Chapter 1423 – Flame Witch

The instant Yan Tianxing activated Stealth and disappeared, Zhao Yueru summoned the Lord ranked Frostflame Cheetah beside her.
She then proceeded to double-speed-cast.

Tier 1 Spell, Flame Orb!

Tier 1 Spell, Flame Rain!

Both Spells were AOE attacks and among the best Zhao Yueru had to locate a stealthed Assassin.

As long as a player could reveal an Assassin, the stealthed player’s combat power would decrease by half.
An Assassin’s most powerful advantage was its assassination capabilities.
The first strike was particularly powerful.
In a confrontation, however, they were even weaker than Berserkers and Swordsmen.

In the blink of an eye, a sea of fire swept across Yan Tianxing’s previous location.

But even after the two Spells decimated the stage, the Assassin was nowhere to be seen.

“The Flame Witch reacted so quickly, but she still couldn’t expose Yan Tianxing! How fast is he?!”

“As expected of the second-ranked Assassin in the empire.
His concealment technique is amazing.
Despite seeing him the moment he disappeared, I still can’t lock onto his aura.”

“I even activated Enhanced Five Senses, yet I can’t detect him either.”

The participants below the stage were shocked as they watched the sea of fire engulf the stage.

By the time the match began, Zhao Yueru had already begun casting her Spells.
There had only been a two-second delay before her attacks struck Yan Tianxing’s starting location, yet neither AOE had revealed the Assassin.

What shocked these players even more was the man’s concealment technique.

The magic barrier around the main stage contained attacks within.
Meanwhile, Observation and Perception Skills wouldn’t be affected.

Despite the waiting participants activating their Perception Skills, no one could detect Yan Tianxing.
This was the first time they had encountered such a situation.
These Skill’s specific purpose was to counter the Stealth Skill.

Zhao Yueru had also activated her own Perception Skill, which allowed her to detect all stealthed players within a 40-yard radius.

Generally, if magical-class player allowed a stealthed Assassin to ambush them, they’d die instantly.
Only plate armor classes with high HP and Defense could survive an Assassin’s first barrage.

She could not allow her opponent to close in.

“A futile struggle.” Yi Luofei, who stood below the stage, smiled as she watched Zhao Yueru.

The True Orb Yan Tianxing had obtained improved Assassins’ strength tremendously.
The commander wouldn’t have challenged Shadow Light, the number one Assassin in the Black Dragon Empire, without it.
Not even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could do anything against that man.

Meanwhile, one of the True Orb’s effects increased stealth related Skills by 100%.
This halved the effectiveness of other players’ perception-related Skills.
As a result, Perception Skills with a 40-yard range would only detect Yan Tianxing when he was within 20 yards.

Although the difference was only 20 yards, it could determine whether or not a player died.
Within that range, Assassins could use Shadow Steps, appearing directly behind a player.

Yan Tianxiang quietly circled to 25 yards behind Zhao Yueru, but he didn’t rush in to attack.

Although Shadow Steps allowed him to appear behind Zhao Yueru instantly, Zhao Yueru was an Elementalist.
If she reacted quickly enough, she could use an Invulnerability Skill or Blink to escape.
He needed to find her blind spot, leaving her no opportunity to defend herself.

However, Zhao Yueru was no greenhorn.
Every player had weak points and blind spots, and it was especially true for their backs.
Hence, Zhao Yueru had stationed the Frostflame Cheetah behind her.
Not only would this hinder Yan Tianxing’s vision and boost her defense, but she could also launch a powerful counterattack on the off chance Yan Tianxing attacked or stunned her.

For a time, all anyone could see was Zhao Yueru standing in the center of the stage with the Frostflame Cheetah watching her back as she launched one Tier 0 Spell after another.

Meanwhile, Yan Tianxing continued to circle his opponent, searching for an opportunity to strike.

After nearly three minutes, Yan Tianxing could not help but admire Zhao Yueru’s tenacity.
The Elementalist left him no openings.
The Frostflame Cheetah, in particular, posed a huge problem.

It seems that I’ll have to use that move. Yan Tianxing smiled bitterly as he examined Zhao Yueru’s impeccable defense.

Suddenly, Yan Tianxing split into two identical copies with the same Attributes.
The two clones were impossible to differentiate.
Both copies remained Stealthed.

This move was one of the True Orb’s Skills, True Phantom.
It allowed the user to summon a doppelganger that had 100% of the player’s Attributes and every skill the user had learned.
The Skill had a three-minute duration.
If either the doppelganger or the main body survived the duration, the user would as well.

When Yan Tianxing had activated True Phantom, Zhao Yueru had ceased her bombardment.
Taking a deep breath, she examined her surroundings.

“Since you don’t want to come out, I’ll force you to!” Zhao Yueru waved Frostflame’s Wrath.

With Zhao Yueru as the center, a translucent barrier ballooned outward.
In the blink of an eye, the barrier enveloped a radius of 100 yards, half of the stage.

This was Frostflame’s Wrath’s second Active Skill, Frostflame Space.
When activated, its effects would resemble that of a Domain.

Yan Tianxing immediately felt his Attributes decrease.
In the blink of an eye, he only had 70% of his total Attributes remaining.
In contrast, Zhao Yueru’s aura had grown significantly more powerful.

“What?!” Yi Luofei stared at his enemy in shock.

Suddenly, two more Zhao Yuerus appeared on the stage.
One of them wore flaming-red robes, while the other was clad in icy-blue.
These two doppelgangers possessed 100% of the caster’s Attributes, and both radiated a terrifying aura of their own.


Yan Tianxing quickly realized how severe his situation was.
If Zhao Yueru and her two doppelgangers bombarded the stage randomly, they would find him.
Immediately, Yan Tianxing responded with Shadow Steps, appearing behind Zhao Yueru’s real body.
He thrust his silver daggers towards the woman’s head and back.
His actions were utterly silent and without a hint of killing intent.

So fast! Despite her five senses pushed to their limits, the Flame Witch only noticed that she was under attack after the Assassin’s daggers were moving.

However, when Yan Tianxing’s daggers were only an inch away from reaching Zhao Yueru, the latter vanished and reappeared 15 yards away.

Close one! Zhao Yueru breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Yan Tianxing, whose figure had finally appeared.
If not for this being a match and her heightened senses, she would’ve fallen prey to the man’s daggers.

However, as soon as relaxed her guard a little, another Yan Tianxing appeared behind her.

Tier 1 Taboo Skill, Hidden Blade!

The Yan Tianxing vanished again before immediately reappearing before the Elementalist.
Before Zhao Yueru could react, six black shadows flew towards Zhao Yueru’s heart, each attack dealing over -30,000 damage.
The woman’s HP instantly plummeted to zero.

“What?!” Everyone in the arena was dumbfounded when they saw Zhao Yueru hit the ground.

Who could possibly avoid such an attack?

Despite everyone’s belief that the match was over, the bell never signified its end.
Unexpectedly, Zhao Yueru’s doppelgangers smiled from beside her ‘real’ body.
Both responded by waving their staffs.

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