God ’s Weapon

”Tiger lost!? ”

”What just happened?! How did Tiger die so quickly?! Was Tiger even attacked?! He used Ghost Steps! How could he get hit in a melee battle?! Can someone explain to me what just happened?! ”

Falling Flower stared at Mighty Tiger ’s corpse in astonishment from the VIP stands.
She was practically shouting as she questioned the companions who sat beside her.

From start to end, her eyes hadn ’t left the stage.
She had been focused on the combatants.
However, when Mighty Tiger had circled to Shi Feng ’s back and was about to land a blow, he died instead.

Just what had Shi Feng done during that brief moment?

Meanwhile, the players in the spectator stands were even more confused.
Mighty Tiger had already been so fast that they couldn ’t keep up with him.
Now, the battle had ended before they could understand what had happened.

”An act? Is Zero Wing trying to hype up the competition? ”

”No, that ’s not right.
Even if this is an act, the system recognized it as an official duel.
It won ’t declare a victor until one of their HPs hits zero.
But, how could anyone eliminate over 30,000 of a Berserker ’s HP in an instant? ”

The match confused every spectator, so much so that they had forgotten to cheer.
The tournament hall was utterly silent as everyone stared at the stage.

”What did the Guild Leader do? ” Blackie had to ask.

With his eyesight, he had barely been able to keep up with Mighty Tiger ’s movements.
He hadn ’t seen anything when Shi Feng had attacked.

”Is this a Tier 2 class? ” Aqua Rose was stunned as she looked at Shi Feng.

”Big Sis Aqua, do you know what happened? ” Flying Shadow asked eagerly.

”No, I just reacted.
When that Berserker circled the Guild Leader, I saw a flash of blue light.
The Guild Leader must ’ve attacked him.
It seems that the Berserker failed to react in time.
After watching the recording in slow motion, I saw Guild Leader use a standard slash.
His Attack Speed wasn ’t on part with his Instant Strike.
This speed isn ’t due to high Attack Speed.
He just used his reaction speed.
The Guild Leader ’s reaction speed has already surpassed the level that our eyes can keep up with, ” Aqua Rose explained after giving the matter some thought.

”The Guild Leader really is a monster. ” Realization dawned on Flying Shadow when he heard Aqua Rose ’s explanation.
He had thought that after training arduously for so long, he had shortened the distance between Shi Feng and himself.
However, the gap had continued to widen.

Meanwhile, after the duel, Mighty Tiger resurrected below the stage.
When he looked up at Shi Feng, fear, respect, and confusion filled his gaze.

Rather than bewilderment, he was surprised that Shi Feng had seen through his Ghost Steps.

His team leader had told him that even the top 100 experts on the God ’s Domain Experts List wouldn ’t be able to see through his Ghost Steps, much less Shi Feng, who had never seen the technique before.

However, Mighty Tiger couldn ’t believe that was true.
Shi Feng must have seen Ghost Steps many times.
Ghost Steps was a special technique that combined footwork, killing intent targeting, and aura concealment to create the illusion that enemies surrounded the opponent, while in reality, only one of those enemies was real.
It was a combat technique that specialized in dealing with experts.
Experts had very sharp senses, and they would often react instinctively.
It was an amazing technique.
Against an ordinary player, however, the technique ’s effects would be minimal.

Aside from being a peak expert, Shi Feng was a Tier 2 Sword Master.
His physique far exceeded Mighty Tiger ’s.
When dealing with abnormal speed, Shi Feng only needed to focus, and Mighty Tiger ’s movements would play in slow motion in his mind.

Yet, Mighty Tiger had dared to come within five yards of him.
The Berserker had been asking for a swift ending.

In the end, Shi Feng had triggered Killing Ray ’s Lightning effect, which allowed him to kill Mighty Tiger instantly.

”Who else wants to fight? That boring battle wasn ’t even a good warm up, ” Shi Feng quipped, smiling as he glanced at Evil Fire ’s group.

