Chapter 1352 – Auction House Design

It died?!

Flame Blood froze when he saw the Evil Demon inside the magic array disappear.

Even a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon of the same level would require a team of hundreds of elite players, led by dozens of experts, to take down.
They had learned this lesson during their experiments in the Frozen Scar.
In the end, the Great Lord had more than two-thirds of its HP remaining after wiping out the entire elite team.

Yet, Shi Feng killed a Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon by himself…

Beast Emperor wore an indescribably grim expression.

Not only had Abandoned Wave been captured, but he had also lost a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon.
It had taken a lot of effort to nurture five Evil Demons.
Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons were not easy to produce.
It all depended on an Evil Demon ’s potential.
He had killed many peak experts to obtain five Evil Demons capable of reaching the Great Lord rank.

After his momentary rage, the crimson crystal, which had formed after the Evil Demon ’s death, drew Beast Emperor ’s attention.

How is this possible?! How could a mere Grand Lord possibly drop an Evil God Crystal?! Shock, excitement, and greed flashed in Beast Emperor ’s eyes as he stared at the crystal.

It was highly unlikely that players outside of the Evil God ’s Temple would understand how valuable the item was.
However, to Evil God ’s Temple players, the Evil God Crystal was an absolute treasure.
It was even too valuable to trade for a Mythic ranked Evil Demon.

Shi Feng grabbed the Evil God Crystal and shoved it in his bag before Beast Emperor could get a closer look.
His eyes became bloodshot with fury as he wanted nothing more than to kill Shi Feng with his own hands.
Unfortunately, he was only here as a mirror image.
He could not touch Shi Feng.

Beast Emperor quickly calmed himself.
Turning to the somewhat feeble Shi Feng, he smiled and praised, ”Guild Leader Black Flame, you ’re truly capable.
Even the strongest Evil Demon under my command wouldn ’t be a match for you.
As expected of Star-Moon Kingdom ’s number one expert. ”

”What? Trying to persuade me with sweet words after failing with brute force? ” Shi Feng sneered as he glanced at Beast Emperor.

Although he suffered a Weakened state, decreasing his Attributes by 70%, he was easily strong enough to kill Flame Blood and drag Abandoned Wave back to the War God ’s Temple.

He knew that an Evil God Envoy could only create a limited number of Evil God Apostles.
Losing even one Apostle would undoubtedly weaken Beast Emperor.

Beast Emperor ’s expression darkened, a cold glint flashing in his eyes.
He was the Evil God ’s Temple ’s sole Evil God Envoy.
He was fated to become an overlord, establishing the Evil God ’s Empire in God ’s Domain, yet a Guild Leader from a measly kingdom stood before him, ridiculing his failure.

If only he were here physically, he would give Shit Feng a taste of despair.

”Black Flame, let ’s not waste time talking.
Why don ’t we make a trade? ” Beast Emperor said after suppressing his rage.
”You ’ll gain at most some Merit Points for handing an Evil God Apostle over to the War God ’s Temple, but I can offer your Guild resources others dream of and access to Dark Cities.
Zero Wing desperately needs these. ”

The Evil God ’s Temple was one of God ’s Domain ’s strongest dark forces.
It had branches throughout numerous kingdoms and empires.
He couldn ’t help Zero Wing gain access to every NPC Dark City, but getting access to a few shouldn ’t be a problem.

This was also why Heaven ’s Burial was willing to help Abandoned Wave gather so many Evil Beasts and Evil Demons in such a short time.

”Sure, I might get some measly Merit Points for handing over an Evil God Apostle, but ridding God ’s Domain of an Apostle is just as good, ” Shi Feng said, chuckling.
Although he was interested in access to multiple Dark Cities, getting rid of an Evil God Apostle that had been persistent in picking fights was a better option.
If not for the Adventurer ’s Association ’s assistance in Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing might have failed to protect it.
Shi Feng would have been forced to accept mutual destruction, using a method to prevent anyone from claiming the town.

Beast Emperor nearly popped a vein when he heard Shi Feng ’s refusal.
Taking a deep breath, he tried again, ”How about this? I have an Auction House Design in my possession.
I also have a Secret Land Key that can open the Secret Land Door, allowing you to send 1,000 players through at a time.
Aside from the resources the secret land has to offer, you can gain far more Magic Crystals there than in the Stoneclaw Mountains.
I will also help Zero Wing gain access to five Dark Cities.
In return, you just need to hand over the Mobile Jail and the crimson crystal. ”

The Auction House Design might not be useful for a Basic Town, but it was a different story for Stone Forest Town.

Once a player town had an Auction House, it would lure more players, and the ruling Guild would make a profit from the handling fees.

Of course, the Secret Land Key was obviously quite valuable.
If a Guild periodically harvested the resources from the secret land, it wouldn ’t need to fight other Guilds for resources.

With these items, Zero Wing wouldn ’t need much time to improve by leaps and bounds.
A measly ten or twenty thousand War God ’s Temple Merit Points couldn ’t compare to these benefits.

Beast Emperor ’s offer stunned Shi Feng for a moment.

The Auction House Design was extremely rare in God ’s Domain.
It was any less rare than the Teleportation Magic Array Design.
However, while the Teleportation Magic Array Design could be used multiple times, the Auction House Design was a one-time-use item.
He had never expected Beast Emperor to offer up such an item.

The Secret Land Key was also extremely valuable.
It was only slightly less valuable than mineral veins that produced Magic Crystals.

Shi Feng had to admit that Beast Emperor ’s offer was incredibly tempting.

Meanwhile, Flame Blood, who overheard the offer, was also dumbfounded.
Heaven ’s Burial dreamed of obtaining both items, especially the Secret Land Key.
He would never have dreamed that Beast Emperor would offer such items and access to five Dark Cities in exchange for Abandoned Wave and the crimson crystal.
Not even Super Guilds would refuse such an offer.

”How tempting! But I still refuse! ” Shi Feng responded, smiling.
”I ’m not in the habit of breeding troublemakers! ”

If an Evil God Apostle had only attacked his town by chance, he might consider letting them go.
However, the Apostle in his hands had intentionally picked a fight.
Truth be told, even if he released this troublemaking Apostle, he wouldn ’t be afraid for his future.
After all, once Zero Wing reinforced its foundations, its development speed would only continue to increase.
Furthermore, an Evil God Apostle required a large amount of resources to create Evil Beasts and Evil Demons.
If Star-Moon Kingdom ’s various large Guilds were cautious, creating more underlings wouldn ’t be easy.

However, he had no interest in fighting siege wars for no good reason.

Moreover, he still had plenty of things he needed to attend to.
He did not have enough time to waste in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Again, Beast Emperor was stunned.
However, he demanded in a chilly voice, ”Do you really intend to fight me to the bitter end? ”

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