Chapter 1446 – Instant-kill

Hearing Feather Wind ’s question, Shi Feng turned to look at the man.

Although Feather Wind was a Level 45 Elementalist, his equipment was ordinary for his level.
Only half of his equipment consisted of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment, while the other half consisted of Level 40 Fine-Gold Equipment.

As for the other Level 44 players, only a small number possessed one or two pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment, while most didn ’t even have one.
It was astounding to see.

At this stage of the game, at least half of the equipment worn by the various large Guilds ’ experts should be Level 40 Dark-Gold rank.
It wasn ’t even surprising to see an expert in a full set of Dark-Gold Equipment.
After all, God ’s Domain ’s mainstream players were still some distance from Level 40, so the demand for better equipment wasn ’t that high yet.

Could the drop-rate for Level 40 Equipment be low here? Shi Feng guessed.

God ’s Domain had many Otherworlds.
Generally, expert players started to encounter these worlds after reaching Level 40.

Each world had a different development model.
In the Dark Den, for example, players used different play styles from those in God ’s Domain.

Leveling up must be easier in the Ice Crystal World.
In return, though, the drop-rate for equipment was lacking.

Shi Feng glanced around him again.
Although he had just arrived, he easily inferred what was going on.
Banditry was common everywhere, after all.

Although, large forces fighting over a measly Level 48 High Lord were still considerably rare.

Of course, Shi Feng was more interested in the Ice-toothed Tiger ’s loot than he was in the situation before him.

Not a single weapon or piece of equipment lay among the Boss ’s loot.
In fact, four of the five items that had dropped were materials, while the last was a Tier 2 Magic Scroll.

Most players would curse their bad luck for such drops, but the High Lord ’s loot was shockingly attractive to a Master Forger like Shi Feng.
The four materials were extremely valuable, and the most valuable among them was the Arctic Manatite.
This treasure was even difficult to obtain from a Manatite vein.

A single ingot of Arctic Manatite would ’ve sold for over 50 Gold in the past.
It was a necessary material for producing Epic ranked weapons with ice effects.

Shi Feng was also surprised to find that his Weakened debuff from activating Twofold Berserk was gone, though his Berserk Skills were still on Cooldown.

”What? Didn ’t you hear what I just said? ” Feather Wind ’s gaze turned frosty as he glared at Shi Feng.

He had only asked for the Swordsman ’s identity due to his sudden appearance.
Even with his Observation Skill, Shi Feng ’s data listed as ’Unknown. ’

Since he was dealing with an unfamiliar player, he had mentioned his Guild ’s name to gauge Shi Feng ’s reaction.

Matchless Family was one of Cold Wind City ’s two major Guilds.
Everyone in the region recognized the name.
The only power capable of competing with the Guild was Centurion Dynasty.

However, Shi Feng seemed unaffected.
The man even ignored him, Matchless Family ’s Vice Guild Leader.
This was the first time he had encountered this situation since joining God ’s Domain.

Let alone Solitary Nine, Aurora Sword ’s commander, even Sky Slicer, Centurion Dynasty ’s Guild Leader, would not dare to disregard his existence.

”Is this guy a fool? Or is he scared senseless? He actually dares to ignore our Vice Guild Leader? ”

”This guy is dead.
After angering our Vice Guild Leader, he ’ll probably have to delete his account. ”

Matchless Family ’s members watched Shi Feng with ridicule and pity.

They still remembered the adventurer team that had refused to leave their Guild ’s leveling spot after Feather Wind had warned them not to linger.
In the end, Feather Wind had led a force to slaughter the adventurer team over a dozen times.
Those players had only lingered for about ten seconds…

Now, the mysterious man before them ignored Feather Wind entirely.
Not even the heavens could save him now.

Suddenly, Solitary Nine sent Shi Feng a whisper, ”Friend, you best reply to his question and get out of here.
He is the Vice Guild Leader of Matchless Family.
He can easily eliminate anyone in Cold Wind City. ”

Cold Wind City? The Vice Guild Leader of Matchless Family? Shi Feng turned to Feather Wind in surprise.

Hearing Solitary Nine ’s warning, he realized that this world wasn ’t like the Dark Den.
This world had NPC cities, and by the looks of it, this Matchless Family Guild seemed to rule over Cold Wind City.
However, the fact that a large Guild ’s Vice Guild Leader wore such poor equipment shocked Shi Feng.

Even the upper echelons in Star-Moon Kingdom ’s large Guilds were fully geared in Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment, much less the Vice Guild Leaders.
It seemed that the equipment standards here were far more than a little inferior to those in God ’s Domain.

”It ’s too late for you to realize your mistake. ” When Feather Wind saw Shi Feng ’s surprise, he sneered and said, ”I ’ll bury you alongside Solitary Nine and the others! ”

Saying so, Feather Wind activated the Dead Soul Scroll.

Suddenly, a magic array appeared above Shi Feng and the party from Aurora Sword.
They all felt an evil presence wrap around them, and a special debuff appeared in their status windows.

[Soul Lock]
Death penalty multiplied.
Effect will persist after player has died.
Duration: 12 hours

The Dead Soul Scroll? Surprise flashed in Shi Feng ’s eyes once again when he saw his status window.

The Dead Soul Scroll was a super-rare Magic Scroll and the best tool to destroy an enemy.
Not only did the scroll lack side-effects, but it was also an AOE, which made it impossible to dodge.
If players died within the 12 hours, they would suffer a far more severe death penalty than normal.
Meanwhile, the more times a player died during the debuff ’s duration, the heavier the penalty would become.

Targets weren ’t even safe in NPC cities, and when they logged out of the game, the duration would pause until they logged back in.
Only after 12 hours in God ’s Domain would players be free of the debuff.

Hence, the Dead Soul Scrolls were even as valuable as Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls.

Most players avoid using them unless they had a deep hatred for their target.

”Friend, I truly apologize for this.
I did not expect to drag you into my mess with Matchless Family.
I ’ll do my best to open a path for you.
Try to escape, ” Solitary Nine hurriedly said.
He then turned towards his teammates and said, ”You guys have to try to get away, too. ”

He was a Shield Warrior.
He could never escape so many players without some special tool.
He could only help his allies get away.

”Commander! ”

”Big Brother Solitary?! ”

The other five party members worried for their commander.
They were very familiar with Solitary Nine ’s strength.
If he focused on getting away himself, he had some hope, but he had given that up to help them escape.
Should Solitary Nine die, it would take a very long time to recover the lost EXP and equipment.

”Escape? ” Shi Feng smiled and shook his head.
He then slowly approached Feather Wind.

”What is he trying to do? ” Yan Ya watched this newcomer in confusion.

”He ’s not trying to beg for mercy, is he? ”

”What a fool! That ’s Feather Wind! If begging for mercy worked, he wouldn ’t have killed so many players in Cold Wind City. ”

Aurora Sword ’s members were flabbergasted as they stared at Shi Feng.

Feather Wind was well-known for his ruthlessness in Cold Wind City.
He was a vicious person that never accepted apologies.

”What? You want to beg for mercy? ” Feather Wind sneered at Shi Feng as the man moved closer.

As everyone waited for the Swordsman ’s reply, Shi Feng vanished.

”Where is he? ” Feather Wind searched his surroundings.

Everyone was stunned.
They had never seen a Swordsman disappear like an Assassin.

In the next second, however, Shi Feng reappeared beside Feather Wind.
Before anyone realized it, two sword lights blossomed on Feather Wind ’s mage robes.

The man ’s vision darkened as his lifeless body dropped to the ground…

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