Chapter 1379 – Unstoppable

As the golden lightning dissipated, it revealed a large clearing on the road.
Despite the Ghost Shadow Legion members having spread out, over one hundred members had died instantly under the Valkyrie ’s merciless assault.

As for Ghost Shadow, who hid a short distance away, he turned deathly pale upon seeing the devastation.

Over forty Lord ranked Evil Demons had died.
Even Level 80, Tier 3 NPCs would require quite some time to kill one Level 70 Lord, yet the Valkyrie had done so in one hit…

Although the High Lords caught in the attack hadn ’t died, they weren ’t far from death ’s door.
Four Great Lords had also sustained severe injuries, each one with a little over a third of their HP remaining.

This frightening damage and destructive power were simply unparalleled.
Ghost Shadow had never witnessed such an attack.

The Valkyrie ’s strength stupefied everyone.
For a moment, many of the surviving Ghost Shadow Legion members stood there in a daze, not knowing what to do.

Attempting to escape was meaningless.
Even if they tried to run, the Valkyrie would likely kill them before they reached the Forbidden Domain ’s boundaries.

”Don ’t panic! Spread out! The Valkyrie won ’t last very long! Such a powerful Skill has to have a long Cooldown! Maintain your distance and buy as much time as possible! ” Ghost Shadow hurriedly commanded.

While the Valkyrie ’s combat power had exceeded Ghost Shadow ’s expectations, he was no ordinary player.
He had fought countless battles to reach his current standards.
Naturally, powerful Boss monsters were among his many foes.
Not only could he calm himself quickly, but he could also devise a plan to deal with the Valkyrie.
After all, this wasn ’t his first time against the summoned creature.
When the Valkyrie had joined the first siege battle in Stone Forest Town, her pros and cons had been revealed.

As long as they were far enough apart, she couldn ’t wipe them out during the short time she could remain on the battlefield.

Hearing Ghost Shadow ’s orders, his Assassins exploded into action.
They maintained a certain distance from the Valkyrie and each other.

They sure reacted quickly.
The Ghost Shadow Legion ’s reaction time surprised Shi Feng slightly.
If the enemy players had simply scattered, running for their lives like a chaotic mob, they would ’ve been easy to slaughter.
However, by deliberately maintaining a fixed distance from the Valkyrie and attracting her attention, the summoned angel could only kill a small number of their forces.

However, the development didn ’t worry Shi Feng.
Instead, he commanded Anna indifferently.

The NPC then changed another incantation and summoned ten Rock Guardians.
The Rock Guardians formed a magic barrier around the two Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons, trapping them within.

Meanwhile, the Valkyrie vanished and reappeared before the two Grand Lords, sweeping her Spear of Thunder horizontally.
Before the two Evil Demons could react, they were sent flying over 20 yards away, slamming into the magic barrier.
Their HP bars lost another large chunk.

Crap! He ’s aiming for the Grand Lords! Ghost Shadow ’s expression darkened as he watched the summons trap his two Grand Lords.
Hurriedly, he shouted in the team chat, ”Quick! Everyone, attack the magic barrier! ”

Every Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon was incredibly precious.
Nurturing one was highly dependent on luck.

Beast Emperor had only given Heaven ’s Burial two Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons as trump cards to deal with Zero Wing.
Each Grand Lord could easily annihilate a 100-man expert team on their own.

If not for Singular Burial ’s demand that he destroy the NPC merchant fleet, he wouldn ’t have mobilized the two Grand Lords at all.

”It ’s too late! ” Shi Feng smiled.
He then activated Phantom Kill, Nine Dragons Slash, and Divine Providence.

Shi Feng, his doppelganger, and the Abyssal Blade phantoms attacked the Grand Lords together.

In front of the Valkyrie, the two Grand Lords were utterly powerless.
Hence, Shi Feng could attack to his heart ’s content.

As the Valkyrie dealt double damage to Dark Creatures, each of her attacks caused over -1,000,000 damage.
When she used the Tier 4, single-target Skill, Judgment Spear, she could eliminate over one-third of the Grand Lords ’ HP.

As for Shi Feng, he possessed the Sacred Sword Killing Ray, which also dealt double damage to Dark Creatures.
Factoring in Heavenly Dragon ’s Power, each of his strikes easily dealt over -100,000 damage.
After exhausting all nine Shadow Blade attacks, he instantly devoured over 1,000,000 HP from one of the Evil Demons.

Although Shi Feng ’s doppelganger only had 80% of his Basic Attributes, its damage shouldn ’t be underestimated, either.
Anna and Kite also bombarded the Grand Lords.

In less than six seconds, one of the two Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons collapsed as its 35,000,000 HP fell to zero.
As it fell, it dropped several items and contributed an astronomical amount of EXP, pushing Shi Feng very close to Level 57.

”Quick! Destroy the barrier! ” Ghost Shadow ’s stomach churned with anxiety as he watched one of his Grand Lords die.

However, despite both players and Evil Demons assaulting the magic barrier unhindered, the barrier remained intact.
The Rock Guardians maintaining the barrier only lost a small amount of HP.
It was clear that it would take some time to bring this barrier down.

As a result, Ghost Shadow and the others watched helplessly as the other Grand Lord rapidly lost its HP.

Of course, as time passed, the Valkyrie ’s summon duration dwindled.

When the duration had only one second left, the Valkyrie began to fade.
Meanwhile, the Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon still had over 17,000,000 HP remaining.
Seeing this, Ghost Shadow breathed a sigh of relief.

Without the Valkyrie suppression, Shi Feng would have a difficult time dealing any significant damage to the Evil Demon.
His two Personal Guards wouldn ’t change that.
Shi Feng would need a long time to kill the Grand Lord.
His subordinates should break through the barrier before that happened.

”Die! ”

Suddenly, Shi Feng shouted as his two swords released a blinding light.
A similar phenomenon occurred on his doppelganger ’s blades as well.
Both Shi Feng and his doppelganger then brandished their swords at the Evil Demon ’s back.

Flame Burst!

Every strike dealt over -800,000 damage, with some doubling that due to a critical hit.
By the time Shi Feng and his doppelganger landed all thirty strikes, the Evil Demon ’s remaining 17,000,000-plus HP had fallen to zero.

”Impossible! ” Ghost Shadow was stunned.

Ghost Shadow wasn ’t the only one shocked.
Shi Feng ’s burst damage flabbergasted everyone on the Ghost Shadow Legion.

He had wiped out over 17,000,000 of a Grand Lord ’s HP in the blink of an eye.
This kind of explosive power was simply unheard of for a player.

Upon killing the second Grand Lord, Shi Feng had also risen to Level 57.

Although both Grand Lords had dropped plenty of valuable loot, as Shi Feng was still in the midst of a battle, he swept the items into his bag without sparing them a second look.

”Commander, what should we do now? ” the blue-clad Assassin asked worriedly as he watched Shi Feng inside the magic barrier.
When he saw the man ’s smile, he could not help but shudder.

If Shi Feng could instantly kill a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon with half of its HP, who could possibly stop him on this battlefield?

”Retreat! This place is no longer safe for us. ” Ghost Shadow sighed helplessly.

Although the Valkyrie was no more, they had lost their only combatants capable of contending with Shi Feng.
If they stayed and fought, they ’d be nothing more than EXP and loot.
Based on the strength the Swordsman had displayed here, it was clear that attempting to kill him was futile.

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