Chapter 1486 – Assembly of Experts

”They ’re done already? ” Shi Feng was a little confused.
As far as he could remember, the Dragon Slayer Class-change Quest wasn ’t an easy one.
”Alright, tell them to hurry and join us. ”

Honestly, he had been somewhat worried about having sufficient strength for the contest on Thunder Island and had even considered recruiting Owl ’s help.
However, it seemed that wouldn ’t be necessary.

Cola ’s success in becoming a Tier 2 Dragon Slayer Knight alone would boost the team ’s overall strength, not to mention Alluring Summer, who was now a Tier 2 Dragon Slayer Mage.

Both Basic Attributes and Skills would undergo a qualitative transformation when players reached Tier 2.
Cola also had the Epic ranked Dragonscale Shield.
Had he been present during the King of Trees ’ raid, the raid definitely would ’ve been a lot easier.
He wouldn ’t have needed to waste an incomparably precious Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

Hearing Shi Feng ’s answer, Aqua Rose immediately contacted Alluring Summer and Cola, telling them to gather in Ocean Viewing Town.

”Guild Leader, if we don ’t leave soon, I ’m afraid we won ’t make it in time… ” Gentle Snow said worriedly as she looked at the time.

It would take quite some time to travel from Star-Moon Kingdom to the Apocalypse Empire.

Thunder Island was located in the Sea of Death ’s inner region, very far away from the Apocalypse Empire.
There weren ’t any teleportation arrays connected to the island, so players had to rely on other means to reach it.

In fact, the various major powers participating in the contest for Thunder Island ’s authority had long since set out.
Phoenix Rain and Nine Dragons Emperor had only delayed their departure to obtain the weapons and equipment from the Sunset Forest.

As soon as Phoenix Rain had cleared the Historical Site, she and her subordinates rushed towards the island.

Since Shi Feng had wanted to begin producing advanced speedboats as soon as possible, he had made a trip to Ocean Viewing Town with the Ancient Origin Wood.
Otherwise, they would ’ve left for Thunder Island with Phoenix Rain ’s group.

As a result, their group was far behind schedule.
Furthermore, the Swift Dragon Speedboat could only accommodate 30 people, half of their planned 60-man team.
The rest of the members would have to sail on advanced speedboats.

If they left right this instant, they would barely make it in time for the contest.
If they waited for Cola and Alluring Summer, they ’d likely be late.

We have enough time, ” Shi Feng consoled her, smiling.

Following which, Shi Feng led everyone to Ocean Viewing Town ’s harbor.

Half an hour later, Cola and Alluring Summer finally reached the harbor atop two majestic Thunder Wolves.

The moment Cola and Alluring Summer arrived, they attracted a lot of attention from the players at the harbor.
They were difficult to miss.
Both of these players radiated intense auras from atop their Mounts.

”Guild Leader, we ’re sorry for the wait, ” Cola apologized as he stopped before Shi Feng.

”It ’s fine.
It ’s about time to set out, ” Shi Feng said, nodding.
He then invited Cola and Alluring Summer to the team.

When Lifeless Thorn and his companions from the Ice Crystal World saw Cola and Alluring Summer, they were astounded.

They had already been shocked to by the strength Zero Wing ’s members displayed.
They hadn ’t expected the Guild to have even more experts.

”Lifeless, how confident are you of defeating those two? ” Cleansing Whistle whispered as she looked at Cola and Alluring Summer.

Personally, Cleansing Whistle doubted that she was a match for Cola or Alluring Summer.
Just by standing so close, she felt an intense wave of danger from them.

”The guy? Maybe.
The other one? I don ’t know.
I ’d have to fight her to find out, ” Lifeless Thorn said, fighting spirit illuminating his gaze as he watched Alluring Summer.

He had struggled to find anyone who could offer a good fight back in Cold Wind City.
When Shi Feng had said that God ’s Domain ’s continent had plenty of experts, he had assumed the claim was meant to excite him.
But looking at it now, it would seem that the Swordsman hadn ’t lied.

”What? Even you aren ’t confident of winning? ” Cleansing Whistle could not help but turn to look at Alluring Summer in shock.

Based on her observations during the raid in the Sunset Forest, she knew that Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, and Zhao Yueru were powerful.
Although other experts from Zero Wing had been present, it was obvious that they were significantly weaker than the three women.

Hence, Cleansing Whistle had assumed that Lifeless Thorn would rank among the top five in Zero Wing.

Unfortunately, it didn ’t seem like that was the case…

When she thought about how Zero Wing had at least five experts who were even stronger than a monster like Lifeless Thorn, her shock was natural.

However, Cleansing Whistle felt pretty lucky about the situation.
She had been Cold Wind City ’s number one Swordsman.
With no suitable rivals, she had to rely on herself to improve.
Now, however, she met a group of people who were much stronger than her.
They also had an expert Swordsman like Shi Feng.
If she fought alongside these powerful people and leeched off of their experiences, she could grow stronger far more quickly.

Cleansing Whistle wasn ’t the only one with such thoughts.
Solitary Nine and Dark Madness were just as pleased.

As Asura ’s members subtly watched Cola and Alluring Summer, Shi Feng arrived beside the harbor and pulled a crystal bottle from his bag.
He then began to chant an incantation.

Runes lit up and danced around the crystal bottle.
A short moment later, dark fog surged forth, expanding to cover a large area of the water before Shi Feng.
The scene attracted a lot of attention.

”What ’s going on? Is that guy summoning a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat?! ”

”That shouldn ’t be possible.
No speedboat is that big.
It must be a cargo ship. ”

”I ’ve seen someone release a cargo ship before, and it definitely wasn ’t that large. ”

While everyone discussed the disturbance, the cloud of dark fog expanded up and out.
Soon, the fog dissipated, revealing Shi Feng ’s ship.

This ship was a silver sailboat, double the size of ordinary cargo ships.
While it was docked, it dwarfed the nearby ordinary and advanced speedboats.

”What?! ”

”That ’s…a sailboat! ”

”How is this possible?! ”

Everyone was stupefied when they saw the One-horned Sailboat.

As naval players, they had spent most of their gaming career in God ’s Domain at sea.
Although they weren ’t well-known experts, they understood ships just as well, if not better, than the various large Guilds.

A sailboat could send tremors throughout the Apocalypse Empire.
It could definitely overturn the current hierarchy of the empire ’s naval powers.

Even a Bronze Speedboat was no more than a fly to be swatted in the face of a sailboat.

”Guild Leader, since when do you have a sailboat? Could it be… Have you already repaired the sailboat we got from the Fallen Ark?! ” Aqua Rose ’s eyes glowed as she stared at the monstrosity of a ship before her.

Although Zero Wing had the Swift Dragon Speedboat, at the end of the day, a speedboat was just a speedboat.
Without a large number of support ships, it would be very difficult to exert the Swift Dragon Speedboat ’s maximum potential.
At most, Zero Wing would be a minor threat to the Apocalypse Empire ’s various naval powers.

However, it was a different story if Zero Wing had a sailboat.
A sailboat would allow Zero Wing to contest for the empire ’s port cities.
If they had their own port city, they wouldn ’t have to operate in the dark.
They could simply steamroll over any opposing forces.

Even Gentle Snow was speechless.

Despite being one of the Guild ’s Vice Guild Leaders, she still didn ’t have a clear idea of how many secrets Zero Wing had.

It wasn ’t unlike the Asura adventurer team ’s sudden appearance.

”I haven ’t repaired the Storm Sailboat yet.
I obtained the One-horned Sailboat from a sea monster I helped kill, ” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.
”Alright, we don ’t have much time.
Get on the boat! ”

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