Chapter 1372 – SSS-rank Commission ’s Rewards

Star-Moon Kingdom, Frozen Scar:

Below a snow-laden mountain, the legion of experts under Singular Burial ’s command cleared out Frost Giants that surged down the mountain

Although these Frost Giants were not particularly strong, only Level 47 Special Elites, their environment worked in their favor.
Not only did the snowy environment drastically reduced players ’ Movement Speed and reaction speed, but it also increased their Stamina consumption by at least six times.

However, Frost Giants weren ’t Heaven ’s Burial ’s only opponents.
The team also had to face High Lord ranked Violent Frost Bears and Great Lord ranked Frost Pythons.

The Frost Pythons, in particular, posed a threat to large player groups.
Unlike the Violent Frost Bears, which had powerful single-target attacks, the Frost Pythons had powerful AOE attacks.
If players were not careful, a single breath attack could annihilate an entire team.

However, while the Frost Pythons might be difficult foes for other teams, they weren ’t much of an issue for Singular Burial ’s legion.

As long as monsters were within a certain range, even the Frost Pythons ’ breath attacks could only do so much damage with the Frozen Heart; it protected players from the Frozen state.
In turn, it protected them from falling to the Frost Giant ’s mercy.

The Frozen Heart would also slow players ’ Stamina consumption to only two or three times the normal rate as the freezing temperatures gnawed at players ’ bodies.
Although players would still be affected, at least they could last through a single battle.

”Good! Lure the Pythons to the side and prioritize killing the Frost Giants and Violent Frost Bears! ” Singular Burial commanded as he fired arrows at the Frost Pythons, luring them away from the other monsters.

Commanded by several experts, Heaven ’s Burial ’s team quickly lured the Frost Pythons away, allowing the other team members to kill the incoming Frost Giants.

”Guild Leader, news just came in from Zero Wing.
The Guild has withdrawn its various elite teams from patrolling the trade routes.
They ’ve only kept their Assassins on the roads to monitor the situation, ” Ghost Shadow reported.

”They ’ve retreated? ” Singular Burial was stunned.
He then smiled as he said, ”It seems that I have overestimated Zero Wing. ”

The war between Zero Wing and Heaven ’s Burial was limited to a battle of attrition.
However, Heaven ’s Burial had the Evil Demons to exhaust their opponent ’s manpower and resources.
Moreover, the Evil Demons could affect Stone Forest Town ’s operation.

Singular Burial had assumed that Zero Wing would hold on for quite some time or dispatch an army of tens of thousands to lock down the Stoneclaw Mountains.
He had even prepared for an all-out field battle with the other Guild.
After all, a field battle was different from a siege battle.
In a siege battle, Zero Wing had an advantage with the surrounding terrain and the assistance of NPC guards.
But the Guild wouldn ’t have these advantages in the field.

With a large number of Evil Demons on their side, Heaven ’s Burial could deal a heavy blow, even if Zero Wing had a large fleet of Miniature Ballistas.
Furthermore, Zero Wing had yet to recover from the previous war.

He had never expected Zero Wing to give up so quickly.

”That ’s right! Zero Wing likely regrets starting a war with us without understanding the Evil Demons capabilities! Not only are the Chieftain rank Evil Demons quite powerful, but they also possessed superior intellect and stealth capabilities.
Even sending an Assassin to track them would be useless.
Furthermore, these Evil Demons are much faster than players.
Even if Zero Wing ’s Assassins discover them, the Guild ’s members won ’t be able to catch up, ” Ghost Shadow said, nodding.

”This is a good opportunity.
Take some people with you and notify Flame Blood in person.
Tell him that out plan ’s initial phase has come to fruition.
You and Flame Blood will then execute the next phase, crippling Stone Forest Town ’s trade routes! ” Singular Burial instructed, smiling.
”Once Beast Emperor is ready, we ’ll be ready to raid the Frost King.
I can ’t wait to see how Zero Wing intends to compete with us! ”

”I ’ll notify Flame Blood right away, ” Ghost Shadow said, excited.

