Chapter 1459 – Battle for Number One

”A bet? ” Smiling, Lifeless Thorn responded without hesitation, ”That won ’t be a problem.
Even if you hadn ’t offered, I would have.
I just wonder if you ’re brave enough to accept my wager. ”

When they heard Lifeless Thorn ’s reply, Wave Heart ’s members sent Shi Feng provocative glances.
At the same time, their gazes contained a hint of pity.
They acted as if they already knew this bet ’s outcome.

Solitary Nine finally realized what was happening.
Quickly, he whispered to Shi Feng, ”Commander, you must not agree to his bet! He wants your combat techniques.
Not long ago, he had challenged every expert in Cold Wind City who had their own combat technique and forced the defeated to teach him.
That ’s why he ’s become so powerful. ”

”Combat techniques? ” Realization dawned on Shi Feng.

He had been confused by how fast Lifeless Thorn had accepted his offer.
Now, he knew why the man was so eager.

He had proposed the bet to create an opportunity where he could recruit Lifeless Thorn into the Asura adventurer team; he hadn ’t expected this Berserker to have designs on him as well.

Combat techniques were precious in God ’s Domain.
The various large Guilds that had their own only taught their most important members.
Everyone else would have to rely on others ’ battle videos, either mimicking those with combat techniques or creating their own

Shi Feng now understood why Lifeless Thorn had risen so quickly on God ’s Domain ’s continent.

”You ’re the one who suggested a bet.
Are you chickening out? ” Lifeless Thorn ridiculed as he glanced at Shi Feng.

”I have no issues.
I ’ll accept your wager as long as it is within my capabilities to fulfill.

Every core member in Zero Wing could learn the Guild ’s combat techniques.
Even if Lifeless Thorn didn ’t want to gamble combat techniques, if he joined Asura, he could easily purchase them with enough Contribution Points…

”Good! ” Hearing Shi Feng ’s reply, Lifeless Thurn hurriedly said, ”My request is simple.
If I win, you teach me that special footwork technique you used earlier.
If you win, you can ask for whatever you want. ”

Ordinary players would have watched Shi Feng ’s battle against Matchless Family as entertainment; they wouldn ’t have examined the Swordsman ’s skills.
However, he had realized that Shi Feng ’s disappearing act wasn ’t the result of a Skill, but due to the man employing a special footwork technique to fool his opponents ’ eyes.

He had never even heard of such powerful footwork before.
Compared to this combat technique, those he had learned were garbage.

Although Asura had declared that its members could purchase combat techniques with Contribution Points, he was fully aware that there were differences between techniques.
This Swordsman would never let his adventurer team ’s members trade CP for such an effective footwork technique.

”This guy really has a big appetite! He ’s actually aiming for Big Brother Ye Feng ’s unique combat technique right of the bat! He is shameless! ” Yan Ya stared at Lifeless Thorn with contempt.
Solitary Nine and the others nodded in agreement.

They had a rough understanding of combat techniques, as well.
For example, offensive combat techniques were the most common, while defensive combat techniques were much rarer.
Footwork and breathing techniques were the rarest, capable of enhancing a player ’s maneuverability.
If a player learned one of those, their combat power could reach a whole new level.

Yet, despite understanding the value of such a technique, Lifeless Thorn shamelessly asked for it.

”That ’s all? ” Shi Feng asked.

”Yeah, that ’s all I want.
Do you accept? ” Lifeless Thorn nodded, curious about Shi Feng ’s calm reaction.

”I don ’t have any problems with that.
My request is pretty simple as well.
If I win, you have to join the Asura adventurer team, ” Shi Feng said, smiling.

I ’ll join Asura if you can defeat me, ” Lifeless Thorn agreed without hesitation.
However, he continued, ”To ensure that our duel is fair, we ’ll use Balance Mode. ”

An uproar ripped through the crowd when they heard this.

”Lifeless Thorn, aren ’t you asking for too much?! Not only have you asked for a powerful combat technique if you win, but you dare to ask for Balanced Mode?! You ’re Cold Wind City ’s number one expert! How is this ’fair?! ’ ” Solitary Nine cursed.

In a Balanced Mode PvP, the opponent ’s Basic Attributes would equalize, and any level or tier suppression would be rendered useless.
Normally, players only used this mode if they wanted to compare their techniques.

”Although I like PvP, I have no interest in one-sided oppression, ” Lifeless Thorn declared righteously.

After watching Shi Feng ’s battle video, he realized how high the Swordsman ’s Basic Attributes were.
He definitely wasn ’t a match for the Swordsman.
Although he was proud of his strength, he wasn ’t blindly confident.

Let ’s use Balanced Mode. ” The suggestion didn ’t particularly surprise Shi Feng.
If Lifeless Thorn could not tell the difference between their Basic Attributes despite watching his battle video, he wouldn ’t want to recruit the man for the Asura adventurer team.

Let ’s sign a contract, then. ” Hearing Shi Feng ’s consent, Lifeless Thorn pulled out a contract he had prepared earlier.
All it was missing was Shi Feng ’s signature.

After reading through the contract, Shi Feng signed it.
With the Main God System as the judge, no one could deny the duel ’s outcome.

Following which, Shi Feng and Lifeless Thorn headed to one of the Divine Colosseum ’s combat rooms.

The combat room, which could accommodate up to 10,000 spectators, was full.
The large screen in the main hall would live-stream the duel.
Almost every player in Cold Wind City with nothing better to do made their way to the Divine Colosseum to watch the match.

This duel would determine Cold Wind City ’s true number one expert.
No one wanted to miss this.

”Asura ’s commander is pretty arrogant.
He dares to face Lifeless Thorn in Balanced Mode.
He ’ll humiliate himself, ” Cleansing Whistle stated, smiling faintly at Shi Feng, who stood in the arena.

”That ’s right! Brother Lifeless ’s Split Spear is no laughing matter.
Even Shadowless, the city ’s second-ranked expert, couldn ’t evade it after activating a Berserk Skill.
Now that Brother Lifeless has the Thunder Spear, his Split Spear is even stronger.
He can probably instant-kill Shadowless now, ” a Level 45 Shield Warrior said, nodding.

While Wave Heart ’s members merrily chatted, the timer above the stage began to count down.

As if he had become someone completely different, Lifeless Thorn began to release a bone-chilling killing intent.
The look in his eyes had changed as well.
He felt like a ferocious beast.
Tension gripped the stage as the seconds ticked by, and the players in the stands felt stifled.

The moment the timer reached zero, Lifeless Thorn activated Twofold Berserk, his aura becoming explosively intense.
The Berserker knew he couldn ’t afford to be careless against Shi Feng.

If this fight had happened before he had obtained the Lightning Saint ’s Legacy, he would have hesitated to challenge Shi Feng.
The Swordsman ’s combat techniques were clearly superior to his.
He would ’ve been asking for a beating if he had challenged the man to a Balanced Mode duel.

However, Peak Legacies granted Legacy Berserk Skills, which could be used in conjunction with ordinary Berserk Skills.
If he activated Twofold Berserk, his Basic Attributes would exceed Shi Feng ’s by leaps and bounds.
Even if Shi Feng ’s combat standards were superior, the Swordsman could never make up for the gap in Attributes.

”I have a hidden class! Don ’t blame me for hiding it! You only have yourself to blame for being careless! I ’ll gladly take that footwork technique now! ” Lifeless Thorn smiled at Shi Feng before activating Charge and advancing.

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