Chapter 1346 – The Horror of Tier 3 NPCs

”NPCs? ”

”Why are there so many NPCs here? ”

Zero Wing ’s members, who had been fending off the monster army, grew confused when they saw so many powerful NPCs appearing one after another.

However, compared to the surprise Zero Wing ’s members felt, the players and various major powers watching this scene through the livestream were even more shocked.

”What?! There are actually Tier 3 classes among these NPCs! ”

”Tier 3 NPCs!? How is this possible?! Tier 3 NPCs are already considered overlords in minor NPC cities! Just how did Zero Wing manage to get these ten Tier 3 NPCs to defend Stone Forest Town!? ”

The players on the forums were momentarily dumbfounded by the appearance of the ten Level 70, Tier 3 NPCs.
As for the various major powers, they felt both confused and afraid when they saw this scene.

Ordinary players might not understand how strong Tier 3 NPCs were, but they had a clear appreciation of this.

Although only one tier separated Tier 3 and Tier 2 NPCs, this was a massive gap.
Not only was there a huge disparity in Basic Attributes, but there was also a massive difference in combat standards.
Even in a situation where both sides had equal Basic Attributes, a Tier 3 NPC could easily beat up a group of Tier 2 NPCs.
This difference was the reason Tier 3 NPCs were usually tasked with ruling and safeguarding minor NPC cities.

Yet, now, Stone Forest Town actually had ten Tier 3 NPCs guarding it.

Moreover, NPCs were different from monsters.
NPCs were capable of coordinating their movements to display superior combat power, only their coordination was still not as good as players ’.

If ten Tier 3 NPCs worked together, not to mention dealing with a Grand Lord of the same level, even thrashing a Mythic monster of the same level would be child ’s play.

While everyone was shocked by the appearance of these NPCs, a large number of NPCs also turned up at the other two Magic Towers and Zero Wing ’s Residence.
Although these NPC adventurers were not as numerous as the town ’s NPC guards, even the weakest among them was Level 70, Tier 2.
They were far stronger than the majority of Stone Forest Town ’s Tier 1 NPC guards.

Moreover, every one of these locations was also graced by the presence of Tier 3 NPC adventurers.

If one counted the Tier 3 NPC adventurers, one would discover a total of 30 of them in Stone Forest Town.
They were even more numerous than the Great Lord ranked Evil Demons.

”Damn it! Just where did Zero Wing find so many Tier 2 and Tier 3 NPCs from?! ” Abandoned Wave felt his heart bleeding out when he saw the NPC adventurers assaulting his Evil Demons.

These NPC adventurers were ridiculously strong.

Their fights with Lord ranked Evil Demons were no different from child ’s play.
Although Lord ranked Evil Demons could overwhelm Tier 2 NPCs in a one-on-one, there were simply too many Tier 2 NPCs.
Moreover, the NPCs were skillfully cooperating with each other.
As a result, a single Tier 2 party could easily finish off a Lord in just a few moves.

However, this was still not the worst part.
When those Tier 3 NPCs faced off against Evil Demons and Evil Beasts below Lord rank, they would almost always eliminate their opponents in a single move.
Whenever the NPCs used a Tier 3 Skill, the death of a large group of monsters would follow—the Tier 3 Great Mages were killing monsters below Lord rank as quickly as the Magic Towers were.
One could practically hear explosions echoing throughout Stone Forest Town at every passing moment.

As for the Great Lord ranked Evil Demons, which were practically invincible, they were rendered utterly helpless under the coordination of just two or three Tier 3 NPCs.
Meanwhile, whenever a Great Lord got pinned down, the other Tier 3 NPCs would use the opportunity to attack it together, bombarding it with Tier 3 Skills and Spells, one after another, and killing it in the blink of an eye.

Seeing the Evil Beast army ’s and Evil Demon army ’s numbers plummet, Abandoned Wave immediately commanded all the monsters to give up on attacking the Magic Towers and shift their focus towards Zero Wing ’s Residence.

Previously, Abandoned Wave had commanded his monsters to attack the Magic Towers merely to kill more Zero Wing members.
However, the current situation no longer permitted such an action.
If the battle continued, although he could inflict more losses on Zero Wing, the monster army he built up with great difficulty would also suffer annihilation.

Now, the only thing he could do was destroy Zero Wing ’s Residence.
This way, he would ’ve at least achieved his main goal.

In the next moment, the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons inside Stone Forest Town began surging towards Zero Wing ’s Residence in a frenzy.

”Black Flame, I admit that your Guild ’s strength and foundations have greatly exceeded my expectations.
Unfortunately, you are fated to lose Stone Forest Town in this war. ” Abandoned Wave smiled faintly when he saw his monster army surrounding Zero Wing ’s Residence.

