Chapter 1334 – Flocking To Zero Wing

The two system notifications momentarily stunned Shi Feng.

”The taming ’s done already? ” Shi Feng was confused.

A 5-star Mount was not easy to tame.
Even Owen had estimated that he would require 25 days to complete the task.
However, the Mount had been tamed much sooner than expected.

Now that the Thunder Wolf had been tamed, Zero Wing could finally activate the Guild Mount System.

Guild members could start purchasing the Thunder Wolf from the Guild Stable.
Unlike the Mounts NPCs sold, Guild members only needed to pay 25 Gold for a Guild Mount.

With the price difference of 15 Gold, not only could Guild members obtain their Mount sooner, but the Thunder Wolf ’s Movement Speed also rivaled that of Bronze Mounts.

Zero Wing ’s development speed would even surpass first-rate Guilds with abundant funding.

The most surprising news, however, was Owen ’s promotion to Grandmaster Tamer.

Although the Tamer class was not a particularly popular one, even Star-Moon Kingdom ’s King would have to treat a Grandmaster Tamer with respect.

Grandmaster Tamers would also become targets for countless Guilds seeking their employment.

Unlike Master Tamers, Grandmaster tamers could strengthen the Wild Beasts they tamed, and they required far less time to complete the task.
At the same time, they could help players upgrade their Guild Mounts much more easily.

If a Master Tamer had a 15% chance of upgrading a Guild ’s Common Mounts to Bronze rank, a Grandmaster Tamer ’s success rate was at least 30%.

Immediately, Shi Feng hurried to the Guild Stable.

The Guild Stable hadn ’t changed.
As Shi Feng hadn ’t activated the Guild Mount System yet, Guild members had no reason to approach the Stable.
There were only a dozen or so NPCs managing the place.

The only difference was that right now, Owen stood guard before a large cage, inside of which obediently lay the Thunder Wolf.
However, the Thunder Wolf was much smaller than when Shi Feng had captured it.

But this wasn ’t unexpected.

After all, the Thunder Wolf had been a Lord, while the current Thunder Wolf was a Common monster.
Now, it was only a means of transportation.

”Lord Count, I have tamed the Thunder Wolf as you requested.
The process also gave me a lot of experience and insight, so I wish to return and examine what I ’ve learned.
I hope that Lord Count will allow this. ” Owen was extremely excited.
He was clearly ecstatic over his promotion to Grandmaster Tamer.
He wanted to return to his workshop immediately and take note of his experiences and insight.

”Of course.
Grandmaster Owen, if you need any help in the future, just say the word, ” Shi Feng said, nodding.
The request didn ’t particularly surprise him.

Owen ’s promotion to Grandmaster rank had surprised him, though.
It had never happened in his previous life.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had established a contract with Owen early on.
Hence, the NPC would not leave Zero Wing due to his promotion.
Only, Owen ’s monthly compensation had changed drastically.

Initially, Owen ’s monthly salary had only been 200 Gold.
Now, it had increased to 3,000 Gold.

Moreover, unlike a Master Tamer, a Grandmaster Tamer wouldn ’t regularly visit a Guild Stable to check on the Mount it had teamed.
Instead, Shi Feng was required to pay Owen a visit if he wanted the NPC to do something for him.

Fortunately, players could easily take care of small matters, such as upgrading a Guild Mount, via the Stable ’s front counter.
Owen wasn ’t required to visit.
The NPC Tamers managing the stable would follow Owen ’s procedures during the upgrade process.

Hearing Shi Feng ’s reply, Owen immediately turned and left, leaving Shi Feng and the caged Thunder Wolf to their own devices.

After Owen left, Shi Feng clicked on the cage, and line after line of data appeared before him.

Shi Feng then chose to set the Thunder Wolf as the Guild ’s Mount.

In God ’s Domain, not any tamed Mount could become a Guild Mount.

