Chapter 1387 – Advanced Auction House

”Got it.
I ’ll definitely be there. ” Shi Feng chuckled before disconnecting the call.

While Zero Wing might be famous in Star-Moon Kingdom, in the Black Dragon Empire and other countries, only large Guilds would have a clear understanding of it.
Ordinary players and the like would at most have only heard Zero Wing ’s name.
After all, God ’s Domain was very large with many Guilds in it.
There were Guilds rising to and falling from prominence every day.
Just keeping up with the latest news within one ’s own country was already a difficult task, not to mention news in other kingdoms and empires.

One could only do so by devoting all of their time to researching the various kingdoms and empires and nothing else.
However, the consequence of doing something like this was a halt in their progress in the game, something unacceptable to most players.

If one spoke about Zero Wing ’s popularity among the players of the Black Dragon Empire, it might not even be comparable to that of a second-rate Guild in the empire.

After all, the majority of the players in God ’s Domain would not leave the country they belonged to at this stage of the game.
Moreover, the official forums were also region-based.
One could access only the forums of the country they were in.
Hence, the only way one could access the forums of another country was by personally traveling to said country.

As a result, the knowledge that ordinary players and a large majority of elite players had regarding other kingdoms and empires was limited to the various ranking lists created by the Secret Pavilion.
In fact, before becoming the Guild Leader of Shadow, Shi Feng had also been in a similar situation.

If not for the Secret Pavilion hosting ranking competitions in the various countries, he wouldn ’t have been able to find out about the experts of the many kingdoms and empires or the well-known Guilds and adventurer teams.

Following which, Shi Feng pulled up the relevant data for Guild members and began choosing the new members for the Dark Gods Legion.

Previously, as there were too few slots available in the Dark Gods Legion, he had set in place an elimination system to replace underperforming members.
Now that the Power of Darkness slots had doubled in number, he needed to select new members for the Dark Gods Legion properly.
After all, becoming a member of the Dark Gods Legion was already equivalent to becoming one of Zero Wing ’s core members.
The benefits they enjoyed were second only to what the main force members received.

Fortunately, Aqua Rose had already compiled a list of reserve members for the Dark Gods Legion and would frequently update it.
The members on this list normally had excellent performances in the Guild and displayed rapid improvement.
Their individual strength ranked near the top among elite members as well.
Moreover, Aqua Rose had also carried out a detailed investigation into their backgrounds.
Hence, the likelihood of them being spies from other Guilds was very low.

”Hm? These people have actually joined Zero Wing too? ” As Shi Feng was going through the reserve member list, he suddenly discovered the names of a few players that had been peak experts in Star-Moon Kingdom in the past.

The Elementalist Carefree Wind, nicknamed the Magic Breaker.
He was once an independent expert ranked within the top 30 of Star-Moon Kingdom ’s Elementalist rankings.
Carefree Wind always operated solo.
Despite many large Guilds ’ attempts to recruit him, none of them had ever succeeded in doing so.

The Assassin Cool Breeze.
He was similarly an expert on Star-Moon Kingdom ’s Assassin rankings.
At his peak, he had managed to get within the top 15.

Shi Feng could not help but sigh ruefully when he noticed that various peak experts of Star-Moon Kingdom in his previous life had actually joined Zero Wing.

It was no wonder people often said that Zero Wing was rife with experts.
When he looked at this list now, those words really were true.
Given enough time and opportunities, these people would definitely become peerless experts in the future.
At that time, nobody would dare say that Zero Wing was lacking in peak experts.

Just as Shi Feng was going through the reserve member list, he suddenly received a call from Melancholic Smile.

”Guild Leader, I ’ve already gathered the 100 architects you ’ve asked for at the Guild Residence ’s first-floor reception room.
They can start working at any time, ” Melancholic Smile said.

The Architect class was originally a very unpopular subclass.
Even though the Candlelight Trading Firm had already recruited quite a number before, trying to gather 100 architects was not an easy task.

With so many architects, they could already reconstruct Stone Forest Town all over again.

”Okay, I ’ll head over right away. ” Shi Feng nodded.

Inside the first-floor reception room, 100 architects had gathered.
Currently, some of them wore nervous expressions, while others looked excited.
After all, this was the first time their Guild Leader, Black Flame, had asked to meet with them directly.

Black Flame was someone everybody in Star-Moon Kingdom knew about.
He was a living legend.
Just before this, he had even single-handedly defeated a small army of Evil Demons as well as sent Heaven ’s Burial ’s experts running for their lives.