”You… ” Mighty Tiger nearly choked when he heard Shi Feng ’s comment.

Unwavering Hand and the others also wore grim expressions, hesitation lingering in their eyes.

Shi Feng ’s performance had thoroughly stunned them.

Sure enough, the rumors about Ye Feng weren ’t credible in the least.

How was this supposed to be an expert on Fire Dance ’s level? Ye Feng was practically on the same level as Black Flame.
He might even be superior to the Guild Leader.

”Zero Wing has truly earned its fame.
No wonder it became Star-Moon Kingdom ’s mythical Guild. ” Evil Fire ’s fighting spirit soared as he watched Shi Feng.

”Evil, you need to think this through.
If you fight Ye Feng, you ’ll most likely have to expose your trump cards.
You ’ll have a tough time when you head to the Black Dragon Empire to challenge the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, ” Unwavering Hand warned his companion.

”I understand.
Don ’t worry.
In any case, I have a match with Black Flame tomorrow.
It ’ll be a fair contest if he knows about my abilities. ” Evil Fire smiled nonchalantly.
He then approached the stage with long strides.

Evil Fire wore a suit of black scale armor.
He also carried a dark-purple greatsword that was as tall as he was.
Blue runes decorated the sword ’s blade.
The surrounding Mana flowed towards the greatsword automatically, causing arcs of blue electricity to dance around the blade and crackle from time to time.
Overall, Evil Fire looked like a Demonic Beast, his aura pulling an involuntary shiver from the audience.

With each step Evil Fire took, his aura grew slightly more intense.
The audience felt a heavy pressure weigh down on them.
Moreover, he had removed the concealment on his weapon and equipment ’s glow effect, as well as his level.

”Level 45?! How is this possible?! Even the number one player on the Black Dragon Empire ’s Ranking List is only Level 44 right now! ”

”Strong! So strong! No wonder why these people dared to challenge Zero Wing! Zero Wing is in trouble! ”

”Why does it feel like I should be running for my life when I look at him? ”

”Crap! He has three pieces of Epic Equipment on him! The glow effect on his greatsword looks unique as well! What rank is that weapon?! ”

The audience gasped when Evil Fire removed the concealment.

Evil Fire ’s items hadn ’t only stunned the independent players watching.
Blackie and the others from Zero Wing were astonished as well.
Evil Fire ’s equipment could already rival that of Fire Dance and Gentle Snow.

Shi Feng, however, didn ’t pay any mind to his opponent ’s equipment.
Rather, the Berserker ’s dark-purple greatsword attracted his attention.

Why does he have the Storm Warblade? Shi Feng could not help his growing confusion.

The Storm Warblade was one of God ’s Domain ’s 36 Famed Swords.
Moreover, it was a higher rank than the Sacred Sword, Killing Ray.
The two-handed weapon ranked 14th among the 36 Famed Swords.

This greatsword had been very famous in the past.
The weapon was the reason that the Sword God, Celestial Pole had become so famous.
The weapon had made its debut when Celestial Pole had been a Tier 3 player.
Celestial Pole had only switched to a different weapon after reaching Tier 6.

The fact that Celestial Pole had used the Storm Warblade until Tier 6 showed that the greatsword ’s Attributes were frighteningly high.

Yet, now, a player whom Shi Feng had never heard of wielded the Storm Warblade.
It was baffling.

”Do you want a melee battle as well? ” Shi Feng asked as he asked as Evil Fire stepped onto the stage.

You are quite strong, strong enough to face me in an official duel, ” Evil Fire said, shaking his head.
Proudly, he continued, ”I don ’t want you to hold back.
Otherwise, the battle will end too quickly. ”

Although Shi Feng had already displayed overwhelming power, it didn ’t affect Evil Fire.
Evil Fire was still confident that it wasn ’t possible for him to lose.

”Sure. ” Shi Feng then sent Evil Fire a duel request.

Following which, the timer above the stage began to count down.

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