Chapter 1357 – War God ’s Temple ’s Reward

In the Triumphant Hall on the War God ’s Temple ’s fourth floor, Senior Administrator Roland led Shi Feng to one of the hall ’s Astrology rooms.

The Astrology Room was as dark as night, while the circular ceiling glittered like the night sky.
From time to time, shooting stars streaked by.
The room ’s beauty was mesmerizing.

As Shi Feng entered the room, Roland closed the doors from the outside.
Instantly, Shi Feng felt an indescribably pleasant sensation run through him.
With the fascinating scenery, he couldn ’t help his desire to remain in this room for the rest of his life.

Why is the Mana density in here so high? Shi Feng was curious about the incredibly dense Mana surrounding him.

This was the first time he had ever set foot in an Astrology room.
The War God ’s Temple ’s Astrology rooms were forbidden to players.
If not for having captured an Evil God Apostle, Roland wouldn ’t have led him here.

Before entering the room, Shi Feng hadn ’t sensed any usual Mana density from inside.

Yet, as soon as Roland left and shut the doors, Mana started pouring filled the space.
It was three times as dense as Stone Forest Town ’s Mana, which had the support of three Magic Towers.

If players could duel other experts or practice their Skills and Spells in such an environment, their growth would be astonishing.

”Young adventurer, you ’ve arrived. ”

A deep voice echoed throughout the entire Astrology Room.
Shi Feng could not help but turn to the voice ’s origin.
He spotted an old man in dark-blue mage robes and wielding a staff.
The old man manipulated a magic water ball as if he were searching for some kind of new Spell.

This old man was none other than Capra, one of the three Vice Temple Lords in White River City ’s War God ’s Temple.
He was a Level 180, Tier 3 Great Mage.
He could be considered the oldest NPC in White River City; not even Magistrate Weissman was as old.

Capra should be the most knowledgeable NPC in White River City.
After all, not only was Capra a Tier 3 Great Mage, but he was also a Magic Array Master[1].
However, due to Sharlyn ’s occupation of White River City ’s library, he ranked second.

”I hear that you ’ve captured an Evil God Apostle? ”

”Yes, Lord Capra. ” Shi Feng immediately retrieved the Mobile Jail from his bag.

As soon as he revealed the crystal ball out, it vanished and reappeared in Capra ’s hand.

”Not bad.
This is indeed an Evil God Apostle. ” Capra nodded lightly.

Suddenly, the Mobile Jail began to crumble.
Following which, a cloaked, bandaged figure appeared before the old man.

The moment Abandoned Wave appeared, the Black Cloak and bandages covering him were destroyed, exposing his true appearance.

”Abandoned Wave? ” Shi Feng was slightly surprised to see this man.
Although his appearance had changed significantly, Shi Feng easily recognized him.

Shi Feng hadn ’t expected Abandoned Wave to be the Evil God Apostle that attacked Stone Forest Town.

However, after considering the matter, it seemed reasonable.
The Blackwater Corporation had given up on Abandoned Wave.
With his connection to the Evil God ’s Temple, becoming an Evil God Apostle was a matter of course if he wanted vengeance against Shi Feng.

”I ’m free? ” Abandoned Wave was ecstatic when he realized that he had emerged from the Mobile Jail, but after looking around him, his mood plummeted.
Not only did Shi Feng, disguised as Black Flame, stand before him, but a Level 180, Tier 3 NPC also stared at him.

Abandoned Wave ’s first thought was of escape.

Immediately, Abandoned Wave ruffled through his bag space, trying to retrieve a Tier 1, Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll.

Shi Feng had caught him off guard earlier, so he hadn ’t had the opportunity to use it.

As long as he could reach the scroll, he could flee.

The instant Abandoned Wave got his hands the Tier 1 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll, he glanced at Shi Feng with a sinister smile.

