Chapter 1362 – Team Skyrockets

”Miniature Ballistas?! Are we…? ”

As Zero Wing ’s players watched Shi Feng reveal one Miniature Ballista after another, their jaws hit the floor as the considered a possibility.

Miniature Ballistas were war weapons that most Guilds treated like their own children.
No Guild would use them outside of a Guild war or siege.

Yet, Shi Feng intended to use such precious weapons to grind monsters…

If other Guilds learned about Zero Wing ’s extravagant grinding method, they would most likely try to strangle Shi Feng.

”Guild Leader, isn ’t this a little too wasteful? ” Even Aqua Rose was astonished as she stared at the Miniature Ballistas.

The other Guild members might not realize where these Miniature Ballistas had come from, but she did.

Although players could craft these Miniature Ballistas, each one was considerably expensive to make.
The materials alone cost more than 100 Gold.
Even with a Master Engineer like Burning Abyss and the Basic Meditation Room, the production success rate wasn ’t particularly high.
As a result, each ballista cost around 500 to 600 Gold to produce.
As for the Exploding Arrows, each cost roughly 3 Silver to craft.

Aside from risking the Miniature Ballistas ’ destruction in battle, their durability would decrease from repeated use.
The repair fees would also be a painful expenditure.
Using these weapons to level Guild members was too extravagant.

”Don ’t mind that.
Resources are meant to be used.
Rather than collecting dust in the Guild Warehouse, they can help strengthen our Guild members.
As our members grow stronger, the Guild can earn even more resources.
Using these weapons isn ’t a waste at all, ” Shi Feng said, smiling.
”Alright, have our people set these Ballistas up quickly. ”

When he had been Shadow ’s Guild Leader in the past, he, too, had treated war weapons like precious treasure, not daring to use them casually.
After all, those weapons had been irreplaceable.
However, that wasn ’t the case now.
Since they could produce these war weapons, there was no reason to stockpile them in the Guild Warehouse.
Using them to strengthen the Guild was a wiser decision.

Particularly, now that Zero Wing ’s core members were over Level 40, with some of the Guild ’s upper echelons so close to Level 50, they could challenge their Tier 2 Promotion Quests sooner if the Guild helped them level quickly.

As Tier 2 players, they ’d be more help to the Guild than these Miniature Ballistas.

For a moment, everyone felt touched by Shi Feng ’s words.

While other Guilds ’ upper echelons wrung their members dry, Shi Feng used the Guild ’s most precious resources to help them grow stronger.

A short moment later, a row of 50 Miniature Ballistas were lined up a short distance away from the tattered ramparts.
Even capturing a city would be easy with so many war weapons.

Then, Shi Feng summoned a Demon with the Bible of Darkness.

Now that Shi Feng had been promoted to a Tier 2 Sword Master, he could summon a Tier 3 Demon without the assistance of items or Skills.
He no longer needed to force the Demon into becoming a mindless puppet either.

After the massive Demon Gate appeared, an eight-meter-tall Demon emerged.
Two crimson horns grew from its forehead, and it carried a spear covered in emerald fire.

[Purgatory Demon] (Dark Creature, Demon)
Level 64
HP 24,000,000/24,000,000

”As expected of our Guild Leader! He can even summon a Tier 3 Demon! Summoners would die from envy if they knew about that item! ” Zero Wing ’s members were further awed by Shi Feng after watching him summon the Tier 3 Purgatory Demon.

Generally, large Guilds reserved Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls as trump cards.
They wouldn ’t even sell these scrolls for thousands of Gold.

Shi Feng hadn ’t actually used a scroll, of course.
Rather, he had used an ancient book.

Tools were different from Magic Scrolls.
While Magic Scrolls were one-time use items, tools could be used repeatedly.
Hence, tools of the same rank and category were worth dozens of times more than their Magic Scroll counterparts.

”The Purgatory Demon will attract the Orcs ’ attention! Healers, keep the Purgatory Demon alive! As for those responsible for controlling the Miniature Ballistas, prioritize the Orc Captains! MTs, protect the Ballistas! ” Shi Feng commanded once his team was almost ready.

If he sent Level 40-plus players to face these Orcs, their attacks would only annoy the creatures without the Magic Towers ’ buff.
The only way they could deal enough damage was to employ the Miniature Ballistas.

If not for the Miniature Ballistas, he wouldn ’t have dared to lead this team here.

Suddenly, the Purgatory Demon flapped its massive wings and in the blink of an eye, hovered above the ramparts.
It then used the Tier 3 Skill, Flame Shower.
Among the demon ’s Tier 3 Skills, Flame Shower had largest AOE range.
Although it wasn ’t particularly effective against monsters, it was enough to pull the Orcs ’ aggro.

Fire rained down in a 100-yard radius.
The Orc Sentinels only received around -20,000 damage, while the Orc Captains sustained half that.
The damage was negligible to these Orcs.

The Orcs on the ramparts raised their bows and fired at the Purgatory Demon.

”Fire! ” Shi Feng commanded.

Immediately, the 50 Miniature Ballistas fired a volley of Exploding Arrows from 500 yards away from the ramparts.
At this distance, Zero Wing ’s members would still receive EXP as the monsters died and the Great Lord ranked Orc Captains would have difficulty dodging the attacks.

Xiu… Xiu… Xiu…

A series of fiery lights bombarded the ramparts.
Damages of up to -160,000 appeared above an Orc Captain that attacked the Purgatory Demon.

In the blink of an eye, this Orc Captain lost nearly 8,000,000 HP.
Moreover, due to the arrow ’s armor penetration, the Orc Captain sustained severe injuries, decreasing its combat power.

Although the damage was impressive, each volley cost 1 Gold, 50 Silver.
Even for experts, it was as much as two or three days ’ net income.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng controlled the Purgatory Demon to use the Tier 3, single-target Skill, Onslaught against the Orc Captain, dealing over -400,000 and reclaiming its aggro.
As the Orcs retaliated, the Purgatory Demon flew about, dodging over 90% of the attacks.
Even when struck, the dozens of healers, who had moved close to the bottom of the ramparts, responded immediately, maintaining the demon ’s HP above a safe threshold.

Following which, Zero Wing ’s members launched volley after volley of Exploding Arrows.
The first Orc Captain soon fell from the wall.

A Level 77 Great Lord was already worth a frightening amount of EXP.
Including the bonus EXP from defeating a higher-level opponent, everyone ’s experience bars increased by a noticeable amount despite sharing it among 1,000 players.

”It gave so much EXP! ”

”This is amazing! I ’d have to grind for dozens of minutes to get this much EXP! ”

Everyone was elated.
Normally, it took a long time to kill a Great Lord of the same level, but they had taken 30 seconds or so to defeat the Level 77 Great Lord.

Moreover, once the Orc Captain died, it dropped several items.
However, as they were still engaged in battle, no one moved towards the loot.

After killing the first Orc Captain, the team focused their fire on the other Orc Captains.

In such a way, one Orc Captain after another fell from the ramparts.

By the time they had annihilated the 20-plus Captains, many Level 42 players had leveled to 43.
As for Aqua Rose, Alluring Summer, and the other upper echelons, they had reached Level 49; they were only one level away from Level 50 now.

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