Chapter 1506 – Sixteen Tier 2 Players

”What ’s going on? ”

”People can still enter Thunder Island? ”

”Doesn ’t that sailboat look like Zero Wing ’s? ”

When the spectating players around Thunder Island saw Shi Feng and his team suddenly disappear, they erupted into conversation.
None of them had thought that Zero Wing would have yet another trump card at this stage of the contest.

The various superpowers ’ scouts outside of the island reported the incident immediately.
Nine Dragons Emperor ’s scouts, in particular, had recorded the entire process and sent their commander the video.

”Pavilion Master, by the looks of it, Phoenix Rain and Zero Wing plan to capture a monster encampment.
Should we notify Miracle and have them send some reinforcements? ” Blood Dragon asked.

”Fifty people? ” Nine Dragons Emperor sneered as he watched the recording.
”It seems Zero Wing has quite the means to bring in another fifty people at this point.
Unfortunately, the contest ’s duration is already half over.
What can they possibly accomplish with just 50 people? Let ’s not contact Miracle lest we scare Phoenix Rain and Zero Wing into inaction.
We can make our move once they leave the towers.
Just keep an eye on those 50 players. ”

”Understood! ” Blood Dragon disconnected the call and reorganized his scouts to look out for the newcomers ’ locations.

Meanwhile, inside a forest of stone on Thunder Island, Shi Feng led Blackie and the others to the cliff tower.

”This is Thunder Island? There are a lot of experts, ” Fire Dance, who wore crimson leather armor, stated as she observed her surroundings.
From her position, she could sense quite a few Assassins hidden around the area.
In the past, she might not have discovered the Assassins, but after her Tier 2 promotion, both her physique and her senses had improved significantly.
Without much effort, she could now get a clear idea of her environment.
”Guild Leader, should I go and deal with them? ”

”No need.
They ’re merely the other superpowers ’ scouts.
Even if we deal with them, the scouts outside of the island will report our actions, ” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.
At the same time, he shot Fire Dance a surprised look.
Although it had been some time since he had last seen her, he hadn ’t expected her senses to be so acute.

The closest scout he could detect was over 40 yards away, and every one of these players was an expert in the art of concealment.
Moreover, he only barely sensed these scouts due to his extraordinarily high Basic Attributes.
Although Fire Dance possessed the Fragmented Legendary ranked Thousand Transformations, her Attributes were quite lower than his.

By the looks of it, Fire Dance had also replaced quite a few pieces of her equipment since they had last met.
Although she had hidden their glow effects, Shi Feng could tell, with his bounty of experience, that these new pieces were all Dark-Gold rank or higher.

However, Shi Feng didn ’t give the matter much thought.
The stronger Fire Dance became, the more she benefited the Guild ’s development.

After running for roughly 20 minutes, Shi Feng ’s group reached the cliff tower.

”Guild Leader, you ’re finally back.
Can we move out now? ” Aqua Rose asked, smiling when she saw her Guildmates.

Among the 49 players Shi Feng had brought with him, twelve were Tier 2 players.
Including Shi Feng, Cola, Alluring Summer, and herself, they had a total of sixteen Tier 2 players on the island now.

With such a powerful team, they could even challenge Mythic Field Bosses if they had a strong enough magic array.

Rearrange a new team of 50.
We ’ll set out in ten minutes! ” Shi Feng nodded.

He had wasted a lot of time to transport Fire Dance and the others to the island.
As a result, he had sacrificed a lot of opportunities for the other participating teams.
If he did not hurry, claiming a monster encampment would become far more difficult.

”Okay! Leave it to me! ” Aqua Rose immediately began to select players for the new team.

”Fifty people? Guild Leader, is that really enough? ” Gentle Snow asked curiously.

At this point, the situations in the monster encampments were no longer secret.
Trying to capture an encampment with only 50 players and the support of three ancient towers was aiming for the impossible.

We ’re pretty strong. ” Shi Feng chuckled.

”Could they all have… ” Gentle Snow suddenly considered a possibility.

In response, Shi Feng gave a silent nod.
Immediately, Gentle Snow found herself both shocked and excited.

She had already witnessed the prowess of a Tier 2 player though Aqua Rose, Cola, and Alluring Summer.
Even absolute experts like Bloodhand Yama and Shadowtooth could only rely on their techniques in combat, avoiding a head-on clash as much as possible.
Just thinking about a group of Tier 2 players made her shiver.

Very quickly, Aqua Rose organized a 50-man team.
Aside from Zero Wing ’s core members like Fire Dance, Aqua Rose had included Lifeless Thorn and his companions.
Meanwhile, aside from Gentle Snow, Zhao Yueru, and a few others with slightly lower levels, everyone was Level 50 or above.

If the public learned of this force, everyone would be terrified.

”Guild Leader, we can move out when you ’re ready, ” Aqua Rose stated.
”Phoenix Rain already sent us information on every monster encampment available on Thunder Island.
She suggests that we go for Undead ’s encampment some distance south of us.
None of the Guilds have targeted that area yet, and even if Nine Dragons Emperor sends his forces to harass us, his nearest team is 40 minutes away from the encampment.
We should have plenty of time to react if he tries to pull something. ”

”No, we ’re not going there. ” Shi Feng shook his head.

”We ’re not going there? But that ’s the closest monster encampment available.
If we go elsewhere, we ’ll risk provoking the other superpowers.
Multiple enemies might even attack at once. ” Aqua Rose tried to dissuade Shi Feng.

”Isn ’t there a closer encampment? ” Shi Feng asked as he pointed to a valley on the map.

”But that ’s the encampment Nine Dragons Emperor is raiding right now.
He also has detached forces nearby, and Miracle ’s forces aren ’t far either.
By the time we get there, they ’ll be prepared to surround us, ” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head as she looked at the Orc encampment Shi Feng had indicated.

”It ’s impolite not to reciprocate a gift.
Since Nine Dragons Emperor has organized his men to keep us at bay for so long, why don ’t we give him a surprise? Besides, he ’s already cleared out the monsters in the encampment ’s perimeter.
We can save a lot of effort if we take his encampment, ” Shi Feng said.

”This… ” Hearing Shi Feng ’s plan, Aqua Rose looked at the man as if he had gone mad.

In contrast, Fire Dance and her companions ’ eyes shown with excitement.

”Guild Leader, let ’s march over! ” Shadow Sword was already more than eager to head out.

”No, we ’ll teleport directly there, ” Shi Feng said as he activated Spatial Gate.

Suddenly, a spatial tear opened inside the ancient tower.
The spatial tear gradually widened into a perfect circle before the Spatial Gate stabilized.
The teleportation coordinates were none other than the Orc encampment.

Before Zero Wing and Asura ’s members entered the Spatial Gate, they could see the fight on the other side of the gate.
Nine Dragons Emperor ’s team was engaged in a battle against a Level 60 Specialized Grand Lord and two Level 60 Grand Lords.
Dazzling fireworks illuminated the entire encampment.

”Let ’s head out! ”

Saying so, Shi Feng stepped through the Spatial Gate with his team close behind him.

When they emerged on the other end, they caught the attention of Nine Dragons Emperor ’s team.

Miracle ’s members, who kept watch beside the encampment, were stupefied to see Shi Feng ’s people.

None of them had expected Shi Feng to take the initiative, turning around to harass Nine Dragons Emperor.
Nine Dragons Emperor ’s subordinates and Miracle ’s members surrounded the Orc encampment.
Coming here was simply suicidal!

Initially, Nine Dragons Emperor stared at Shi Feng in shock.
However, he recovered in seconds and bellowed, ”Ye Feng! ”

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