”I wonder what the Guild Leader has called so many of us here for? ”

”I suspect that the Guild might be planning on nurturing a few architects.
I heard that some time ago, the Guild decided to nurture some alchemists.
As a result, during this period, those alchemists in the trading firm have been practicing like crazy.
They ’ve all locked themselves up in their workshops and have declared they would get within the top 10 of some competition. ”

”I also heard about that.
Moreover, I heard that it triggered a frenzy among the alchemists in the entire Star-Moon Kingdom.
Right now, many capable Alchemists are trying to join the Candlelight Trading Firm to compete for the top 10 rankings for that competition. ”

”I ’m not asking for much.
As long as I can become a core member, I will be able to rely on God ’s Domain to earn a stable income in the future. ”

”Stop dreaming.
It ’s very difficult for Lifestyle players to become core members in Zero Wing.
After all, Zero Wing ’s core members all receive a considerably high fixed monthly salary. ”

I ’ve just managed to get promoted to Advanced Architect.
There are only a few Advanced Architects in the entire Candlelight Trading Firm.
Even if I can ’t become a core member, as long as I work hard enough, I should still have a great chance to become an internal member.
Unlike the forgers, alchemists, and engineers of the trading firm, I don ’t have to break my back to become an internal member.
Even after reaching the Advanced rank, those guys can become only official members of the trading firm. ”

”I knew I should ’ve become an architect sooner.
If I did, I would ’ve also become an Advanced Architect by now. ”

While everyone was chatting, Shi Feng entered the reception room.
Immediately, the architects inside the room rose to attention.
The room also fell dead silent as everyone looked speechlessly at Shi Feng, anxiety apparent on their faces.

They had reacted this way not because they wanted to.
Rather, their bodies had responded instinctively to Shi Feng entering the room.

After Shi Feng upgraded the Seven Luminaries Ring, his Basic Attributes soared significantly, so much so that he had yet to adapt to the change fully.
Hence, if he wasn ’t paying attention, his aura would flow out freely.
Moreover, now that the Bible of Darkness was partially repaired, the book added a layer of darkness and coldness to his aura.

As a result, when everyone looked at Shi Feng, they felt as if they were going up against a Great Lord ranked Demon.
Even elite players, who were fond of combat, would feel a significant amount of pressure from Shi Feng ’s aura; what more low-leveled Lifestyle players like themselves?

”So strong! ”

”So this person is our Guild Leader? ”

”Why do I feel my legs going soft? ”

Previously, everyone had only ever seen Shi Feng through videos.
Now that they were looking at him up close, the reverence they felt towards Shi Feng grew even greater.

”Sit, ” Shi Feng said nonchalantly.

Immediately, like well-trained soldiers, everyone sat down in unison with serious expressions.
Seeing this scene, Shi Feng could not help but smile bitterly.
Was he really that frightening?

”The reason why I ’ve gathered you all here today is to build a large structure.
However, before I tell you the exact details, you ’ll need to sign an agreement.
By signing this contract, Basic and Intermediate Architects will directly become official members of the Candlelight Trading Firm, while Advanced Architects will become internal members, ” Shi Feng explained.

”Crap! Even Basic Architects get to become official members?! ”

”Hahaha! My decision to become an architect was the right one after all! ”

Hearing Shi Feng ’s words, nearly everyone in the room cried out in shock.
The Candlelight Trading Firm was Star-Moon Kingdom ’s number one trading firm.
It was also a holy land for Lifestyle players.
The benefits it offered was at the top of the industry.
Hence, countless Lifestyle players wanted to join the trading firm.
However, because of this popularity, becoming an official member of the trading firm was extremely difficult.

Normally, when an Advanced Lifestyle player joined another Guild, they would almost always receive the treatment of a core member.
In Candlelight, however, Advanced Lifestyle players would only qualify as official members.
One could just imagine how difficult it was to become an official member of the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Meanwhile, if an Advanced Lifestyle player wished to become an internal member of Candlelight, they would have to top all sorts of competitions.
Yet, now, they could become internal members just by being Advanced Architects.
It was simply inconceivable.

Immediately, everyone signed the agreement without hesitation.

With the contracts dealt with, Shi Feng nodded and said, ”Since no one has any problems, let ’s move to today ’s main topic. ”

Saying so, he took out a very large construction design from his bag.
Compared to ordinary construction designs, this one was nearly three times bigger.
Moreover, the design consisted of a thick stack of papers.

When everyone read the words written on the construction design, they gasped.

The Advanced Auction House Design!

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