A Guild could only possess a limited number of Mounts.
This limit would increase as the Guild rose in rank and upgraded its Stable.

Currently, Zero Wing could only own one type of Guild Mount.
Even if it tamed others, it could only select one while the remaining would be kept in reserve.

After Shi Feng set the Guild Mount, the system announced another notification.

System: Do you wish to open the Stable to the Thunder Wolf Mount?

Shi Feng accepted without hesitation.

He had waited for this moment for a long time now.
The sooner he allowed the Thunder Wolf into the Stable, the more of an advantage Zero Wing would have.

Once Shi Feng opened the Stable to the Thunder Wolf, NPC Tamers began to appear outside of the Stable, each NPC leading one lively Thunder Wolf after another.

These Thunder Wolves ’ appearances differed slightly in the color of their fur, eyes, and such.
Overall, though, they were all majestic.

As these Thunder Wolves appeared, they attracted the attention of nearby players.

”What ’s going on? Why are there monsters going into the Stable? ”

”Are those our Guild Mounts? ”

These players couldn ’t help their growing curiosity as they watched the majestic Thunder Wolves enter the stable, and they started to discuss their various guesses.

After all, it had been quite some time since Zero Wing ’s Stable had been built.
However, no one had seen any activity in the Stable.
Naturally, these players would wonder now that so many Thunder Wolves occupied the building.

Immediately, curious Guild members entered the Stable to find out what was happening.

As soon as they heard the NPCs answer, they were shocked.

”Those are Guild Mounts! ”

”Crap! This Guild Mount is awesome! Its base Movement Speed is 120%! It ’s much stronger than the Common Mounts in the city! It can practically rival a Bronze Mount ’s speed! ”

”Hahaha! Our Guild Mount looks so cool! If the players from other Guilds find out about this, they will die from envy! ”

”My patience has finally paid off! I ’ve long since saved up 25 Gold! I ’m going to get that purplish-black Thunder Wolf! Its color scheme will match my weapons and equipment perfectly! ”

”Scram! I ’ve got my eye on that one! ”

For a time, the Stable exploded with activity.
The Guild members that had already saved 25 Gold to purchase a Mount, afraid someone would snatch the Thunder Wolf they had set their sights on.

News of the Thunder Wolf immediately spread throughout Zero Wing.
This information also reached Star-Moon Kingdom ’s official forums.

Zero Wing ’s Guild Mount makes its first appearance! Pictures and videos available!

”Crap! That Mount looks so cool! It only costs 25 Gold, too! This won ’t do! I must join Zero Wing! ”

”Zero Wing is so amazing! I just looked it up in the library.
It turns out that the Thunder Wolf is an extremely rare, high-ranking Wild Beast in God ’s Domain.
How did Zero Wing get its hands on this Mount? ”

The forums were in an uproar over Zero Wing ’s new Mount.
Expert players who had already purchased a Common Mount envied and admired Zero Wing members.

Some of the adventurer teams and independent experts that had hesitated to join Zero Wing changed their minds immediately, determined to join the Guild.

Not only was the Thunder Wolf cheap, but it also had superior Attributes and an impressive appearance.
Moreover, the Mount could be upgraded.

Before anyone knew it, the line of players outside of Zero Wing had doubled.
More players joined the line by the minute.
The Guild recruiters were stupefied.

However, in Heaven ’s Burial ’s Residence in Star-Moon City, when Singular Burial received the news, he felt an indescribable pressure weigh down on him.

”Zero Wing! ” Singular Burial fumed.
If not for his collaboration with Abandoned Wave, Heaven ’s Burial wouldn ’t be a match for Zero Wing.
”What a pity.
Even if you release your Guild Mounts now, it is too late to change anything.

”Relay my commands! Instruct Ghost Shadow to lead the Ghost Shadow Legion to White River City! As soon as Abandoned Wave ’s people take action, have them destroy Zero Wing ’s Stable! ”

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