Chapter 1452 – Overwhelming Difference


It seemed as if time had stopped.
The fighting players from both Guilds froze as they stared at the particles of light that had once been Thundering Sky and his subordinates.

All of a sudden, a large, empty space had opened on the crowded street.
Even now, faint arcs of electricity flickered around the clearing.

In a single move, Shi Feng had killed hundreds of Matchless Family ’s players.

Thundering Sky, who ranked among Cold Wind City ’s top 10 players, had died before their eyes.
He hadn ’t even put up the slightest fight before he had died.
It was hard to believe that an ordinary-looking Swordsman with a blue longsword had been responsible for this.

When Solitary Nine and the others, who stood behind Shi Feng, saw this, they could not help but gasp, the corners of their lips twitching slightly.

They already knew that Shi Feng was very powerful, but it now seemed that Shi Feng hadn ’t taken his fight with Feather Wind seriously.

”Just who is this guy? ” The corners of Sky Slicer ’s eyes twitched as he stared at the empty clearing a short distance away.

He wouldn ’t have been so surprised if Shi Feng had been a magical-class player.
However, this was the first time he had seen a Swordsman in God ’s Domain possessing such a powerful Skill.
Moreover, this Skill had such a short channeling time, giving the Skill ’s targets no time to react.

”How is this possible? The Guild Leader died? ”

Matchless Family ’s members were at a loss.
Everything had happened too quickly.

”He killed our Guild Leader! We can ’t let him get away! ”

”That Skill must have a long Cooldown! He can ’t use it again anytime soon! Kill him! ”

Suddenly, Matchless Family ’s members turned their attention away from Centurion Dynasty as they charged at Shi Feng.

A Guild Leader was directly connected to the Guild ’s reputation.
The fact that this man had killed their Guild Leader instantly humiliated every one of them.
If they did not kill Shi Feng right now, Matchless Family ’s reputation would suffer.
This would severely impact their Guild ’s development.

”Damn it! Matchless Family ’s players have lost their minds! ” Tension gripped Solitary Nine as he watched the players swarm towards him.

However, before the Matchless Family ’s members reached their group, Shi Feng pointed Killing Ray at the approaching crowd.

Dragon Breath!

Suddenly, a beam of white light shot forth.
The white light vaporized any player it touched.

In the blink of an eye, several hundred more players had died…

After using Dragon Breath, Shi Feng followed up with Dragon ’s Authority, inflicting the Fear debuff on all enemies within a 50-yard radius, reducing their Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 40% for one minute.

Everyone within the Skill ’s range felt as if they had plunged into a muddy swamp.
Following which, Shi Feng activated Defensive Blade, increasing his attack range.
He then took a step forward and vanished.

”Where is he? ” As the crowd recovered from the shock and fear Shi Feng ’s Dragon Breath had inflicted, the man had disappeared.
They could not help their growing confusion.

However, before anyone had realized it, Shi Feng had reappeared among Matchless Family ’s members.
He lightly swung his two swords at the nearby enemies.


A tornado formed around Shi Feng.
Following which, all players within 15 yards of Shi Feng collapsed, staring at their empty HP bars in a daze.
Not even the MTs with high HP had escaped Shi Feng ’s wrath.

Following which, Shi Feng advanced once again.
This time, however, he didn ’t execute Void Steps.
Instead, he left numerous afterimages trailing behind him as he moved forward.
At the same time, he brandished his swords without a care in the world, slaughtering every player that came within 15 yards.
None of the players within his range escaped death ’s embrace.
In fact, they couldn ’t even block or dodge the Swordsman ’s attacks.

One after another, Matchless Family ’s members transformed into particles of light.
Shi Feng looked like a god of death as he claimed these players ’ lives.
Nobody could even slow him down.

Although the Guild ’s ranged players tried to stop Shi Feng, their attempts were little more than a joke.
They couldn ’t even keep up with Shi Feng ’s movements with their eyes, much less land an attack.
They could only watch as particles of light floated in the air…

”He can ’t be a player! He must be a Demon in disguise! ”

”He ’s a monster! A monster in human skin! We need to run! ”

After a brief moment, Shi Feng had killed another several hundred players.
Panic overwhelmed Matchless Family members as they watched Shi Feng reap their allies ’ lives.
At this point, they had forgotten about avenging their Guild Leader and restoring their Guild ’s reputation.
They could only think of getting as far away from Shi Feng as possible.

They had never seen such a terrifying player before.
Compared to Shi Feng, the strongest Boss monster they had ever faced looked cute.
After all, they had some hope of damaging a Boss.
Against Shi Feng, however, they couldn ’t even resist.
How was this supposed to be a PvP battle? This was just a one-sided massacre.

Like frightened rats, the thousands of Matchless Family members scattered and fled in all directions.

The players watching from a safe distance were stupefied.

Before today, they had seen thousands of players pursue a single person.
They had never watched one player chase after a 10,000-man army.
This scene had shattered everything they had thought they knew about God ’s Domain.

”Isn ’t he a little too strong…? Just who is he? ” Solitary Nine was beyond shocked.

An individual having the power to suppress an entire Guild only ever happened in his dreams, yet he watched as that dream became a reality.

What Solitary Nine did not know was that, while Cold Wind City ’s players might be stronger than those in God ’s Domain as forgers, their weapons and equipment were nothing in comparison.
To prove this point, not one player from Matchless Family dropped an Epic Weapon or piece of equipment.
The best they had was Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment.
On the other hand, Shi Feng wielded three Fragmented Legendary items.

He was also a Tier 2 player.
With both advantages, the difference between Shi Feng and his opponents was horrifying.

As the other players from Aurora Sword watched Shi Feng ’s massacre, an indescribable excitement bloomed in their chests.
They were fully aware that Shi Feng was a player.
They fully intended to boast to their friends that they had met such a powerful expert.

After around 30 seconds, the originally clogged street was empty of players.
Only Shi Feng and a bunch of weapons and equipment remained.
The survivors from Matchless Family had long since fled the battlefield.

Despite so many items covering the street, none of the spectators moved forward to steam them.
On the contrary, they distanced themselves from the loot, making sure that at least a hundred yards lay between them and the nearest item.

As for the NPC guards, they spared Shi Feng little more than a glance before pursuing Matchless Family ’s surviving members.

In NPC cities, the NPC guards would target the side that attacked first.
Matchless Family members had teamed up before surrounding Shi Feng.
If any member of the team attacked, they would implicate the entire team in the crime.
Hence, within a fixed amount of time, Shi Feng could kill as many members of the team as he wanted without receiving any punishment from the system.

Even if this mechanic hadn ’t existed, Shi Feng could ’ve simply found a secluded location and altered his appearance with the Demon Mask.
With Nightwalker Cape ’s passive concealment effect, not even high-tiered NPC guards could touch him.

After crushing Matchless Family members, Shi Feng didn ’t hurry to collect his loot.
Instead, he smiled as he turned to Sky Slicer, who stood a short distance away, saying, ”Guild Leader Slicer, now that the problem has been dealt with, may I know what business you have with me? ”

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