Beast Emperor ’s strength was more frightening than they had imagined.
Even someone like Abandoned Wave couldn ’t compare to such an existence.
Moreover, his strength wasn ’t reliant on Evil Beasts and Evil Demons.
He had many more tricks up his sleeves.

Meanwhile, in a second-floor VIP room in White River City ’s Adventurer ’s Association, a tall, beautiful woman in white mage robes entered the room before Shi Feng had even taken his seat.
This female NPC was Renee, one of the Vice Association Leaders of White River City ’s Adventurer ’s Association.
She was a Level 180, Tier 3 Illusionist.

”Lord Protector, I have heard that you ’ve completed the Ancient Orc Empire commission? May I confirm the validity of this statement? ” Renee asked.

”Certainly. ” Shi Feng then retrieved the Disintegration Axe from his bag and placed it on the table before him.

If not for the wooden table ’s magic array enhancement, the Disintegration Axe would ’ve shattered it.
This wasn ’t to say that the weapon was particularly heavy.
Rather, the Disintegration Axe contained frightening, destructive power.
Despite remaining idle, one would notice the space around the Disintegration Axe show signs of collapsing.

Moreover, this was only a result of the damaged Disintegration Axe.
If the weapon were whole, there was no telling what it could achieve.

If the Disintegration Axe were used in battle, one could just imagine how horrific of a scene it would create.

”This really is the Disintegration Axe the commission described! ” Renee could not help her surprise when she saw the weapon.
”Lord Protector, you really are impressive.
It ’s been dozen of years since the commission was first issued in Star-Moon Kingdom, but until now, no one has ever completed it.
The Association Leader will be pleased to hear of your success.

”Now that I ’ve confirmed the validity of the Disintegration Axe, Lord Protector, please follow me to turn in the commission. ”

Renee led Shi Feng out of the VIP room and up to the Adventurer ’s Association ’s third floor.
She then led him to the Association ’s treasure room.
There were four Level 180, Tier 3 Puppet Guards stationed before the treasury.
The room was also protected by a fivefold magic array.
The security was extremely tight, and even Tier 5 players shouldn ’t consider attempting to break in.

However, as Renee was a Vice Association Leader, she had no issues leading Shi Feng into the treasury.

”Lord Protector, please wait here for a moment. ” Renee left Shi Feng at a counter inside the treasury.
She then approached the rows of display cabinets to retrieve an item.

Shi Feng was a little confused.
Normally, players turned their commission quests in at one of the first-floor counters or VIP rooms on the second floor.
This was the first time Shi Feng had entered the Adventurer ’s Association ’s treasury.

From what Shi Feng could see, he had to admit that the treasure room was a magnificent sight to behold.
From the outside, the treasury appeared to be quite small, but it was bigger on the inside.
The interior was roughly the size of two basketball courts with all sorts of items on display, some of which players could purchase from the Association.
Shi Feng had even spotted the Association ’s prized Seven Luminaries Crystal.
The crystal was as large as the VIP room ’s wooden table.
God ’s Domain ’s various superpowers would be shocked to see such a large chunk of crystal.
Even after ten years, Shadow had never collected so many Seven Luminaries Crystal.

If he could get his hands on that crystal, he could instantly upgrade his Mind Space by several ranks.

”Lord Protector, I apologize for the wait. ” Renee walked towards Shi Feng while carrying a wooden box carved with divine runes.
Smiling, she said, ”In light of you being the first adventurer in Star-Moon Kingdom to complete an SSS-rank commission, the Adventurer ’s Association has decided to offer you a choice.
You may turn the quest in and obtain the reward item that has been entrusted to us, or you may accept the reward the Adventurer ’s Association has to offer. ”

”The original reward or the Association ’s reward? ” Shi Feng was slightly confused.
This was the first time he had heard about the Adventurer ’s Association offering a different reward.

”That ’s right.
The Disintegration Axe itself is the original reward.
The current Disintegration Axe is completely unusable as it would harm both the user and others.
However, the person that issued the commission has a way to recast the axe.
As for the Adventurer ’s Association ’s reward, we ’d like to offer this wooden box. ”

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