”Black Flame, just you wait! I ’ll give you a taste of despair the next time we meet! ”

Following which, Abandoned Wave unfurled the Magic Scroll and activated it.
Abandoned Wave ’s elated expression returned the instant the scroll activated.
It was as if he could already see Shi Feng ’s tragic ending.

However, after a few seconds, Abandoned Wave realized that he hadn ’t moved.

And since he had activated the scroll, the Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll faded from his hands.

”Despair? ” Shi Feng could not help but laugh and shake his head when he saw the confusion on Abandoned Wave ’s face.
”Don ’t you realize that you ’re in the War God ’s Temple? ”

In God ’s Domain, all teleportation tools and Skills were useless inside a War God ’s Temple.
Players could only use these items after leaving the building.

This was basic knowledge to God ’s Domain ’s players.

Hearing the words ”War God ’s Temple, ” fear twisted Abandoned Wave ’s expression.

He was fully aware of the consequences should the War God ’s Temple capture him.
Beast Emperor had warned him about this.

When the War God ’s Temple captured an Evil God ’s Temple player, it signified the end for said player.
The captured player ’s only option would be starting a new account.
Moreover, they wouldn ’t be allowed to rejoin the game immediately.
They would have to wait one month before they could create the new account.
After experiencing the joy God ’s Domain had to offer, being unable to play for an entire month would be unbearable for players.

Moreover, by the time Abandoned Wave rejoined the game, God ’s Domain would be a different world with how fast it was developing.

”Black Flame! ”

Abandoned Wave practically screamed Shi Feng ’s name.
Although he wanted to say more, Capra had already begun to chant an incantation.
In the next moment, dozens of golden chains appeared around Abandoned Wave, piercing his body.
He screamed in pain as he started to burn.
Eventually, he turned to ash and vanished from the Astrology room.

Abandoned Wave ’s hatred for him hadn ’t particularly surprised Shi Feng.

Even a peak expert would struggle to catch up if they were banned from the game for a month and had to start from scratch.
The Blackwater Corporation had also given up on Abandoned Wave long ago.
With Abandoned Wave ’s standards, they were not likely to meet again.

Furthermore, Beast Emperor had lost an Evil God Apostle slot.

Following which, a series of system notifications reached Shi Feng ’s ears.

System: Congratulations! You have captured an Evil God Apostle.
Rewarding 10,000 War God ’s Temple Merit Points, Reputation with the War God ’s Temple increased by 500 points, 100,000,000 EXP, 50 Free Mastery Points, and 5 Legacy Skill Points.

System: Congratulations! You are the first person to have eliminated an Evil God Apostle.
Rewarding ”War God ’s Warrior ” title.

System: Capra ’s Favorability has increased by 300 points.

What an abundant reward! Shi Feng ’s excitement grew as he read the notifications.
This was especially true when he saw the War God ’s Warrior title and his increased Favorability with Capra.

He had only heard of the War God ’s Warrior title in the past.
He didn ’t know much about it.

Although this title wouldn ’t benefit a player ’s strength, it elevated players to one rank below the temple ’s Vice Temple Lords.
With this benefit, he could easily purchase items that required extremely high Reputation in the War God ’s Temple ’s exchange center.
He wouldn ’t need to complete numerous high-difficulty quests, slowing increasing his Reputation.

However, the title was slightly less valuable than his Favorability with Capra.

Capra was a Magic Array Master.

If he could earn enough Favorability with Capra, he would gain access to all sorts of magic arrays.
He might even get to purchase the rumored Advanced Mana Gathering Magic Array, which could double the Mana density in a 500-yard radius.

Not only was this array ’s effective area vast, but it also increased the Mana density by so much.
One could just imagine how much it could benefit a Guild.

Countless players had tried all sorts of methods to gain Favorability with this NPC.
Unfortunately, doing so was extremely difficult and would become even more so after every 100-point increment.
Very few players had gained 100 points of the elder ’s Favorability in the past.
Only a handful had ever earned 200 points.

Shi Feng had never even heard of any players earning 300 points.

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