His losses this time had indeed exceeded his initial estimates.
However, with the destruction of Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing would lose its foundations.
Meanwhile, he could still obtain more Evil Beasts and Evil Demons.
At most, he would have to spend a little more time doing so.

”They really are nuts.
Do they plan on attacking the Guild Residence ’s magic array at all costs? ” When Shi Feng saw the monster army focused on assaulting Zero Wing ’s Residence, he immediately had everyone gather back at the Residence.

At this moment, aside from attacking the Guild Residence ’s defensive magic array, these Evil Beasts and Evil Demons were doing nothing else.
They did not even bother defending against or avoiding the attacks sent at them.

However, Shi Feng also could not help but admit that these monsters ’ plan was working, as the Guild Residence ’s defensive magic array was rapidly weakening.
Most likely, the magic array would shatter in less than a minute.
At that time, these monsters would be able to charge into the Guild Hall and destroy the Guild Flag.

A town siege carried out by monsters was different from that of players.
Players needed to obtain the Town Token in order to capture the town.
Meanwhile, monsters only needed to destroy the Guild Flag to do so.

As long as the Guild Flag was destroyed, Stone Forest Town would be finished, becoming a town controlled by monsters.
If that happened, all players within the town would be forcibly expelled from Stone Forest Town ’s vicinity.
Meanwhile, Shi Feng would also lose his authority over Stone Forest Town, and for the following one month, his Guild would be barred from raiding Stone Forest Town.

However, it would be a different story for other Guilds.
Instead of a month, they would only need to wait 15 days before they could start raiding Stone Forest Town.

During this 15-day grace period, most likely, every Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom would attempt to raid Stone Forest Town.
After all, as long as they succeeded, they would get a ready-made Intermediate Town.

”Kill! Go ahead and kill as many as you can! I want to see just how many of my monsters you all can kill! ” Abandoned Wave laughed involuntarily when he saw the cracks on the Residence ’s magic barrier.

At this moment, there were still 50,000 Evil Beasts and Evil Demons—more than enough to last until the monsters invaded Zero Wing ’s Residence and destroyed its Guild Flag.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing ’s members were desperately trying to stop the monsters ’ attacks.


When a Level 70 Grand Lord bombarded the magic barrier with a Tier 3 Skill, the Guild Residence ’s defensive magic array finally gave, crumbling upon itself.

”Everyone, move forward and block those monsters! Do not let them set foot in the Guild Hall no matter what! ” Aqua Rose shouted urgently.

Zero Wing ’s members understood the severity of this matter.
Immediately, all the MTs charged forward to block the advance of the monsters.
At the same time, the magic array teams also activated one magic array after another to trap the approaching monsters.
Very quickly, chaos fell upon the entire Guild Residence.

Do you think the entrance is the only way to enter? ” Abandoned Wave sneered.

In the next moment, a Lord ranked Evil Demon leaped high in the air and landed at the side of the Guild Hall.
It then sent a fierce punch at the wall and opened a huge hole in it.
Immediately after, over a dozen small, Chieftain ranked Evil Demons dashed into the breach.

”Not good! ” Aqua Rose also noticed this situation from the corners of her eyes.
Although they were blocking the larger Evil Beasts, they couldn ’t stop the nimble and smaller Evil Demons.
Not to mention, Zero Wing ’s Guild Hall was also very large.
It was simply impossible to defend all the sides completely.

At this moment, Zero Wing ’s members also felt a deep sense of powerlessness and despair.

”Hahaha! Everything ’s over! ” Abandoned Wave could not help laughing madly when he saw the Evil Demons surging into the Guild Hall.

There might be a lot of players and NPC guards inside the Guild Hall, but the dozen or so Evil Demons were both agile and skillful.
Their target, the Guild Flag, was also prominently displayed inside the Guild Hall.
Destroying it would be a piece of cake for them.

However, in the next moment…

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The dozen or so Evil Demons that charged into the Guild Hall actually went flying back out through the same hole they entered from.
However, before these dozen or so Chieftain ranked and one Lord ranked Evil Demons could even land, their bodies had already transformed into ashes and disappeared from everyone ’s sight.

”How?! ” Abandoned Wave ’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing ’s members also became slack-jawed at this scene, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

When everyone turned to look at the hole in the wall, they could faintly make out a muscular man in black robes standing before the Guild Flag.
With both hands, the man gripped a blood-red greatsword that was stabbed into the ground before him.

Even when just looking at this man from afar, everyone could clearly feel their souls shuddering in fear.

This man was none other than Gilbert, the Hero Shi Feng had summoned!

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